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Trident Technical College

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Average Financial Aid: $7,957

Accreditation: Trident Technical College is acredited by 10 agencies

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Student Reviews

Student Reviews

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Reviewed: 9/1/2022

Degree: Cybersecurity

You are on your own if you attend online. It takes entirely too long to get questions answered. My instructor is currently out of the country with limited internet and cell access. Why take the job if you're not going to be there to teach? The online environment is all over the place and difficult to flow through. You are given your assignments, and reading material and told to ask classmates questions if you need help. I don't recommend it to anyone who is new to a subject. Only if you are taking... Read More


Reviewed: 9/29/2021

Degree: Nursing

I would recommend not attending this institution. You will 100% be teaching yourself. The seven week courses are insane. I started with an introductory science class that left me with hundreds of definitions and concepts to memorize within 4-5 days at a clip. All of your quizzes need to be 100’s or they become zeros. This course was made out to be much more difficult than it needed to be. Trident sets students up for failure. I would expect this level of difficulty in a higher level science course,... Read More

Nursing Student

Reviewed: 3/31/2021

Degree: Nursing

Do NOT attend Trident Technical College outside of looking to ONLY do undergrad classes in order to transfer. The Nursing program is unfortunately full of instructors who have no idea what nursing is today. In addition they do not teach valid material for practical application or to assist with ensuring students are prepared for exams. Since the move to online for COVID restrictions, the teachers rarely respond to email and when they do, it's to tell you to find it yourself. Their common answer is... Read More


Reviewed: 8/16/2017

Degree: Human Resources

Bad experience and very rude please do not go to this school really waste my time at this school. And material is out dated and teach will not respond to your email please don't waste your money on this school. Time they always give you the run around