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Utah State University (USU) is a public, four-year university with 21,087 undergraduate students and a 54% graduation rate, according to data from College Scorecard. USU has more than 70 online degree programs, including 16 online bachelor's degrees with majors such as agribusiness, management, and nursing. More online programs can be found at the associate, master's, and doctorate levels, as well as online certificates and professional education licensure programs. 

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Salary Score for Online Degrees at Utah State University

Bachelor's Degrees

Wildlife and Wildlands Science and Management $19,829 $32,995 95
Teacher Education and Professional Development, Specific Levels and Methods $14,503 $40,754 84
Journalism $15,653 $35,765 82
Special Education and Teaching $11,250 $42,876 81
Marketing $15,000 $46,041 76
Natural Resources Conservation and Research Not Reported $36,131 75
Computer and Information Sciences, General $18,604 $65,903 75
History $23,875 $33,598 73
Finance and Financial Management Services $12,375 $54,241 72
Business Administration, Management and Operations $14,625 $45,008 64
International Business Not Reported $47,452 57
Economics $12,902 $49,648 56
Sociology $15,000 $30,045 42
Liberal Arts and Sciences, General Studies and Humanities $17,500 $30,306 38
Multi/Interdisciplinary Studies, Other $20,580 $32,155 34
Psychology, General $16,500 $26,726 33
Public Relations, Advertising, and Applied Communication Not Reported $34,124 30
Anthropology $17,750 $22,534 24
Teacher Education and Professional Development, Specific Subject Areas $15,000 $31,591 19
Human Development, Family Studies, and Related Services $15,000 $22,192 4

Master's Degrees

Dietetics and Clinical Nutrition Services Not Reported $56,726 88
Teacher Education and Professional Development, Specific Levels and Methods $13,150 $53,958 83
Educational/Instructional Media Design $19,700 $62,367 80
Business Administration, Management and Operations $32,500 $82,635 72
Teacher Education and Professional Development, Specific Subject Areas $13,050 $46,775 38

FAQs About Utah State University

Is Utah State University Online?

Yes, Utah State University is an online school that has offered online courses since 1997. Local students can also study on its campus in Logan, Utah. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, 54% of the school's undergraduate students take at least some online courses, while 16% study exclusively online.  

Are Online Degrees From Utah State Respected by Employers?

Employers will respect online degrees from Utah State because it's an accredited university. This means that a third-party education agency has evaluated the school based on the quality of its programs and faculty. Utah State University is accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities to offer on-site and distance education programs.  

All online schools listed on the OnlineU site are accredited.

What Is Utah State Known For?

Utah State is best known for the grants it receives for student-centered research. The school earned more than $335 million of sponsored awards in 2020. This resulted in 75 undergraduate students receiving $1,000 scholarships plus additional research funding for their independent projects. Utah State even has a dedicated Research Week and Research Symposium that celebrates students' research efforts. Online students are eligible to participate. 

Which Degrees at Utah State Provide the Highest Earnings for Graduates?

According to College Scorecard's data, the highest earning degree at Utah State is the online Bachelor of Science in Technology Systems - Information and Computer Technology. Graduates can expect to earn a median annual salary of approximately $78,300. The second highest earning degree is in the field of engineering with an expected salary of around $75,100. While no such bachelor's degree exists online, there is an online Master of Science in Technology and Engineering Education, which is similar. 

Students can also look at OnlineU's Salary Score metric when considering future earnings. This score compares alumni salaries from different schools using the same degree. On a scale of 1 to 100, Utah State scores a 48 at the bachelor's level and 60 at the master's level. 

Is Getting Into Utah State Difficult?

Utah State has a very high acceptance rate compared to other four-year universities. College Scorecard reports that 91% of first-time applicants are accepted. 

What Are the Admission Requirements for Utah State?

In order to apply to college at Utah State, first-year students must have a 2.8 GPA on a 4.0 scale. Submitting college entrance exam scores is optional. ACT scores are only required for homeschooled students. 

In general, students must complete the following to steps to apply online:

Student Reviews

Student Reviews

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Reviewed: 2/6/2019

Degree: Cultural Studies

I feel like I received a beautifully well rounded education, especially with a humanities degree from a state school. The professors in the English Department care about your well being and success both during and after your time at school, and are highly approachable. NR Dept as well. I can't speak to other departments. Honors college was great.

Rachel Byers

Reviewed: 11/18/2018


My experience with Utah State University was fantastic. I changed my major a few semesters in, and my experience with both of the advisers I had were positive ones, especially with the adviser for the Family Life Studies degree. Sarah is always willing to help and answer questions. She truly cares about the students and is always happy to help! Though I had some professors I did not particularly love, most of my professors were helpful and cared about my success as a student.


Reviewed: 10/16/2018

Degree: Health Sciences

I think professors are good,but university staff dont know idea what do they do.In fact,Financial department gave me awful wrong information and admission department was also didnt have enough information about admitting processes and each time asked me a new document,they mostly dont pick up the phone and I think they dont feel any responsibility for their job and studens

Aris Allen

Reviewed: 6/27/2017

Degree: Military Science

It was nice to have the flexibility of an online program with options to attend in-person classes through live feed but some of the curriculum was a little under whelming. I drove to a local college to take timed tests and interacted with other students through discussion forums. I enjoyed the course materials for the most part, but wished for more challenging material. Overall a great experience though.

Lizette Garcia

Reviewed: 3/20/2017

Degree: Health Sciences

USU has an amazing online second bachelors degree for Communication Disorders and Deaf Education. While working full time I was able to go to school part-time and work at my own pace. As an out-of-state student, there are no out of state fees making it easier to pay out of pocket. All the teachers I have had been very helpful and quick to answer any question within a day or two. There are lectures, readings, homework and tests to help learn the material effectively and efficiently. I would highly... Read More

Megan Langworthy

Reviewed: 7/25/2016

Degree: Social Sciences

Utah State University was a great school and their online program for a degree in Family Life Studies was educational and convenient. It was nice to be able to take all the necessary classes online since I was not near the campus and couldn't uproot my family to continue my education. The professors at USU were great to work with and were very quick to respond to any questions or concerns I had. Also the advisors were very educated and there to help make sure you had the information you needed.


Reviewed: 7/22/2016

Degree: Health Sciences

USU was a great school that offered a variety of programs that met my needs as a distance learning student. They were also the most reasonable price wise for the type of degree I was working toward.


Reviewed: 6/30/2016

Degree: Curriculum & Instruction

This was a completely online program. Since this program partially specializes in eLearning and online learning their online courses are well developed. You feel a sense of community with each class you take and never feel like you are alone. Most of every learning theory, recourse, technology, and strategy I learned I was able to apply directly back into my classroom for my students. My teaching has been greatly enhanced by what was taught in this program. It was affordable and there were almost... Read More

Jared anderson

Reviewed: 5/5/2016

Degree: Education

The program helped me learn how to better my teaching and apply new research based practices. I understand now, where the profession of being a teacher has come from and I understand better the challenges that are associated with the profession. The classes have taught me how to be a better instructor in reading and writing, how to work with students that come from diverse backgrounds, and how to differentiate instruction to try to meet the needs of all my students.


Reviewed: 8/7/2014

Degree: Early Childhood Education

I am a graduate student at Utah State University working toward a master's degree in Education with an emphasis on School Guidance and Counseling. I chose to apply to Utah State University because USU is one of the very few institutions that offers a degree for school counseling and they have multiple off-site campuses that utilize interactive technology that allows people like me who don't live in Logan and have day jobs be able to attend school and work toward a degree. The program has been structured... Read More