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Average Financial Aid: $9,327

Accreditation: Touro University Worldwide is acredited by 2 agencies

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Bachelor's Degrees

Psychology, General $19,500 $32,614 80

Master's Degrees

Clinical, Counseling and Applied Psychology $25,666 $54,190 82
Mental and Social Health Services and Allied Professions $35,734 $43,937 57
Health Services/Allied Health/Health Sciences, General Not Reported $43,998 39
Business Administration, Management and Operations Not Reported $59,493 30

Student Reviews

Student Reviews

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Reviewed: 10/8/2022


The professors were barely in attendance. There was very little interaction or meaningful feedback. Many professors used templated sentences as feedback. The program felt like a solitary correspondence course and did not seem to have the academics at a doctorate level. I would recommend to choose a school with a more reputable program.


Reviewed: 10/1/2022

Degree: Marriage & Family Therapy

THIS PLACE IS A DIPLOMA MILL! If you actually want to attend a school that cares about it's students and invests in their education look elsewhere. The professors are absentee and the course work only consists of obtuse readings and written discussions about these readings. There are no recorded or written lectures by the professors. 90% of the time the readings are impossible to understand, academic nonsense that will not apply in any way to your future career. I've also experienced, in multiple... Read More

Unsatisfied Student

Reviewed: 8/12/2022

Degree: Marriage & Family Therapy

The overall values of TUW is great however for it being an online school, you would hope they would have a bigger and better with supportive staff especially in your final year. The instructors are fantastic, but the MFT staff could do so much better. It seems very understaffed not as supportive as it could be, lacks in following up meaning when a student has an urgent message to be answered it takes 3 days before hearing back. Its not as consistent. It could be better. If you want consistency, strong... Read More


Reviewed: 2/18/2022

Degree: Health Sciences

I attended NY Medical College, which is a Touro school, for my MPH and had a great experience. The coursework was rigorous and the professors were helpful, accessible, and expected excellence. So I didn't hesitate to pursue my doctorate at Touro. I completed 4 courses before I withdrew -- the courses were almost identical to the classes I already took for my MPH, except a bit more volume of work was required. It was difficult to get in touch with professors and in a couple of cases when I emailed... Read More

Samantha Watts

Reviewed: 12/16/2021

Degree: Business

I was nervous about getting an MBA at Touro because it isn’t a big name program but decided to because (1) they are a non-profit, (2) they are affordable, (3) they have an established online teaching program (its still the pandemic) and (4) their program is currently in the ACBSP accreditation process (currently WSCUC). I went into the program with low expectations but I have been pleasantly surprised with quality of the program = Berkeley’s online classes!


Reviewed: 3/1/2021

Degree: Marriage & Family Therapy

I attended TUW part-time and completed the MFT program in three years. I completed the practicum portion in ten months, working in a school setting counseling children and adolescents. I'm currently waiting for my associate number. All my colleagues from TUW are completing post hours in private practice, community mental health agencies, mental health centers specializng in specific theoretical orientations (eg, DBT); some colleagues have already become licensed. I recommend TUW's MFT program if... Read More


Reviewed: 10/7/2020

Degree: Marriage & Family Therapy

The Marriage and Family program is a quality program and school. It is not easy, but you'll learn a lot. I am just about finished with my second practicum course. If you want to do your MFT coursework here, it is important that you know you will be required to record sessions (audio and video) with your clients. You'll need to get the clients permission to record. All schools are not like this, but because Touro has COAMFTE certification, it is a mandatory requirement that you do that. You'll also... Read More


Reviewed: 9/12/2020

Degree: Public Health

While I felt like the degree was useful as a stepping stone to my current PhD, and the tuition was quite low for a regionally accredited program, the actual program felt disjointed a bit. There were several times where the course material either was repetitive, or it was not that in depth. I actually really enjoyed about 2-3 out of the 13 courses I took because those professors seemed quite engaged in the courses. The other ones barely seemed to even be there. Also, the actual grading system was... Read More


Reviewed: 1/28/2020

Degree: Psychology

I recently complete Touro University's MFT program and have just been accepted into their doctoral program PsyD. I researched carefully before choosing a university. As a parent and working professional, I needed flexibilty but wanted a solid education. I needed a high level of value and I did not want to graduate with $75+ in loans like so many of my colleagues. I also required an MFT program that was regionally accredited as my state requires it for licensure. Touro's program was a great fit, hitting... Read More


Reviewed: 9/30/2019

Degree: Marriage & Family Therapy

Touro University Worldwide (TUW) currently is concealing information that its Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT) program requires at least two people to complete. I am single, and I am by myself. Thus, I cannot complete this program. No one disclosed this requirement to me before I enrolled in the program. After six weeks into the program, I learned that this program cannot be completed without another person. I asked Kim Strictler (Senior Director of Enrollment Counseling) about this requirement,... Read More