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Fast Facts

Average Financial Aid: $9,267

Accreditation: Vista College is acredited by 4 agencies

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Certificate Degrees

Health and Medical Administrative Services $15,042 $21,272 25
Business Administration, Management and Operations $13,583 $20,283 5

Associate's Degrees

Criminal Justice and Corrections $22,366 $25,039 19
Health and Medical Administrative Services $25,542 $22,532 12
Business Administration, Management and Operations $24,958 $21,061 7
Clinical/Medical Laboratory Science/Research and Allied Professions $24,375 $22,295 Not Reported

Student Reviews

Student Reviews

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Reviewed: 10/20/2021

Degree: Healthcare Administration

This school close two weeks ago and they don't answer phone calls or e-mails. I requested my transcripts to transfer to another university but nobody respond to my transcript request. I sent a letter to the Governator, also the TWC but nobody answer. I am frustrated because I was near to finishing my bachelor and this happened. I know we were a lot of students in the same situation waiting for an answer....


Reviewed: 4/21/2021

Degree: Construction Management

I didnt listen to all the bad reviews, i learned the hard way. Dont waste your money. You will be just a number to Vista College. I switched from diploma to degree plan they tried to talk me out of it said it would hurt their completion numbers. The had us doing labs at home. Building up brick walls in my living room. Promised the world and nothing but broken promises. The instructors and director in my course of study tried to get us back at school due to the program requiring HANDS ON! but school... Read More


Reviewed: 2/10/2021

Degree: Licensed Vocational Nurse

I wish I had never attended this school, If I only believe the reviews, this never would have happened. PLEASE LISTEN TO THE REVIEWS, EVERYTHING THEY SAY ABOUT THIS SCHOOL BEING THE WORST IS TRUE. Vista college is the worst school that can exist. Very unprofessional and they only cares about the money that you must pay them. Please believe on all the bad reviews that you see because its going to save you.

Jarie Mccaster

Reviewed: 11/16/2020

Degree: Healthcare Administration

I decided to do the 4 year bachelors degree program online with Vista College. The business office is horrible, they do not care about the students and get an attitude when you ask questions. The instructors online were very good, but that’s the only thing I liked about the school. Basically the business office can’t do simple math and spread your living expense payments out throughout the course of your school, they overpay or underpay you, and have no clue what they are doing. Here I am after 4... Read More