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60% of 443 students said this degree improved their career prospects
63% of 443 students said they would recommend this school to others
By the OnlineU team | Updated 1/19/2023

Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) in Manchester offers 300 career-focused certificate and degree programs — most of which students can complete 100% online. SNHU boasts a robust online student body of 170,000 and has considered itself a pioneer in online learning since 1995. Students can earn online undergraduate and graduate degrees in popular majors, such as Accounting, Business Administration, Computer Science, Criminal Justice, Game Programming, Marketing, Nursing, Sport Management, and Psychology. SNHU designs its programs with working students in mind to help them develop and advance in their careers. Programs are affordable, and SNHU accepts up to 90 transfer credits, potentially saving students time and money.

Fast Facts

Average Financial Aid: $10,243

Accreditation: Southern New Hampshire University Online is acredited by 3 agencies

Salary Score for Online Degrees at Southern New Hampshire University Online

Associate's Degrees

Computer and Information Sciences, General $15,833 $46,451 98
Liberal Arts and Sciences, General Studies and Humanities $13,000 $35,619 98
Business Administration, Management and Operations $18,375 $41,183 96
Criminal Justice and Corrections $16,480 $35,932 74
Accounting and Related Services $17,845 $31,258 50

Bachelor's Degrees

Business, Management, Marketing, and Related Support Services, Other Not Reported $71,552 98
Liberal Arts and Sciences, General Studies and Humanities $12,557 $48,678 98
Health Services/Allied Health/Health Sciences, General $12,574 $57,436 97
Business Administration, Management and Operations $22,000 $52,197 88
Natural Resources Conservation and Research $19,354 $39,593 88
English Language and Literature, General $19,918 $33,843 85
Psychology, General $21,415 $33,208 83
Criminal Justice and Corrections $21,634 $40,917 83
Marketing $23,250 $47,292 82
Public Relations, Advertising, and Applied Communication $20,255 $40,928 81
Health and Medical Administrative Services $24,084 $45,661 78
Finance and Financial Management Services $20,917 $55,580 76
Registered Nursing, Nursing Administration, Nursing Research and Clinical Nursing $15,816 $72,753 76
History $20,916 $33,806 74
Human Services, General $20,916 $34,785 69
Design and Applied Arts $21,958 $37,976 68
Mathematics $16,985 $48,557 64
International Business $25,482 $48,883 63
Specialized Sales, Merchandising and Marketing Operations $22,500 $37,771 59
Public Health $18,744 $34,495 57
Social Sciences, General $19,825 $33,311 53
Accounting and Related Services $23,500 $46,867 45
Computer and Information Sciences, General $28,250 $54,280 44
Rhetoric and Composition/Writing Studies $22,000 $26,207 40
Political Science and Government $21,750 $30,198 30
Computer Software and Media Applications $20,181 $30,070 25

Master's Degrees

Curriculum and Instruction $32,800 $51,984 65
Education, General Not Reported $53,200 64
Accounting and Related Services $45,100 $61,847 63
History $41,000 $37,992 49
Educational Administration and Supervision $36,900 $54,002 45
Business Administration, Management and Operations $43,089 $67,717 45
Criminal Justice and Corrections $41,240 $48,635 44
Homeland Security $32,800 $62,371 43
Public Relations, Advertising, and Applied Communication $45,650 $49,326 38
Management Sciences and Quantitative Methods $32,800 $75,875 36
Psychology, General $41,000 $40,964 36
Finance and Financial Management Services $41,253 $67,435 33
Public Health $32,783 $47,217 32
Marketing $41,000 $51,592 31
English Language and Literature, General $42,936 $40,592 30
Health and Medical Administrative Services $38,801 $56,688 30
Human Resources Management and Services $44,729 $54,587 29
Computer and Information Sciences, General $45,659 $64,617 17
Economics $36,304 $51,947 16
Teacher Education and Professional Development, Specific Levels and Methods $36,900 $38,945 13

FAQs About Southern New Hampshire University Online

Is Southern New Hampshire University Legitimate?

Yes, SNHU is legitimate, and employers respect its online degrees. Schools and degrees are considered legitimate and earn respect if a U.S. Department of Education-recognized accrediting board institutionally accredits them. Accreditation is important because it signifies a school has undergone a stringent review process, demonstrating fiduciary responsibility and a commitment to the higher education of its students. 

The New England Commission of Higher Education institutionally accredits SNHU. The Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CNURED) accredits SNHU's nursing degree programs.

What Is Southern New Hampshire University Known For?

SNHU is known for being innovative and progressive regarding the education of working adults. It's considered one of the fastest-growing universities in the U.S. due to its sizeable online student enrollment. It was also one of the first colleges to adapt its curriculum and course delivery to focus on working students in 1932. 

In 2013, SNHU began implementing a competency-based education program that lets students demonstrate their skills gained through life and work experience, potentially reducing the number of courses needed to graduate.

Which Degrees at SNHU Provide the Highest Earnings for Graduates?

Nursing degrees at SNHU provide the highest earnings for graduates with a $77,504 annual median salary, according to federal data from College Scorecard. SNHU offers online nursing degrees at the bachelor's and master's level. Other high-earning degrees include Economics, Computer and Information Sciences, and Business and Marketing — all of which result in annual median salaries of $55,000 or higher. With a wide range of online degree options, students can find relevant remote degrees in these fields, from associate to bachelor's and master's degrees.

