Middle Tennessee State University

  • Locations: Murfreesboro (TN)
  • School Type: Public, Non-Profit
  • Accreditation: SACS COC
  • Graduation Rate: 47%
  • Online Programs: 32
  • Undergraduate Tuition: $27,742
  • Graduate Tuition: $26,172
40% of 5 students said they would recommend this school to others.
2.36 out of 5 stars
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What Students Say

Im a veteran and transferred my other credits from University of Massachusetts-Lowell. The whole process of transferring was smooth and the Admin employees really do make it easy. Some people in the admissions and registrar office are almost impossible... Read More

My experience so far in the fall semester has not been awesome. The campus does have a nice feel, the on-campus groups are very inclusive and theres a lot going on just like any other colleges campus. All of my professors seem decent, but a few are monotone and unexcited. Also, if you dont like the huge school feel with a lot of congestion then this is not the place for you. You will be dodging people/bikes/skateboards on your way to class regularly and if you arent used to crowds or do not like crowds it can be overwhelming. When I toured the school and into my first semester was after Spring semester was over, so I did not expect it to be as crowded as it is when Fall came around.

Now to my rant: the parking. Good god is the parking situation HORRENDOUS. I have to arrive at my 8am at 710 just so i can find a spot in one of the Commuter lots (even then usually the only spots open will be almost a mile grom your building). My next class after that is at 1120 which gives me about 2 hours between classes. I have to stay on campus in between classes because on the first day when I attempted to go off campus and come back, I came back to every lot being circled by about 25-30 other cars attempting to find a spot. I ended up not finding a spot, parking in a residence building lot over a mile away, and speed walking a mile to class (was already late). By the time I showed up I was covered in sweat from the stress and the late August heat that I just left instead of being that guy thats late and covered in sweat stains. The fact that the parking situation is this bad is absolutely inexcusible. The second day I tried to fix it by showing up 40 minutes before class. No luck. Ended up still being late. Honestly, if I wasnt a transfer senior I wouldnt stay at this school for that reason and that reason alone. They seem to have zero vetting of parking passes given out. I think there should be restrictions, for example freshman that live in dorms and people that live in apartments right off campus should be forced to take the shuttle and not given a parking pass. At least thats what they did at my last college which was in a busier city and it wasnt a problem. They seem to not care that more parking passes are given out than spaces there are in the parking lots. They have a couple 3-floor parking garages that are always full. The roads are horribly designed and if you dont have your head on a swivel youll get hit or hit someone else who isnt paying attention.

Its definitely a shame that a school that does most things right can be ruined by an awful parking/traffic sotuation, but in my opinion this has such a bad impact it takes the overall rating from 5 stars to 3.

Greg, Class of 2020

Middle Tennessee State University is a very diverse school and the College of Education does prepare future teachers for jobs in the school system. Candidates see a wide range of schools environments and are able to observe many teachers that are professional... Read More

Jamie Fuller, Class of 2007

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