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Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design

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By the OnlineU team | Updated 2/13/2023



Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design (RMCAD) is a private, for-profit institution in the Denver suburbs serving approximately 1,800 students interested in the fine arts and creative industries. Out of this student body, 68% of undergraduates participate in distance-only education. Online students at RMCAD can enroll in one of the 10 online bachelor's degree programs available at the school. 

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Salary Score for Online Degrees at Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design

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Design and Applied Arts Not Reported $25,252 30

FAQs About Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design

Is Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design Online?

Yes, RMCAD is online, with over 60% of its bachelor's degree students participating exclusively in distance education. These students choose from majors such as game art, animation, and illustration. 

Are Online Degrees From RMCAD Respected by Employers?

Employers respect RMCAD's online degrees because of the school's favorable accreditation status: RMCAD is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, an institutional accreditation agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. Accreditation simply means that RMCAD has sound and ethical accounting practices. Earning accreditation also indicates a school's academic programs are high quality. 

OnlineU only includes accredited online colleges and universities on its site.

RMCAD's online programs are comparable to those available on campus, providing the same instruction, rigor, and outcomes. Transcripts and diplomas generally don't state whether degrees are completed remotely, so you don't have to disclose this information to prospective employers if you don't want to.

Is RMCAD a Good College?

It appears that RMCAD is a good college academically, and it's institutionally and programmatically accredited. It's been around for over 60 years and offers a broad range of fine arts programs that suit several professions and industries.

However, it may not be "good" financially. Graduate earnings are low and may not offset the cost of tuition and potential student loan debt. According to College Scorecard data, students graduate with an average of almost $31,000 in total debt, with monthly loan payments averaging about $300. If you are considering RMCAC, applying for scholarships may be worth it.

It's important to mention that College Scorecard also shows RMCAD with a 34% graduation rate. This is significantly lower than the 57% midpoint for all four-year schools.

What Is RMCAD Known For?

RMCAD is known for its unusual history. More than a century ago, the campus was home to the Jewish Consumptives' Relief Society (JCRS), that treated tuberculosis (TB) patients. Over the years, it grew to become the largest TB treatment facility in the world. When TB became more treatable in the 1950's JCRS became the American Medical Center. Because of its size and unique landscape features, it resembled a college campus more than a medical facility. RMCAD purchased the campus in 2002 and continues to honor and preserve its unique history.

Which Degrees at RMCAD Provide the Highest Earnings for Graduates?

According to College Scorecard, RMCAD's online bachelor's degrees in design and applied arts provide the highest earnings for graduates at a median annual salary of approximately $34,961, which is relatively low. Design and applied arts include disciplines such as interior design, fashion design, and graphic design.

Another way to gauge the worth of an RMCAD degree is to consider OnlineU's proprietary Salary Score, which  ranks colleges by how much their alumni earn compared to graduates with the same degree from across the country. RMCAD has a bachelor's degree Salary Score of 34 out of 100 total points. More specifically, its design and applied arts bachelor's degrees have a low salary score of 20.

How Difficult Is It To Get Into RMCAD?

Getting into RMCAD is easy because it has an open admission policy and accepts 100% of applicants. The school's open admission policy helps create greater access to higher education. It reduces competition by waiving entrance exams and minimum GPA requirements. Students usually only need a high school diploma or its equivalent to enroll.

What Are the Admission Requirements for RMCAD?

RMCAD's undergraduate admission requirements include the following:

  • A free application
  • Official high school transcripts or GED scores 
  • Official college transcripts, if transferring credits
  • Military transcripts, if applicable
  • A portfolio of work
  • An interview with an RMCAS admissions counselor 

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