What GPA Do You Need To Get Into SNHU?

To make higher education more accessible, SNHU offers undergraduate programs accommodating all GPAs. However, SNHU's graduate programs require a minimum 2.75 GPA or a 2.00 GPA unless you have completed a post-bachelor's degree, which would supersede this requirement

How Difficult Is It To Get Into SNHU?

It's not difficult toget into SNHU because the school accepts 94% of its applicants. Additionally, SNHU does not require or recommend submitting entrance exam scores.

What Are the Admission Requirements for SNHU?

The admission requirements for SNHU are relatively simple. Applying is free and only requires completing an online application, submitting a transcript release form for transcripts from any schools attended and any military service completed, and submitting an electronic attestation form stating that you've graduated from high school or received your GED.

Student Reviews

Student Reviews

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Theresa White

Reviewed: 3/19/2023

Degree: Business Administration

My experience with SNHU was a positive one in every way. I loved the courses I took through SNHU. The professors I had were great, highly qualified, and gave needed help or direction when needed. I would reach out and they always responded and gave feedback. I had a fantastic counselor and I used their online tutoring for a few classes. Tutors are available 24/7 and extremely helpful. You get what you put into it and I gave it 110%. You have to be motivated to do the work. I would highly recommend... Read More

Britney L

Reviewed: 3/8/2023

Degree: Child Development

The Professors at this school are all different, what I mean is that you do the work in these classes with zero feedback and your work may or may not be wrong then you start a different course and your work is all wrong. You go from one class getting an A to the next getting F because there is zero guidance from SNHU Professors. SNHU is laughable and I highly suggest if you want an actual education look elsewhere. I am currently enrolled in this school and deeply regret my choice of ever coming here.... Read More

Common sense

Reviewed: 2/14/2023

Degree: Criminal Justice

At a graduate level, the classes seemed to be more at the undergraduate level and at times at the associate degree level. The classes were too repetitive and the required reading material was useless as if you have common sense, you can do the discussions in minutes. Papers were boring to write, no challenge to any course work. Perfect grades in five classes and I am transferring to another university with higher ratings.

Michael Watt

Reviewed: 2/3/2023

Degree: History

I attended SNHU originally to complete my associate's degree. Then to finish a BA in Political Science / History. They were very transfer-friendly and allowed many ways to earn credits instead of needing to sit through an entire semester. They allow you to take Sophia, CLEP, and use your life skills for college credit. I left SNHU and got into multiple tier 1 master's programs elsewhere. SNHU really changed my life, and for this, I am grateful. As for my career, since graduating from SNHU, I started... Read More

Cathryn Daisy

Reviewed: 1/23/2023

Degree: Data Analytics

Like any education - you get what you put in. I am working on my Bachelor's in Data Analytics while working in as a Data Analyst. These class are tough. I have an instructor for stats right now who reviews our Statistical work coded in Jupyter notebook and and leaves us a voice message each week on our work detailing what we did right and where we may have gone wrong. Not all teachers are this hands on, but the amount of relative information I am learning is so inspiring. Perhaps I am unique because... Read More

Marisa Romas

Reviewed: 12/10/2022

Degree: Communications

My experience has been excellent! I saw a review saying they accept you without any relevant information such as a high school transcript or college transfer transcript and that is NOT true. I was required to send both before being accepted. Online school is not easy - you need the self motivation to do it. No one is going to hold your hand to get it done. I’ve been at universities the traditional way and the courses online are just as competitive if not more. It is in no way “easy” because it’s... Read More


Reviewed: 12/7/2022

Degree: Psychology

I consider SNHU to be a great choice! This is the best online school out there! I found out about this opportunity from an article I have absolutely loved my experience at SNHU! From my amazing advisor to the instructors, to the Financial Aid office. They are helpful, knowledgeable, and caring. I am receiving a great education, with challenging module assignments, classmates that helped me learn, and instructors that were ALWAYS available.... Read More


Reviewed: 11/27/2022

Degree: Anthropology

I am nearing the end of my first year at SNHU as a full time online student. It has been fantastic. The application and enrollment process was the easiest of any school I have attended. The online platform SNHU currently uses is Brightspace. Going from Canvas to Brightspace was a little confusing, but ultimately simpler and more user friendly. Before term starts there is a walkthrough tutorial on how to use it so if you read a review where someone complains about the online set up, it's likely because... Read More


Reviewed: 11/7/2022

Degree: Criminal Justice

I will be graduating in January of 2023, and my experience at SNHU has been great. I actually enjoy the way they have the curriculum set up for you for every class. You work towards your end goal of completing each final in a methodic way. I have never experienced that before at any other college. Most of my classmates that I have interacted with during my studies feel the same way. I have read through a few of the negative reviews, and these people give some lame excuses for not completing their... Read More

Brian Freeman

Reviewed: 11/4/2022

Degree: Human Services

I will make this short and sweet. SNHU is a great school, with a great system if you apply yourself. It's just like any other institution of higher learning; you will be successful if you put in the effort. The students who complain, were never scholars anyway, and make excuses and try to blame SNHU for their lack of knowledge and perseverance. Online courses are harder, because you don't have anyone there to hold your hand and guide you along the way. If you need this, you need to attend your classes... Read More