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By the OnlineU team | Updated 2/6/2023



Northeastern University (NU) is a very competitive, private, nonprofit institution in historic Boston, MA. It serves over 28,000 students. While only 1% of undergraduate and 9% of graduate students attend entirely remotely, NU offers 10 online bachelor's degree completion programs, 69 online master's degree programs, 3 doctoral programs, and numerous certificates at all levels. 

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Rankings by Salary Score and Affordability

Salary Score for Online Degrees at Northeastern University

Bachelor's Degrees

Computer and Information Sciences, General Not Reported $104,655 100
Journalism Not Reported $45,179 99
Communication and Media Studies Not Reported $47,257 99
Business/Commerce, General Not Reported $68,589 98
Finance and Financial Management Services Not Reported $60,175 97
Research and Experimental Psychology Not Reported $36,925 72
Registered Nursing, Nursing Administration, Nursing Research and Clinical Nursing Not Reported $71,500 53

Master's Degrees

Accounting and Related Services Not Reported $70,745 95
Health and Physical Education/Fitness Not Reported $51,000 93
Finance and Financial Management Services Not Reported $120,730 90
Education, General Not Reported $61,955 89
Communication and Media Studies Not Reported $67,003 87
Civil Engineering Not Reported $79,811 76
Medical Illustration and Informatics Not Reported $87,633 76
Clinical, Counseling and Applied Psychology Not Reported $55,736 75
Computer Software and Media Applications Not Reported $91,828 75
Public Administration Not Reported $64,551 74
Business/Commerce, General Not Reported $108,804 73
Registered Nursing, Nursing Administration, Nursing Research and Clinical Nursing Not Reported $123,408 71
Computer and Information Sciences, General Not Reported $102,848 63
Electrical, Electronics and Communications Engineering Not Reported $106,001 63
Public Health Not Reported $57,650 55
Criminal Justice and Corrections Not Reported $54,406 54
Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Sciences, and Administration Not Reported $102,574 42
Management Sciences and Quantitative Methods Not Reported $77,611 39
Engineering, General Not Reported $84,120 31
Allied Health Diagnostic, Intervention, and Treatment Professions Not Reported $87,577 28
Business Administration, Management and Operations Not Reported $61,655 27
Engineering, Other Not Reported $81,714 24
Homeland Security Not Reported $61,138 24
Ecology, Evolution, Systematics, and Population Biology Not Reported $34,056 20
Systems Engineering Not Reported $86,287 4

Doctoral Degrees

Education, General Not Reported $96,101 76
Rehabilitation and Therapeutic Professions Not Reported $70,381 43

FAQs About Northeastern University

Is Northeastern University Online?

NU is online and offers remote degree completion programs at the bachelor's level. You must transfer into the program with previously completed credits. In general, you must complete at least 60 credits at NU as part of a 120-credit online bachelor's completion program. You can transfer up to 60 credits from other schools. 

Undergraduate majors include psychology, healthcare administration, and project management, among others. NU also offers dozens of master's degrees and certificates you can complete remotely.

Is Northeastern University a Prestigious University?

Though it's not an Ivy League school, NU is still prestigious. It's a top-tier RI research university as designated by the Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education due to its high research activity. It has more than 30 research centers and eight university-wide institutes that work on a range of initiatives, such as creating better cancer diagnostic tools, developing alternatives to opioid painkillers, developing advanced materials and technologies for the military and Homeland Security, and working to reduce the reliance on rare earth metals used in electronics components.

NU also has an exceptionally high 98% retention rate, according to College Scorecard data. This fact speaks to its ability to attract, engage, and support students.

Are Online Degrees From Northeastern University Respected by Employers?

Employers respect NU online degrees because an accredited school confers them. NU is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NECHE), a US Department of Education-recognized agency. This accreditation status means that NU can prove its financial practices are sound and its academic programs offer rigor and high quality. It also means that students can transfer credits from one accredited institution to another. 

Importantly, OnlineU only includes accredited online institutions on its site.

What Is Northeastern University Known For?

NU has been known for being a world leader in cooperative education for over 100 years. Its experiential learning model encourages students to engage with the world through professional work. Co-op students can alternate semesters of academic study with periods of full-time work to apply the skills gained in school immediately to real-world situations. They participate in six-week virtual projects to build a more prepared, productive workforce. This integrative experience aims to help develop students who are highly competitive and appeal to employers when they graduate. 

Additionally, NU has an 88% graduation rate based on College Scorecard data. This rate is significantly higher than the 57% midpoint for four-year colleges and universities due to the caliber of its students and academic program rigor. 

Which Degrees at Northeastern University Provide the Highest Earnings for Graduates?

College Scorecard also shows that NU's degrees in computer information sciences, such as its online bachelor's degree in information technology, provide the highest earnings for graduates, with a median annual salary of $108,000. Other high earning degrees include computer engineering, electrical engineering, and mechanical engineering, which all provide $83,000 or higher incomes. Generally, undergraduates' median earnings are significantly high at over $79,700.

OnlineU's proprietary Salary Score ranks colleges by how much their alumni earn compared to graduates with the same degree nationwide. NU has a high Salary Score of 93 out of 100 for its bachelor's degrees, 73 for its master's degrees, and 40 for its doctoral degrees.

Do You Need To Take SATs or ACTs to Get Into Northeastern University?

NU is currently a test-optional school through 2026. However, NU will consider entrance exam scores, if submitted. Admitted students have high combined SAT scores between 1410 and 1540 and ACT scores between 33 and 35. 

NU is very competitive and only accepts 20% of applicants, according to College Scorecard.

What Are the Admission Requirements for Northeastern University?

NU's admission requirements are similar to other competitive colleges and universities. Applying to college always requires planning to ensure you have enough time to get what you need to submit together. Due to NU's competitiveness, consulting an enrollment advisor can help you through the process.

In general, undergraduate admissions at NU for its online bachelor's degree completion programs include the following:

  • An application and a $75 application fee
  • A minimum 3.5 GPA or higher 
  • Official college transcripts 
  • A college report completed by the registrar or dean of your previous school
  • Official high school transcripts or GED
  • Military transcripts, if applicable

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