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Pennsylvania State University - World Campus

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Penn State University - World Campus is part of the largest public institution in the state and has offered distance learning for over 125 years. It boasts the world's largest living alumni network of over a quarter million individuals representing over 130 countries. Penn State - World Campus is home to over 20,000 distance learners from diverse backgrounds. It offers 175 fully online degrees at the certificate, undergraduate, and graduate levels that can be accessed from anywhere at any time.

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Salary Score for Online Degrees at Pennsylvania State University - World Campus

Associate's Degrees

Business/Commerce, General $17,725 $40,242 93
Liberal Arts and Sciences, General Studies and Humanities $16,852 $31,892 90
Human Development, Family Studies, and Related Services $19,875 $24,148 71

Bachelor's Degrees

Natural Resources Management and Policy $39,750 $62,018 100
Marketing $25,000 $51,414 94
Finance and Financial Management Services $25,000 $61,200 91
Non-Professional General Legal Studies (Undergraduate) $30,250 $44,201 89
Computer/Information Technology Administration and Management $26,746 $65,214 87
Health and Medical Administrative Services $25,000 $45,122 76
Human Resources Management and Services $27,000 $48,779 75
Political Science and Government $26,000 $37,482 69
Computer Engineering $27,000 $76,448 68
Accounting and Related Services $25,125 $51,228 67
Journalism $25,000 $33,090 64
Registered Nursing, Nursing Administration, Nursing Research and Clinical Nursing $23,000 $67,759 58
Psychology, General $26,000 $29,652 58
Communication, Journalism, and Related Programs, Other $24,236 $34,758 58
Biological and Physical Sciences $26,000 $33,036 57
Liberal Arts and Sciences, General Studies and Humanities Not Reported $33,395 54
Communication and Media Studies $26,000 $32,077 47
Criminal Justice and Corrections $26,000 $34,135 47
Human Development, Family Studies, and Related Services $27,767 $29,005 46
Business/Commerce, General $25,931 $42,524 46
Rehabilitation and Therapeutic Professions $26,000 $30,749 45
Economics $24,974 $45,928 43
History $26,250 $27,051 33
Biological and Biomedical Sciences, Other $26,000 $26,833 31
Business/Corporate Communications $25,000 $35,169 14

Master's Degrees

Teacher Education and Professional Development, Specific Levels and Methods Not Reported $81,629 100
Psychology, Other $38,615 $81,025 99
Geography and Cartography Not Reported $87,475 98
Management Sciences and Quantitative Methods $30,750 $100,372 87
Business Administration, Management and Operations $40,058 $92,512 85
Computer and Information Sciences, General $32,595 $99,798 83
Statistics $23,403 $96,917 76
Accounting and Related Services $20,500 $63,873 75
Human Resources Management and Services $38,975 $72,738 75
Health and Medical Administrative Services $51,250 $72,509 62
Finance and Financial Management Services $39,332 $82,006 60
Public Administration $41,000 $56,081 57
Curriculum and Instruction $26,760 $49,813 53
Computer Engineering $41,000 $100,190 52
Registered Nursing, Nursing Administration, Nursing Research and Clinical Nursing $40,949 $95,304 43
Systems Engineering $34,975 $96,574 37
Educational Administration and Supervision $27,765 $48,179 28
Special Education and Teaching $30,750 $45,891 26

FAQs About Pennsylvania State University - World Campus

Is Pennsylvania State University - World Campus Online?

Penn State - World Campus is online and offers over a hundred degrees and certificates to distance learners. Specifically, Penn State offers seven associate, 40 bachelor's, 56 master's, and three doctoral degrees entirely online. Students can also choose from 16 fully online undergraduate and 65 fully online graduate certificates.

Popular online degrees include majors such as cybersecuritypsychologysoftware engineeringstrategic communicationsartificial intelligenceeducational leadershippublic health, and industrial engineering.

Are Online Degrees From Pennsylvania State University Legitimate?

Online degrees from Penn State are 100% legitimate because the school is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE). Accreditation signifies that a school has undergone a thorough independent review process by a U.S. Department of Education-recognized agency that deems its academic programs are of high quality. Some online degrees at Penn State are also programmatically accredited by industry organizations to ensure outcomes meet employer expectations.

