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Annual Tuition: $15,995

Average Financial Aid: $5,208

Accreditation: Remington College is acredited by 4 agencies

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Criminal Justice and Corrections Not Reported $28,614 18
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Student Reviews

Student Reviews

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Fed Up

Reviewed: 2/6/2017

Degree: Paralegal

This degree program is a nightmare. Fellow classmates could barely write a complete thought, spell, and or express understanding of legal concepts which are skills vital to the legal field. The entrance exam is a joke. I am broken-hearted for those who completed this program, because in the real world- grammar and proper spelling is a must in this field. The weekly assignments where you must engage with other students is extremely difficult when your peers cannot spell or write proper sentences.... Read More


Reviewed: 5/26/2014


I honestly don't know where to begin... When I read reviews especially those that are positive, I tend to think that someone from the school is writing them. I guess that's my cynical nature... I will provide my email address to those who wish to see if I am indeed a former student and NOT an employee of the school.... ... I'll start here... I have notice that there are mostly negative reviews for Remington... Prior to me enrolling, I had heard nothing but negative things about Remington by more... Read More

The good part: for me the good part is a very good story... I had gained a Bachelors degree from a school that ended up closing, and I could no longer get an official transcript from them and every major university i approached with that issue wanted me to start over from scratch as a freshmen. Remington understood my situation, and gave me credit for 64 credit hours and let me enroll in their Bachelors degree completion program. The Bachelors of Science in Organizational Management. Most of the classes were challenging and some where not. I ended up with a D in my Analytical Tools course, and I got a C in my Negotiation course... but out side of that, I had B's and A's for the remainder of my courses. 90% of the instructors were really good, I had one who was extremely hard. I never had an issue where instructors did not respond to me either the same day and latest within 24hours. They were prompt. (oh this degree was done online). I think I fell in love with Kathleen Bodine she was awesome and very creative in working out any issues that I had during the 16 month long program. I have very little bad to say regarding the staff....

Now, the bad.... Remington is not Regionally Accredited, which is a big deal when talking about moving on to get your Masters degree ( I will talk about this part later...there is some good news). However for me, I didn't care about the Regional Accreditation, I needed a Bachelors degree where I could get a transcript to prove that I have an education. Remington does have a national Accreditation which is recognized by the US Department of Education. This is the biggest draw back to Remington and they don't have an internship placement program for their Bachelor level programs... That would be something, I think would really put some serious teeth into their Bachelor program.......

Now, for the person or people who think that Remington's credits are accepted by anyone, that one is a lie.... I was accepted into the Masters program at Northeastern University -College of Professional Studies. Northeastern University is Ranked #54 in the country of all Colleges and Universities, that means its in the top 3% of all Universities in the United States... I completed my Masters there, and I am now enrolled in their Doctoral program. Northeastern University, (College of Professional Studies) was more than accepting of my degree from Remington... So, don't think that there are not major universities out here who will not accept them because Northeastern University is as major as it gets... Now it depends what you want out of your degree... If you think a degree is going to guarantee a job, that's not what degrees do. Bachelors degrees allow you to compete for the job. Despite having a Bachelors or Masters, you still have to have the, skill-set, proper experience, and be the right fit for the job in order to get it...The bachelors degree simply states your have the formal professional training and now you have to sell yourself in order to get the practical experience.... I am someone who current do hiring for my department. I have 6 supervisors and 22 direct support staff under me...... So this is the whole truth from a former student of Remington College. If you have more questions, feel free to email me... my name is TJ.


Reviewed: 5/19/2014

Degree: Business

I received my Bachelors of Science in Business and plan on transferring credits to obtain my Masters in Pyschology. Remington College was extremely user friendly, the staff is incredible and they assisted with all financing inclusding filing FASFA annually. I obtained my certificates and fiind that the only way one would not receive their diploma is if they took some of their financing as cash back and there was additional monies owed towards the degree.


Reviewed: 5/15/2014

Degree: Paralegal

DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY!! This sorry excuse for a college is nothing but a ripoff. It cost me $30,000 for an 18 month program, which is way more than a REAL college would cost. I studied week after week and tried my hardest to keep good grades, only to finish completely and receive no diploma. I was told i wasn't charged for one of my classes in 2013, which cost $2,000, and until it's paid i can't get my degree. So i am being held back from a mistake made on their part. They are unprofessional... Read More