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Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions

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By the OnlineU team | Updated 6/22/2023



Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions (RMUoHP) is a private institution with 1,473 enrolled students during the 2022 winter semester, according to the school's internal data. RMUoHP specializes in graduate and professional programs in the healthcare field. There are 16 online degrees available in areas such as mental health, nutrition, and health science, including nine certificates, five doctorates, and two master's degrees. 

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Salary Score for Online Degrees at Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions

Master's Degrees

Allied Health Diagnostic, Intervention, and Treatment Professions Not Reported $110,467 66

Doctoral Degrees

Registered Nursing, Nursing Administration, Nursing Research and Clinical Nursing Not Reported $106,899 34

FAQs About Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions

Is Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions Online?

RMUoHP is an online school that offers degrees that can be completed entirely online. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, however, only 27% of students study online while 73% engage in a mix of online and on-site learning. 

(The Doctor of Occupational Therapy is the only online degree that requires on campus visits.)

Is RMUoHP a Good School?

RMUoHP may be considered a good school based on the success of its alumni. The school's 2022 Alumni Survey showed that 88% of its graduates hold full-time employment. Furthermore, 90% said they were satisfied with their overall experience. 

It's also important to look at its accreditation status, which lets prospective students know that the school has been evaluated for quality by a third-party education agency. RMUoHP is accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU) to award distance education degrees.

All online schools listed on the OnlineU site are accredited. 

What Is RMUoHP Known For?

RMUoHP is best known for its evidence-based online curriculums. This type of teaching format gives students the benefit of learning with the most up-to-date data possible. It also prepares them for professional healthcare environments. Additionally, some online students must complete a significant amount of clinical hours as part of their degree requirements, providing them with plenty of real life experience.

Which Degrees at RMUoHP Provide the Highest Earnings for Graduates?

The highest earning degree at RMUoHP is the Doctor of Medical Science, which can lead to a salary ranging from $121,500 for physician's assistants to $208,000 for physicians, according to federal data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. There's also the Master of Science in Nursing, where graduates can expect to earn a median annual salary of $123,780.

OnlineU's Salary Score, which compares alumni salaries from different schools using the same degree, is another helpful metric for estimating income after graduation. RMUoHP scores a 59 out of 100 for its master's degree and a 61 out of 100 for its doctoral degrees. 

Is Getting Into RMUoHP Difficult?

RMUoHP is not considered very difficult to get into for professionals with clinical experience, licenses, and certificates in their respective healthcare field. According to the school's Winter 2022 Semester Snapshot, 83% of applicants were accepted into a post-professional degree program. 

What GPA Do You Need To Get Into RMUoHP?

Generally, the GPA requirement for students and professionals applying to college online at RMUoHP is 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale). Keep in mind that program requirements may vary. 

What Are the Admission Requirements for RMUoHP?

Students applying to college at RMUoHP must provide documentation showing their professional experience, college grades, and even vaccinations. 

Online students must complete the following steps to apply:

  • Fill out the Rocky Mountain University online application.  
  • Submit a Statement of Professional Goals. (This is a personal essay meant to explain why a student has chosen a specific field.) 
  • Submit a professional resume. (This document should include details of scholarships, licenses, teaching experience, occupational practice, and other professional developments.)