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Founded in 1832, Lindenwood University is a private, nonprofit institution offering over 50 online degrees. Some of these online degree programs are offered 100% online, while others are delivered in hybrid formats. Lindenwood University ensures that online students receive a quality education by constantly implementing the latest research and innovative ideas into their programs. At Lindenwood University, online students can access resources like career services, tutoring, accessibility support, and more. 

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Salary Score for Online Degrees at Lindenwood University

Bachelor's Degrees

Criminology Not Reported $38,594 90
Computer/Information Technology Administration and Management $25,000 $63,962 85
Communication and Media Studies $27,000 $34,309 62
Computer and Information Sciences, General $23,763 $59,223 58
Business/Commerce, General $27,166 $44,686 55
Health and Medical Administrative Services $31,010 $40,599 54
Fine and Studio Arts $26,500 $24,620 50
Criminal Justice and Corrections $27,000 $33,954 46
Human Resources Management and Services $31,216 $43,054 44
Health and Physical Education/Fitness $27,000 $27,629 43
Marketing $27,000 $37,899 29
Accounting and Related Services $22,723 $41,826 22
Finance and Financial Management Services $23,250 $41,170 19

Master's Degrees

Rhetoric and Composition/Writing Studies $38,633 $36,614 45
Business Administration, Management and Operations Not Reported $62,012 34
Education, Other $25,554 $42,298 29
Educational Administration and Supervision $29,829 $47,806 27
Business/Commerce, General $31,311 $57,765 25
Special Education and Teaching Not Reported $44,430 20
Human Resources Management and Services $31,154 $49,196 18
Teacher Education and Professional Development, Specific Levels and Methods $39,207 $40,326 17
Accounting and Related Services Not Reported $54,117 16
Public Administration Not Reported $42,059 13
Health and Medical Administrative Services $29,385 $44,615 13

FAQs About Lindenwood University

Is Lindenwood University Online?

Yes, Lindenwood University has online degree programs that prospective students can pursue. These programs, both at the undergraduate and graduate levels, are either fully online or partially online. The National Center for Education Statistics states that 21% of undergraduates and 63% of graduate students only enroll in online courses. 

Is Lindenwood University Legitimate?

Yes, Lindenwood University is considered legitimate due to its accreditation status. Online and traditional colleges and universities may receive accreditation if they meet national higher education standards. Lindenwood University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, an institutional accreditation agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.

At OnlineU, we only include accredited online colleges and universities on our site. 

Is Lindenwood University Closing?

No, Lindenwood University is not closing. However, the university did close its Belville campus a few years ago. In May 2019, Lindenwood University announced that it would end daytime undergraduate programs at its Belville campus after the 2019-2020 academic year. The closing was due to enrollment and financial challenges the school was facing. 

In 2021, the city of Belville bought Lindenwood’s campus for $3 million. In February 2022, it was reported that the building where Lindenwood University once resided would be home to several organizations, like Southwestern Illinois College, the Illinois State Police, the Southern Illinois Law Enforcement Commission, and the Southwestern Illinois Jets’ Basketball Club.

As of now, Lindenwood University’s St. Missouri campus offers online and traditional programs for undergraduate and graduate students. 

What Is Lindenwood University Known For?

Flexible Programs for Working Adults

Lindenwood University creates programs to ensure working professionals can further their education while managing their jobs. With this in mind, Lindenwood University’s Flexible Programs for Adults is designed for working adults. It offers five-year start times for online degree programs. The university also offers career services, like micro-internships, an online job board, and other career resources for online students

Presbyterian Church

In 1853, Lindenwood University became deeded to the Presbyterian Church. Alongside its academic programs, the university creates opportunities for students to grow both intellectually and spiritually. Students can submit a prayer request form, join student religious groups, attend Sunday Chapel Services, and more. 

High-Ranking Online Information Technology Degrees

Lindenwood University ranks #5 for the best online IT degrees in 2023. Online students interested in this major can pursue a bachelor's degree in IT or a bachelor's in cybersecurity.

