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Simmons University School of Social Work

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100% of 2 students said this degree improved their career prospects
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Average Financial Aid: $27,903

Accreditation: Simmons University School of Social Work is acredited by 6 agencies

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Student Reviews

Student Reviews

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Reviewed: 8/22/2020

Degree: Social Work

I was sorry to read of some poor experiences detailed from a couple of years ago. I'm graduating in two terms and am thrilled with my Simmons experience so far. Perhaps program changes recently occurred? I do agree the placement officers could use some human services training and earnestly listen to students (better than mine did). I found placement the weakest link in the program. As well, placement is not related to professor duties. So far, all professors are highly credentialed and hold diverse... Read More

Christine Watson

Reviewed: 1/3/2019

Degree: Social Work

I loved being able to get a degree online. It allowed me still be able to work full time. In the field of social work being able to share a class with students from all over the US was enriching. I appreciated the bond that I had with my classmates. I didnt think I could have a bind with an online cohort, but Simmons made it easy with its structure. Classes were once a week online and we had to sign in and have video and audio. It allowed us to interact with one another and see each other on a weekly... Read More