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Rutgers University

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67% of 4 students said this degree improved their career prospects
50% of 4 students said they would recommend this school to others
By the OnlineU team | Updated 3/27/2023

Fast Facts

Average Financial Aid: $14,494

Accreditation: Rutgers University is acredited by 24 agencies

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Bachelor's Degrees

Business Administration, Management and Operations $21,602 $54,501 93
Finance and Financial Management Services $21,500 $60,547 90
Clinical/Medical Laboratory Science/Research and Allied Professions $12,500 $64,307 79
Registered Nursing, Nursing Administration, Nursing Research and Clinical Nursing $23,000 $72,734 76
Health and Medical Administrative Services $15,000 $44,904 75
Allied Health Diagnostic, Intervention, and Treatment Professions $16,250 $64,276 74
Marketing $19,500 $44,902 70
Psychology, General $23,250 $29,963 61
Human Resources Management and Services $22,500 $45,522 58
Research and Experimental Psychology Not Reported $32,569 56
Health Services/Allied Health/Health Sciences, General $23,000 $33,500 47

Master's Degrees

Business Administration, Management and Operations $47,238 $105,618 95
Library Science and Administration $40,562 $50,890 94
Clinical/Medical Laboratory Science/Research and Allied Professions Not Reported $80,212 84
Public Health $44,595 $61,695 72
Allied Health Diagnostic, Intervention, and Treatment Professions $109,500 $107,491 71
Social Work $41,000 $46,516 59
Music $41,000 $28,417 57
Public Policy Analysis $38,369 $58,341 53
Public Administration $47,383 $52,549 44
Human Resources Management and Services $36,750 $58,526 39
Medical Illustration and Informatics Not Reported $64,610 24
Rehabilitation and Therapeutic Professions $49,390 $45,907 16

Doctoral Degrees

Rehabilitation and Therapeutic Professions $81,817 $75,024 81

Student Reviews

Student Reviews

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Mr Kumar

Reviewed: 8/30/2021

Degree: Computer Science

Rutgers teaches hate towards Hindu and Hinduism. Please feel free to attend this school if you want to learn hate. This university is very proud of their teacher in spreading hate towards hinduism, and only Hinduism. They are very well funded for doing so.

Jason Branch

Reviewed: 7/11/2018

Degree: Economics

Great school. Amazing business program. Its very easy to fall in the trap of skipping classes and deciding not to go to lectures. Lecture classes are huge and its easy to get notes from people, but the more you go to class the better you will do. The professors are all real life practitioners so get to know them as much as you can for future recommendations.

Cherie M

Reviewed: 6/29/2018

Degree: Data Science

I enrolled in the Big Data / Data Analytics program in October 2016. It was supposed to be a 44 week program. My instructor seemed to not have control of our cohort. My cohort seemed to lag significantly behind the other cohorts. I was forced to wait for them to catch which made learning problematic. What I learned would grow stale while I waited for my cohort to catch up so we could move on to the next section. To compound this, my instructor resigned earlier this year and I was assigned a new instructor.... Read More

Katherine Y.

Reviewed: 2/10/2017

Degree: Political Science

I was so fortunate to have attended Rutgers for my undergraduate degree. As a local New Jerseyan, it was a tough decision. There are dozens of colleges and universities in the tri-state area alone, and the level of competition among schools along the East Coast is intense. Having good grades and excellent recommendations, I knew I had choices. I flew as far as Arizona and aspired as high as Princeton! But in the end, the culture of inclusiveness, of academic prowess dating back to the the pre-Revolutionary... Read More