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Founded in 1877, Troy University is a public, four-year institution located in Troy, Alabama. According to federal data from College Scorecard, Troy has an undergraduate student population of around 12,300 and a 37% graduation rate. Troy offers over 100 online degrees — including a range of bachelor's and graduate degrees, as well as certificates. Overall, the university boasts that it has awarded almost 25,000 online degrees. Rather than being self-taught, each online class takes nine weeks to complete. 

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Salary Score for Online Degrees at Troy University

Bachelor's Degrees

Sociology $28,834 $39,867 95
Business, Management, Marketing, and Related Support Services, Other Not Reported $60,342 89
Criminal Justice and Corrections $25,000 $38,003 69
Psychology, General $25,750 $31,040 69
Social Work $29,125 $32,273 54
Health and Physical Education/Fitness $26,375 $28,767 53
Business Administration, Management and Operations $25,000 $41,526 48
Political Science and Government $30,000 $33,338 47
Social Sciences, General $27,000 $31,866 44
Business/Commerce, General Not Reported $40,805 38
Computer and Information Sciences, General $25,361 $52,073 38
Accounting and Related Services $22,000 $39,734 15
Registered Nursing, Nursing Administration, Nursing Research and Clinical Nursing $22,250 $54,369 14
Public Administration and Social Service Professions, Other $27,000 $26,708 12

Master's Degrees

Public Administration $38,440 $55,620 55
Communication and Media Studies $30,750 $47,618 50
Teacher Education and Professional Development, Specific Levels and Methods $35,370 $45,512 41
Business Administration, Management and Operations $34,292 $59,468 30
Social Work $27,617 $40,923 23
Criminal Justice and Corrections $51,250 $34,655 14
Human Resources Management and Services $37,544 $45,397 12
Health and Physical Education/Fitness Not Reported $33,723 9

FAQs About Troy University

Is Troy University Online?

Troy University is online, with over 100 bachelor’s and master’s degrees available. Subject areas range from business and graphic design to social work and education. TROY also offers online certificates at the undergraduate and graduate levels for students seeking career enrichment and advancement.

If you’re still deciding on an online college and program that’s right for you, our list of the most popular online schools is worth exploring for additional options.

Is Troy University Accredited?

TROY is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) to award associate, baccalaureate, master’s and doctorate degrees, and certificates. Accreditation is important because it verifies a school’s legitimacy and signifies it has undergone a rigorous review process by a U.S. Department of Education-recognized accrediting agency that deems its financial practices are sound and its academic programs are high quality. TROY has proven to the SACSCOC it can deliver on promises to students.

Importantly, OnlineU only includes accredited online institutions of higher learning on its site.

What Is Troy University Known For?

TROY has been known for its commitment to distance learning and the diverse needs of students since the 1950s. By the mid-1990s, TROY transitioned from VHS tape-based to internet-based learning as technology rapidly changed and the school needed to remain competitive. In 2005, TROY created its e-Campus, which later became e-TROY — an online learning pioneer. Today, TROY offers a wide range of online degree programs at all educational levels, providing convenience, flexibility, and affordability to students worldwide.

Which Degrees at Troy University Provide the Highest Earnings for Graduates?

TROY’s online nursingcomputer and information science, and business administration bachelor’s degrees provide the highest earnings for graduates based on College Scorecard data. Each provides a median annual salary of $54,100, $50,900, and $44,500, respectively.

Is a Degree From Troy University Worth It?

A degree from TROY is likely worth it. TROY is relatively affordable compared to other schools and costs approximately $15,000 annually, which is lower than the $19,500 midpoint for all four-year schools. Median earnings for TROY graduates are about $39,300 per year, with some earning significantly higher based on their course of study.

However, a degree’s worth also depends on your experience. If you enjoyed your time at school, made connections, and met your educational and career goals, then it’s worth it. It may help to connect with graduates or read the online student reviews on this page to see what they say about their time spent as TROY students.

What Are the Admission Requirements for Troy University?

