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By the OnlineU team | Updated 3/14/2023
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Bachelor's Degrees

Health and Medical Administrative Services $24,863 $43,199 67
Psychology, General $20,535 $28,640 49
Criminal Justice and Corrections $18,575 $32,753 39
Business Administration, Management and Operations $21,112 $34,822 21
Registered Nursing, Nursing Administration, Nursing Research and Clinical Nursing $24,550 $55,715 17

Master's Degrees

Business Administration, Management and Operations $41,000 $48,734 15
Registered Nursing, Nursing Administration, Nursing Research and Clinical Nursing $50,428 $74,958 13

Student Reviews

Student Reviews

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Ashley Maxwell

Reviewed: 10/15/2022

Degree: Communications

I decided to join the Communication program at King University with a slightly hesitant attitude. I wondered if it would really help me in my career. I am now preparing to walk away with a more concrete career path, understanding of my passions and a refined skillset. The Communication professors at King were attentive to every message I sent and were intentional in helping me apply my course work to my career. Dr. Sloan, the program director holds the tension well of being gracious, kind and supportive... Read More

Kathy Sanchez

Reviewed: 7/16/2022

Degree: Communications

I decided to return to college for the third attempt since High School in 1986. I started looking at online universities on the computer one day and a co-worker informed me of King University where her husband graduated. She advised me that King University is a wonderful university for adults that are working all the time and it has classes online which makes it easier for the adults working schedule. I informed her I would call and get some information regarding the university and if it can work... Read More

nikki Sharp

Reviewed: 6/23/2022

Degree: Communication Sciences

King University has been a great experience. It allowed me to work full time and still be able to get my homework done. I was naturally drawn to King as my husband graduated from the Business program a few years back. King has helped me learn what a memo is, helped me with my writing skills, and helped me gain more confidence within myself. All my teachers have been wonderful but the two most memorable are Dr. Sloan and Cora Young. Both have been great to work with as far as the student/teacher relationship... Read More

Ewa Piekosz

Reviewed: 10/22/2021

Degree: Communications

When I started at King University, I struggled with a lot of mental health issues. I knew what I wanted to do i.e. learn more about Communication, but I physically and emotionally could not bring myself to do the work - and I was already 2 weeks into class. I continued to struggle and struggle until my grades paid the price. I eventually took time away from school to reconnect with my passions in life. In the fall of 2019, I began my studies again with the determination to absorb all the information... Read More

Noah Rhoton

Reviewed: 7/15/2021

Degree: Communications

So far I have enjoyed my time and academic studies at King University. I am currently in COMM4100, or about halfway through to earning my Bachelor’s in Communications, and so far I have loved everything from learning about ethical theories to exploring all the opportunities a Communications major can bestow. I recommend this program for those who enjoy business, but would like to avoid the mathematical side of things.

Ewa Piekosz

Reviewed: 3/29/2021

Degree: Communications

When I began looking for a school to complete my degree, I had no idea what I wanted to do. I ultimate went to the internet to find my answer. I searched the web for affordable, online schools that provided a good, flexible schedule since I was a full-time worker. I came across King University. Not only was the school accredited, it was in my budget and gave me a great degree I could use for just about any career path: Communications! I was so excited for my journey to start. I was ready to start... Read More

Noah R.

Reviewed: 3/29/2021

Degree: Communications

My time at King University has been difficult, but very manageable. I once heard a friend say that her friends do not like King for various reasons. With that input in mind, I took a chance with King University. As part of my first semester at King, I am currently enrolled in an online B.S. in Communications program. It is great for any student looking into a Communications-based career. It gives me the freedom to work a job five days a week and still manage my classes. I will admit, in one of my... Read More


Reviewed: 3/18/2021

Degree: Communication Sciences

I first chose King because the fully online B.S. in Communications program was one of the few that appeared fully online and affordable. The instructors at King are incredibly professional and are always willing to help students out. I had a lot of major life events happen during my time at King, but I never had to miss a beat on the path to my degree because every instructor was more than patient and understanding. This is an excellent school for those worried about cost and having to work full... Read More

Emily Hammock

Reviewed: 3/15/2021

Degree: Communications

My time at King College has been the most rewarding experience to date. Having attended another university before, I could not be more pleased with the education I have received. The COMM professors provided solid content in a thorough and informative manner; their instruction made the material enjoyable to learn! Although the University has religious values and missions, the COMM professors taught and provided content that was diverse and inclusive of all religions and dominations.

Sydney M

Reviewed: 3/15/2021

Degree: Communications

King University can offer more than just a degree. Since attending, King has presented me with many opportunities to learn new skills and refine older ones. When beginning the program, I thought that I was going to be spending the next year and a half relearning old material, but I was very mistaken. The first course I took, Public Relations, impressed me greatly. In the first week, the instructor had taught us how to create a professional Press Release; it was very exciting to learn a skill that... Read More

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