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17% of 14 students said this degree improved their career prospects
21% of 14 students said they would recommend this school to others
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Average Financial Aid: $7,154

Accreditation: The Art Institutes is acredited by 14 agencies

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Associate's Degrees

Computer Software and Media Applications $20,894 $23,546 34
Design and Applied Arts Not Reported $19,757 21

Bachelor's Degrees

Film/Video and Photographic Arts Not Reported $22,344 35
Design and Applied Arts $35,129 $28,700 25
Specialized Sales, Merchandising and Marketing Operations $32,124 $31,531 25
Fine and Studio Arts Not Reported $19,378 13

Student Reviews

Student Reviews

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Lauren T

Reviewed: 12/5/2019

Degree: Graphic Design

I am currently trying to apply to grad schools for public health, but I went to one semester at the Art Institute. The branch I went to is closed, so I can't contact the registrars office there, there is no headquarter or customer support phone number that works anywhere, and I guess the two transcript request forms I sent in got lost somewhere? I am currently in limbo, possibly not able to apply to grad school, because this one school is so incompetent it cant set up a working transcript transfer... Read More


Reviewed: 1/1/2019

Degree: Restaurant Management

I enjoyed the program. The admission counselor was helpful. I didn't like my academic counselor, I felt he didn't treat me as an adult and showed no compassion when i had a hardship in my life. The program i selected is good for learning how to start my own business, so job placement wasn't my concern.


Reviewed: 10/31/2018

Degree: Graphic Design

i shouldve listened to the reviews. this school is absolute TRASH they care about nothing but the money in your pocket. theyll do everything in their power to help you get enrolled and get your papers in sooner than later, but the second you have any kind of problem? they disappear. and you cant get in contact with them. and you decide to leave because they dont HELP and find yourself in debt. this school can choke.


Reviewed: 1/9/2018

Degree: Art & Design

This school is overly priced; under educated; and ran into the ground by very poor functioning business "professionals." $85,000 for four years is what it costs for a Bachelors degree. This only includes classes, books, and $100 worth of art supplies they charge you $345 for. No meals, no room and board. Then, should you have an issue and not pay your bill because you have an issue. They don't care to kick you to the curb. Then everyone you speak with hears about the situation. I'm pretty sure my... Read More

Robert Counterman

Reviewed: 11/24/2017

Degree: Photography

I have tried three times to complete PHOA102 P02 without success due to the Institute's lack of help and lack of materials. The first time I tried to use Thinking Storm and it was a disaster. The tutor that I connected with would not help me do what was necessary to allow him access to my computer and the Adobe software to assist me. As I had not used Thinking Storm before I tried to explain this problem to him, but he just kept insisting that I do so. As a result, I failed that class and Academic... Read More

Huge mistake enrolling

Reviewed: 9/13/2017

Degree: Video Game Design

I did online classes with the Art Institute of Pittsburgh Online Division (I was living in Detroit, MI at the time). When they called me, they managed to get me to enroll even though I had no interest but ended up enrolling, they did waived the enrollment fee for me, however, when I was going through the student loan BS, they didn't explain it well, they told me to just sign it and they will take care of it for me. They claim that they are taking student loans on my behalf but I never consented on... Read More


Reviewed: 8/30/2017

Degree: Video Game Design

I started here in 2010 in hopes of getting a BA in Game Art and Design. Before I enrolled, I asked if I would have enough financial assistance to get my degree and was assured multiple times that it would be no issue. About 6 months after I enrolled, I was told I would have one week off a year from classes and that each class was being shortened to just 5 1/2 weeks. This was not an efficient nor appropriate amount of time to learn anything and having no real knowledge of the software, it was a miserable... Read More

Dont do it!

Reviewed: 8/29/2017

Degree: Art & Design

Do not go through them! They told me it would be cheaper attending online and quicker and then 4 years later they told me it was more expensive to attend online because they leave the classroom open 24 hours a day. The instructors are very late at responding. They are there to grade and give you a feedback before you redo your assignment by the end of the week. I tried transferring to the art institute of tampa and they would only accept half of my 108 credits because they said different statea have... Read More


Reviewed: 8/29/2017

Degree: Art & Design

Was told to take classes that (A)where not even part of my degree, or (B)classes that later be came not part of my degree. Still had to pay for them all, some multiple times with no reimbursement. School also tried to get me (a petite woman) to take an internship with a 'company' that was one guy working out of his basement. Constantly gave me the run around when i would try to ask for help. Tried to use me as a success story for their job placement stats when i later started working at an arts and... Read More


Reviewed: 10/17/2016

Degree: Graphic Design

I have been crying for the past two hours because they say that I have exhausted my loans and unless I want to pay $400 a month, I cannot get my bachelors. Now I am settling with an associates, still having to pay an absurd amount of money per month until they give me my diploma. This means, if I graduate next month, until I pay off $15,000, they will not give me my diploma. This financial plan has changed so many times since I have been there. First I was paying nothing, then I was paying $190 a... Read More