Which Degrees at Lindenwood University Provide the Highest Earnings for Graduates?

According to College Scorecard data from the U.S. Department of Education, these four bachelor's degrees at Lindenwood University provide the highest median earnings for graduates: 

(1) Computer and information sciences at ~$67,500

(2) Criminology at ~$60,200

(3) Business/commerce at ~$49,191

(4) Finance and financial management services at ~$48,400

Within these fields of study, there are several online degree programs that prospective students can choose from — like a bachelor’s in accounting and a bachelor’s in criminology. 

It may also be helpful to know a degee's overall salary score. OnlineU’s proprietary Salary Score ranks colleges by how much their alums earn compared to graduates nationwide with the same degree. Lindenwood University’s salary scores are 46 out of 100 for bachelor’s, 25 for master's, and 10 for doctoral degrees. 

Is Lindenwood University Hard to Get Into?

College Scorecard shows Lindenwood University’s acceptance rate is 92%, which suggests that around 9 out of 10 students are admitted into the school’s online and traditional degree programs. 

Lindenwood University considers ACT and SAT scores during the admissions process, but students aren’t required to submit them. Students who are typically admitted into Lindenwood University had the following test scores: an SAT Critical Reading score between 500 and 590, an SAT Math score between 490 and 590, and an ACT composite score between 19 and 25. 

What Are the Admission Requirements for Lindenwood University?

To be considered for admission, prospective students must complete Lindenwood University’s online application. Here’s the checklist for freshmen applicants:

As mentioned, the university is test-optional, so applicants are not required to submit ACT and SAT scores. It's also optional (though recommended) to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). 

Students can connect with Lindenwood’s enrollment counselors for assistance with the online application process

Student Reviews

Student Reviews

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Nathan Greenberg

Reviewed: 7/10/2023

Degree: Writing

I live abroad with a full-time job and young kids, so a traditional MFA program was out of the question for me. Therefore, Lindenwood's fully asynchronous online model was an ideal fit. I appreciated the freedom to do the work at my own pace and on my own terms. Overall, the program helped me achieve my primary goals of growing as a writer and simply writing more. My instructors were helpful and supportive, and there were a number of courses of interest to me. My favorite part of the experience (a... Read More

Nazanin Knudsen

Reviewed: 7/10/2023

Degree: Writing

I completed my MFA at Lindenwood University recently. The program offers on-campus and online classes, I worked full-time and needed an online program flexible to my circumstances, and I could not be happier with my choice. The program offers various fiction, nonfiction, and poetry courses. Students can pursue a focused track and earn a degree with an emphasis or try a broad approach. I learned a lot about the craft of writing through lessons and exceptional workshops with participants from all over... Read More


Reviewed: 5/25/2023

Degree: Digital Marketing

Lindenwood is a fantastic school to attend for both undergraduate and graduate work. The campus community is so welcoming and kind, and the people truly care about you here. It's the perfect mix of a small and big school, with smaller class sizes but a larger campus feel! I've loved my time here!

Proud Alumni

Reviewed: 5/18/2023

Degree: Education Administration

This program is really awesome and I love my professors. Some of the coursework can be really challenging but it's all meaningful and I know it's setting me up for success. The faculty in the College of Ed are really great and they're so helpful and they know their subjects so well.

Lauren Beatman

Reviewed: 3/10/2023

Degree: Human Resources

Well, where do I begin. Attending LU was the worst educational experience I have ever had. The financial department takes about 5 weeks to respond. And, when they do, you get conflicting information. Professors take WEEKS to grade assignments. They act like you are bothering them by asking questions. Books not available on time. They cannot seem to understand why I would be frustrated. 7,000 a semester and they cannot understand. I do NOT recommend LU for your education. They know they really messed... Read More

Proud Parent

Reviewed: 12/12/2022

Degree: Business Administration

I am a proud parent of graduate from Lindenwood University. My daughter graduated with BA-Business Administration-Magna-Cum Laude Lindenwood's Accelerated Degree Program while working a full-time job remotely. She will be applying for her master's degree in 2022 in the fall and proceed with her doctorate.

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