TROY’s admission requirements are similar to other schools. Preparing to apply to college always requires submitting all the necessary documentation that attests to your experience and abilities as a student. Specifically, applying to TROY requires the following:

  • A completed online application 
  • A $30 application fee
  • Official high school transcripts or their equivalent
  • A minimum 3.0 GPA for unconditional admission or 2.5 for conditional admission for students opting out of taking entrance exams
  • A minimum 2.0 GPA for unconditional admission or 2.5 for conditional admission for students submitting entrance exam scores, such as the SAT and ACT scores
  • College or military transcripts, if applicable

Students over 21 who enroll are not required to submit entrance exam scores.

Student Reviews

Student Reviews

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Reviewed: 11/4/2020

Degree: Human Resources

If you are working full time, while serving your country part time...stay away from this so called school, especially if you picked it for the convivence of finishing your degree online. My Art teacher insist that the midterm does need to be proctored in person and not on proctorU...what is the point of having a online platform when students need take time off work, just to take an hour test, cant wait to be done with this degree and switch back to my old college.

Michael Mitchell

Reviewed: 6/24/2018

Degree: Criminal Justice

Troy is exactly what you make it, some professors are great, some are n ot. They do their best to support military tudents through a unique staff (if military), but sometimes you inherintly have to work with TA/Financial Assistance Staff, whom through my last 6 years with Troy (Of which I am beginning Graduate Work) you cannot find quick resolution. My wife on the other hand (Working her Undergrad at Troy, previous military), is having a hard time, and the school counsellors she uses are not even... Read More


Reviewed: 4/25/2018


Caution! To any soldiers on active duty if you are thinking about attending a school Troy Univ is not the one you want to attend. I was a soldier in Ft Benning for a few years and I enrolled then dropped my classes due to my crazy training schedule. I thought I dropped it per my guidance counselor BUT I was wrong. Years later I'm going for my VA loan and what comes up deep in my credit check?? A debt due to this institution for $1500, here I am years later and I'm just hearing about this debt now.... Read More


Reviewed: 11/20/2017

Degree: Management

All and all Troy is a diamond in the rough. Great teachers and students. You can definitely tell this school cares about quality and they are dedicated to making the process of higher learning simple. I have had zero issues with administration and on top of all this the school is starting to boast some positive athletics. The football team is doing great things once again and I could see them upgrade conferences if they continue to do so.

c brown

Reviewed: 8/10/2017

Degree: Criminal Justice

Troy is a very diversity college. They do have classes for all ranges of lifestyles. They do have amazinh opportunities for military and their imdependences. Easy access to blackboard. Staff is always available especially online. classes are very fluent.


Reviewed: 1/26/2017

Degree: Environmental Science

I transferred into Troy online from the University of North Texas which has close to 40,000 undergrads, and I received better one on one instruction from classes with over 100 students by the professors at UNT than Troy. Troy professors are inaccessible and don't respond to emails very quickly, which can be quite frustrating when that is your only point of contact. I also will graduate later from Troy than I would have my university that I transferred in from because I listened to my advisor and... Read More


Reviewed: 12/3/2016

Degree: Military Science

I currently attend Troy through online classes. My wife also went to Troy and completed her Bachelors in Criminal Justice while we were stationed in Hawaii. They have been extremely supportive and a majority of my Professors have been more then happy to answer questions when called or emailed. I enjoy the format of the school, all the learning is done through Blackboard. It is a lock step learning as in every week you are given assignments and some classes will not open the assignments up until the... Read More

M Robinson

Reviewed: 10/27/2015

Degree: Management

The online programs are extensive, independent study with deadlines and are not based on correspondence. The professors are all master or doctorate level that are attentive, supportive of learning and professional. I chose Troy do to its vast offerings of programs and the flexibility of online attendance.


Reviewed: 6/8/2015

Degree: Human Resources

Academic advising is a joke. They messed up several of my classes


Reviewed: 1/27/2015

Degree: Political Science

The administrations is horrible. They mess up paper work or fail to change things or record things which makes it hard on the student (especially when they say you own them money because they have you listed as part time instead of full time student which cuts into grant money). The student adviser I had was horrible. She never did anything for me and when I had a problem, she had a nasty attitude. Financial aid--I think that is a hoax because they were never available when I needed them. The teachers... Read More

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