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Miller-Motte Technical College Online

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50% of 9 students said this degree improved their career prospects
11% of 9 students said they would recommend this school to others
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Fast Facts

Average Financial Aid: $5,047

Accreditation: Miller-Motte Technical College Online is acredited by 3 agencies

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Certificate Degrees

Clinical/Medical Laboratory Science/Research and Allied Professions $15,121 $22,210 28
Health and Medical Administrative Services $20,000 $20,357 21

Associate's Degrees

Criminal Justice and Corrections $29,200 $25,227 20
Legal Support Services $26,945 $23,619 9
Business Administration, Management and Operations $28,334 $21,203 7

Student Reviews

Student Reviews

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Reviewed: 3/21/2023

Degree: Pharmacy Technician

This school is shady especially when it comes to financial aid. When I first enrolled in this school I was told i had enough funding to cover the completion for my certificate, now mid way through the program I am told since I enrolled late in the program I owe the school money for that term. Now that they have received that loan and grant money they are now saying I dont have any funding left to cover the rest of the program which I was not told in the beginning when I enrolled. Also they mailed... Read More


Reviewed: 3/15/2023

Degree: Medical Billing & Coding

Some of the most unprofessional and rude advisors I have ever worked with. They would freak out on me if I talked to them or financial aid with someone else in the room, I think it’s because they’re doing shady stuff with your money. I probably wouldn’t attend if I were you. Lesson learned.

Jane Doe

Reviewed: 12/19/2022

Degree: Pharmacy Technician

This is crazy, I went into this not knowing a thing about college and how financial aid works and I felt like they were scammers. In the financial aid information that the school sent me it said they were charging me for room and board, I am in the online courses!!!! I felt like they did this to get extra money. After reading these comments I am glad I didn't question it much because I would be in trouble and get kicked out of school. Someone probably needs to have this looked into.

I did all this for nothing?!

Reviewed: 9/13/2022

Degree: Healthcare Administration

I wouldn't recommend them to anyone!! I started in Nov 2020 Almost 2 years ago and I am 2 classes away from graduation! I got a call from my academic advisor stating that I was being dropped from the school. I replied with devastation stating "Wow, So I am this close to receiving my diploma and your telling me I did all this for nothing? To which her response was simply YES! No compassion or sympathy whatsoever!! Unfortunately During my journey I suffered many devistating documented illnesses/injuries.... Read More


Reviewed: 8/1/2022

Degree: Pharmacy Technician

This school is horrible with communication. I started in April and I've had two advisors. One just up and left. The second one does not communicate at all. Financial aid has given me the run-around and has not issued me a refund. I was told I'll get a refund in July, I was told that at the end of June. July has come and gone and the school has given me the cold shoulder. I work extremely hard. Full-time student and changed my life around just to dedicate myself to school and Miller-Motte really makes... Read More


Reviewed: 12/20/2020

Degree: Business Administration

I hate it here this school requires too much I am a mom and it's just too much for my lifestyle when I asked to leave I was a week too late I hate it here I have to take two courses at a time and it is way too overwhelming for my three month child I wish I needed attended Beth Zych was very nice but the online is very slow and it's just way to much for me I hate it here

Current Student

Reviewed: 10/13/2020

Degree: Medical Billing & Coding

I’m not sure if I should have selected Miller-motte technical college online or Miller-motte College online, however I am a current student at Miller -motte for the medical billing and coding program the first moth was great school was good instructor was professional I received my refund on time but here I am almost in my third term and haven’t received my refund for term 2 I have been giving the run around and told oh you should have it this week and every time I wait it never comes I am extremely... Read More

Brandon Pannebaker

Reviewed: 3/2/2017

Degree: Business Administration

S******* me over. Graduated with my Associates from their sister school with good GPA (held 4.0 until end of last year). Was recommended by faculty of McCann, stated I would get discount and all of my credits will transfer. Failed to tell me I would have to jump through 100 hoops to do so. School then did not inform me of any probation period. Called multiple times to drop out a few weeks in. Put on hold several times for HOURS. When someone did answer and I explained that I wanted to drop out, they... Read More


Reviewed: 4/1/2016

Degree: Military Science

You will work your butt off then when you think you are doing the best that you can getting a 4.0, then one instructor who dislikes for students to learn, ends up giving, not earning, but giving you barely a "B". I tried so hard to do the things he asked, but after he threatened me, I was afraid to do anything else. Just be very careful with this school.