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Average Financial Aid: $47,191

Accreditation: Tufts University is acredited by 8 agencies

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Master's Degrees

Nutrition Sciences $72,797 $56,275 86
Allied Health Diagnostic, Intervention, and Treatment Professions $142,101 $104,612 66
International Business $41,000 $83,169 63
Rehabilitation and Therapeutic Professions $71,451 $58,357 54

Student Reviews

Student Reviews

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One out of three semesters useful - money grab otherwise

Reviewed: 10/1/2017

Degree: Public Health

One of the three semesters was terrific, where I learnt useful information I could carry into my career. Another semester was high quality instruction (amazing: the professor and TAs actually engaged with us students!), but the content itself was useless if trying to apply it to real-world career work. The Nutrition semester is a complete money grab, where there is very little to no interaction with the professor and the TAs may leave a short comment on your submission. All lecture content is pre-recorded... Read More