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Student Reviews

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Reviewed: 12/16/2010


I realized early on that this school didn't really know how to teach much. What I was unaware of was that they do not know how to use the financial aid students have. I withdrew from the school and am being charged with the amount that they told me they received from my FA but never did. I also explained that I was unemployed and could not make payments and they told me not to worry about it until I start a job. Today I received a notice that I'm being sent to collections. Which is fine if I had... Read More

Sam Johnson

Reviewed: 5/27/2010


From the beginning there was something not right. In my first interview with the admin staff I was told my credits would transfer. They don't automatically transfer and Santa Barbara City College and UCSB make it very difficult to transfer SBBC's credits.

A month into the program there were classes cancelled because they didn't have a professor and they found one off the street who wasn't very helpful. Some people quit the program and some stayed. I chose to stay and regretted it.

Afterwards the job... Read More


Reviewed: 2/17/2010


Do not waste your time with this school. I have been trying to get a copy of my transcript for nearly 3 months. They do not follow up, or even answer their phones. When I do get someone on the phone they make it very clear that I am interrupting them. As this is an administrative function and they are in the administration dept. it leaves me completely stunned. How can they teach professionalism and business ethics when this is how their staff acts?

There are many schools out there that care much... Read More


Reviewed: 10/8/2009


I am in the massage program and love it! The only issue I've had at all with the school is that they tend to treat you like you are still in high school. We are told what to wear, have a limit to hours we can miss no matter how good our grade is before we auto fail, and some instructers try to hide the fact that we can actually get our license and begin practicing before we graduate.

When I found that out I was a little upset because that is something that can help our career instead of them hiding... Read More


Reviewed: 6/24/2008


Mainly loved convenience. Meant that I could do it when I had time around other jobs, get help outside when I needed it. Somewhat isolated although the school does their best to alleviate the problem; really it is up to you to try and make friends through your class, get enough outside contact. Remember that although it is through 'net, you may have problems using this diploma if you are from out of state- legal systems vary slightly state-to-state.

Also, the school has a blog and myspace site; it... Read More

The experience in a legal environment is what I am hoping will bump me into the competitive range for getting into law school. I was really worried about finding a job when I'm finished- nothing to do with me personally, only that I have not really interviewed for a full-time job that I really had to compete for. I wanted to find a great job in a really competitive environment (working for the city- postings do not come up often). I got a LOT of help with writing resumes from them. Also interviewing, job search; they make it clear that the point is to support you, so it relieved some of the stress.

Great choice because it works well as far as time is concerned and is budget friendly. Also counsellors are willing to help you find financial aid- always good!


Reviewed: 6/4/2008


I needed to find a program that would allow me to take classes on my schedule, having a full time job and family. SBBC online allowed me to partake in a rich curriculum, with the availability to confer with faculty and classmates via internet chats, emails and even phone calls using voice of IP.

My degree has allowed me to instantly move up two grades in pay and provides a much brighter future.