What Are Pennsylvania State University Students Known For?

Penn State students are known for being compassionate and generous. THON is the largest student-run philanthropy in the world, and it's organized by Penn State students. It's committed to enhancing the lives of children and families impacted by childhood cancer. THON hosts an annual 46-hour dance-a-thon to raise money for thousands of affected families who need help with medical expenses.

Is Penn State World Campus the Same as Penn State University?

Penn State World Campus is part of Penn State University. World Campus aims to increase accessibility to a high-quality college education by allowing students from anywhere at any time to take classes and earn degrees. Distance learners enrolled at Penn State World Campus can expect the same academic caliber and rigor as their on-campus peers at any of Penn State's 24 campuses. 

Is Penn State World Campus Hard To Get Into?

Penn State WorldCampus is not as hard to get into as many other schools. It has a 78% acceptance rate, though it does require entrance exams. Students who are accepted often have combined SAT scores from 1070 to 1300 and ACT scores from 24 to 29.

What Are the Admission Requirements for Penn State?

Applying to college always takes some planning to ensure you have everything you need and the time to ask any questions. Penn State's admission requirements include the following:

  • A completed online application 
  • A $65 application fee
  • SAT or ACT scores
  • A completed Self Reported Academic Records (SRAR) form

The following is also required but only after the receipt of an offer letter:

  • Official high school transcripts or their equivalent, generally reflecting a minimum 2.0 GPA (program-dependent) 
  • Official college transcripts if transferring from another institution 
  • Official military transcripts, if applicable

Each degree program may have additional requirements, such as prerequisite courses, licensure, or certifications. Working with an admissions advisor to help with the application process is the best practice. 

Student Reviews

Student Reviews

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Charles Stratton

Reviewed: 7/19/2023

Degree: Business

So far, Penn State has given me 3, no-credit classes. 2FA has me locked out, constantly, and they are too obsessed with stickers, magnets and flags to pay attention to the software issues that are effecting the students directly. If they laid off the production of "swag" the classes would be more affordable and maybe they could hire software people to maintain things. So far, I am very unhappy and I haven't even reached a credited class yet...


Reviewed: 5/3/2023

Degree: Communications

The school has not upgraded the philosophy behind its distance learning since it started in 1887. Every class I took except one was a here is your reading and homework for the week have fun teaching yourself. The one class that wasn't that way was a science class that had a game you play for the class.


Reviewed: 11/21/2019

Degree: Information Technology

I'm mirroring what another reviewer said. I'm currently going for information science and technology. I'm taking 3 classes: math, a database class, and Spanish. For the DB class, the way to remote to a desktop is via web browser. Whatever tech they use for that is terrible. If you try to copy/paste, it freezes whatever program you're in. When writing SQL code, not being able to copy/paste makes what you're doing extremely time consuming. I'm also not surprised the Spanish course is dropped a lot.... Read More

Former Penn Stater

Reviewed: 6/5/2018

Degree: Criminal Justice

With my major at Penn State World campus it did not work out for me. I studied there for 1 year part time, took two classes. The classes I took were not very interactive, and most of the classes I took were group project based, which I disliked. I would have students that would drop or not get involved and would be left doing most of the work. So if you do not like group projects, this college isn't for you. The coursework was outdated, some information from 2013. Most of my classes were just reading... Read More

Rena Aree

Reviewed: 4/23/2018

Degree: Liberal Arts

Studying at Penn State World Campus was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I worked abroad teaching English while I went to school; therefore, having set deadlines and being able to study online at any time was extremely important to me. Although it was an online learning environment, there was a lot of support from teachers and a good amount of interaction with other students through group posts. The course materials were also extremely well designed. I liked that most of the courses were... Read More

Sarah B

Reviewed: 5/1/2016

Degree: Law

I have taken several online courses, and was admittedly intimidated at the idea of attending Penn State, but the Professors are AMAZING and the support received from both instructors and academic counselors is second to none. Perhaps one of the greatest educational experiences I have ever had. Recommended!!!!