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48% of 81 students said this degree improved their career prospects
40% of 81 students said they would recommend this school to others
By the OnlineU team | Updated 3/27/2023


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Average Financial Aid: $4,449

Accreditation: National American University Online is accredited by 6 agencies

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Salary Score for Online Degrees at National American University Online

Certificate Degrees

Health and Medical Administrative Services $19,654 $27,586 60

Associate's Degrees

Criminal Justice and Corrections $30,500 $36,371 76
Legal Support Services $26,256 $31,991 55
Business Administration, Management and Operations $23,600 $28,574 39
Allied Health and Medical Assisting Services Not Reported $29,616 27
Health and Medical Administrative Services $34,960 $25,606 26
Computer/Information Technology Administration and Management $15,015 $31,785 22
Allied Health Diagnostic, Intervention, and Treatment Professions $25,166 $35,606 11

Bachelor's Degrees

Criminal Justice and Corrections $25,246 $36,958 64
Business Administration, Management and Operations $28,502 $42,593 53
Computer and Information Sciences, General $19,000 $53,242 41
Accounting and Related Services $31,032 $45,951 40
Health and Medical Administrative Services $34,151 $37,731 39
Human Resources Management and Services $45,041 $40,851 32
Computer/Information Technology Administration and Management Not Reported $39,835 12

Master's Degrees

Business Administration, Management and Operations $27,861 $50,830 17

Doctoral Degrees

Educational Administration and Supervision Not Reported $104,299 86

Student Reviews

Student Reviews

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Reviewed: 4/20/2021

Degree: Healthcare Management

Horrible. I feel like they don’t want to help you graduate. They are for profit and they would rather you stay and spend more money. I have asked for help a million times and then they send me someone else’s status sheet. I wish I would’ve never started here and finished at Colorado Tech instead. Do yourself a favor and don’t go here.

Jenna Trust

Reviewed: 9/9/2019

Degree: Healthcare Administration

I completed my certificate in Medical Coding and spoke with my counselor about taking the summer off and then beginning in the fall. I have been calling them for 2 months and left over 10 messages with no response back. I have called every single NAU phone number I could find and received no contact back. I have sent multiple emails to my counselor with zero responses for the Centennial campus in CO. I have no clue what happened and why they will not return my calls.


Reviewed: 7/10/2019

Degree: Business Administration

The business program is great for anyone looking to further their education. I had great professors and classes. I love the flexibility of the schedule and being able to the do the program at my speed I want. I graduated quicker coming to NAU then I would have at any other school.

Keith Arnold

Reviewed: 6/3/2019

Degree: Business Administration

My employer required me to go back to school and get a business management degree. I was able to do my entire program on line without having to miss any work. My professors were top notch and always willing to help me. If you are looking for a school that is convenient with you working and going to school, they are for you.


Reviewed: 5/30/2019

Degree: Business Administration

Their communication is very poor and dissatisfying cost to go to school is horrible and their team never calls back my success Coah was good but the rest horrible I wouldnt recommend this school to anyone with kids with disabilities and work two jobs they want you to log in everyday which is hard to do when u have kids and work two jobs


Reviewed: 4/16/2019


This institution is a total nightmare!!!! When you first start off everyone is great but as soon as your close to the finish line it is like they start adding classes to your degree to obtain more money. Biggest mistake of my life attending this school. DO NOT ATTEND THIS UNIVERSITY!!!!


Reviewed: 4/2/2019

Degree: Information Technology

My decision to attend this school was somewhat arbitrary, but it turned out well. I experienced pro's and con's during the process of getting my degree. First the pro's: I could hold a full time job, and get the degree I needed to further my career. Financial Aid was never a problem, and I generally got all the help from instructors I needed. The Con's: It cost a lot of money, but I knew that going in. I was pretty confident that I could make up that amount of money with improved income. The other... Read More


Reviewed: 1/12/2019

Degree: Management

This school is completely trash, no help from the instructors and our success coaches are a joke, god forbid you have to call K. for anything she is a complete bitch. Save your money and go somewhere else. There are plenty of other schools to go to.


Reviewed: 1/9/2019

Degree: Cybersecurity

look... I had not even started the school yet and I was having second questions. All of the different websites I had to create accounts for did not feel safe. I did not even know or get to pick what classes I wanted to be enrolled in. Once me and my mother called my representative to cancel my classes, she started to try and tell my mother how to raise me! She was also trying to belittle my mothers knowledge on the government shutdown and how the students loans were going to come through as the government... Read More


Reviewed: 12/11/2018

Degree: Business

I graduated last year 2017 from NAU with my BA in Business Management and the entire time it was dreadful. Even now I was dumb enough to back to school for my masters using their graduate program and that was a joke. Ive always had super helpful academic advisors which was the only positive part to going to this school. During my BA i had run out financial aid but was told that I was fine and my costs were covered until April of 2017... when I get a letter stating that I owed the school over 7k and... Read More