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The University of Scranton

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Average Financial Aid: $24,961

Accreditation: The University of Scranton is acredited by 8 agencies

The University of Scranton Rankings

Salary Score for The University of Scranton

Bachelor's Degrees

Registered Nursing, Nursing Administration, Nursing Research and Clinical Nursing $27,000 $75,695 84
Accounting and Related Services $26,798 $55,398 83
Business Administration, Management and Operations $26,000 $48,435 78
History $25,000 $32,912 69
Marketing $26,000 $43,691 64
Journalism $25,750 $32,920 62
Finance and Financial Management Services $26,000 $50,583 56
Health and Medical Administrative Services $27,000 $40,614 54
Public Health Not Reported $32,238 44
Public Relations, Advertising, and Applied Communication $27,000 $35,426 40
Liberal Arts and Sciences, General Studies and Humanities $26,000 $30,437 39
Health and Physical Education/Fitness $27,000 $24,495 19
Neurobiology and Neurosciences $27,000 $21,751 15
Psychology, General $27,000 $23,881 15
Biology, General $27,000 $20,345 8
Philosophy $26,813 $18,830 8
Human Services, General $27,000 $21,307 Not Reported

Master's Degrees

Educational Administration and Supervision $26,571 $71,332 89
Accounting and Related Services $31,500 $66,016 86
Business Administration, Management and Operations $39,226 $92,218 85
Rehabilitation and Therapeutic Professions $22,739 $68,417 84
Curriculum and Instruction Not Reported $55,675 83
Student Counseling and Personnel Services Not Reported $49,387 80
Marketing Not Reported $68,794 60
International Business Not Reported $65,230 35
Registered Nursing, Nursing Administration, Nursing Research and Clinical Nursing Not Reported $90,141 34
Health and Medical Administrative Services $52,265 $57,383 32
Human Resources Management and Services $42,910 $54,770 30
Clinical, Counseling and Applied Psychology $53,116 $40,061 24

Doctoral Degrees

Rehabilitation and Therapeutic Professions Not Reported $73,808 74

Student Reviews

Student Reviews

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Reviewed: 1/25/2013

Degree: Management

This is a legitimate degree program that holds a high value in the real world (unlike Univeristy of Phoenix and such). Is it a cake walk? No.

A quick word about financial aid: Had I known how easy it was to get financial aid for a graduate program, I would have done this years ago. The only requirements are that you must not have any drug felonies, not be in default of any student loans and you can't make more than $250K per year. As long as you meet these requirements, you qualify for up to $20,500... Read More

As I hold a full time job in addition to consulting work on the side, I needed a program that was flexible. Courses are 8 weeks long, begin on a Monday and end on a Sunday. There is only 1 break during the year. It consists of a few weeks between when the second half of the fall term ends (typically around the middle of December) and when the first half of the spring term begins (typically the Monday following New Year's Day). I'm not sure how this will work in a few years when the 1st falls on a Sunday.

Books are not included in tuition, but you may purchase or rent them from any vendor you choose. Class requirements can vary greatly by professor. Most professors will post the following week's required reading, discussion topics and individual or group assignments by the Saturday prior to the Monday beginning the new week as they are aware that the weekend is when people have the most time to do school work. So while the schedule is flexible in the sense that there are no strict required times to be online, there are deadlines.

Typically a discussion post based on the weekly required reading is due by Wednesday night. You are always required to respond to at least one other person's post (some professors want up to 3 comments) and respond to any comments or questions to your original post by Sunday night. If there are other assignments due for the week, they are usually due by Sunday night.

Term papers are typically due by the end of week 7 and exam schedules are clearly laid out in the syllabus (if there are any at all). The final for my last class was canceled by the professor because everyone was doing so well in the class. Term papers are typically required to be 8 - 10 pages long. For exams, you are given two hours (more than enough time if you've even paid the slightest attention) and are only available for a few days. Once you begin, you cannot stop and go back, so making sure you won't be interrupted is essential. You are given your results for multiple choice exams immediately and can see which questions you got wrong.

The only complaint that I have is that different professors have different requirements and it isn't always clear at the very beginning of the term. While some want short, concise answers, others want you to elaborate. I had one professor who didn't submit week 1 grades and comments until we were in week 3, so my week 2 work was similar to week 1 and by his terms, although I had correct answers, my answers were lacking in details.

Overall, I think this a great school. The advisors are always there to help with any questions you could possibly have.