What Can I Do with My Degree?

Career Finder is designed to support individuals exploring different career opportunities. The tool reports on which careers people choose based on their education and how much they earn in those positions. We use data from the U.S. Census Bureau and the Bureau of Labor Statistics to explore the most popular, highest earning, and fastest-growing occupations for each college major. Together, these components provide students and graduates with a clear picture of how they can use their degree to advance their career at any point in their educational journey.

Salaries for certain professions will vary from major to major because Career Finder is informed by the real, reported salaries of individuals who hold specific degrees. For example, the salary of a software developer with a degree in computer science differs from that of a software developer with a degree in mathematics. Whether you're applying to colleges or are a recent graduate, GradReports' Career Finder tool can help you better understand the landscape of available professional opportunities. Learn more about our methodology here.

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Most Popular Majors


Average Salary: $66,300
Most Popular Jobs: Managers, Sales representatives of wholesale and manufacturing, Financial managers, First-line supervisors of retail sales workers, Real estate brokers and sales agents


Average Salary: $48,800
Most Popular Jobs: Social workers, Psychologists, Educational, guidance, and career counselors and advisors, Therapists, Mental health counselors


Average Salary: $80,900
Most Popular Jobs: Physicians, Dentists, Physical scientists, Clinical laboratory technologists and technicians, Life scientists


Average Salary: $60,300
Most Popular Jobs: Marketing managers, Market research analysts and marketing specialists, Human resources workers, Customer service representatives, Sales representatives of wholesale and manufacturing

Political Science

Average Salary: $76,100
Most Popular Jobs: Lawyers, judges, magistrates, and other judicial workers, Paralegals and legal assistants, Management analysts, Managers, Public relations specialists

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