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Moody Bible Institute

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By the OnlineU team | Updated 2/6/2023

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Average Financial Aid: $10,664

Accreditation: Moody Bible Institute is acredited by 5 agencies

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Bachelor's Degrees

Bible/Biblical Studies $7,250 $33,632 85
Theological and Ministerial Studies $10,418 $29,411 67
Religious Education $8,739 $26,972 49
Missions/Missionary Studies and Missiology $7,500 $22,988 45

Student Reviews

Student Reviews

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Reviewed: 10/11/2018

Degree: Biblical Studies

This school is excellent for an education in ministry or the Bible. They are highly accredited and respected by many. I got a one year degree in Biblical Studies. It got me into ministry at some churches. But there are many Christians and churches that have no clue who DL moody was. Christians in churches have laughed and called it a fake college because it has the name moody in it. Family has also called it a fake college because the name moody. Employers other than churches also think it's fake... Read More