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Kentucky Wesleyan College (KWC) is a very small, private, United Methodist, and liberal arts institution in Owensboro, KY. It serves a student body of just over 800. Among KWC's student body, 11% are enrolled in online-only education. KWC offers an online undergraduate curriculum, including 6 online bachelor's degrees. Distance learners can major in business administration, criminal justice and criminology, graphic design, psychology, religion, and general studies. 

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FAQs About Kentucky Wesleyan College

Is Kentucky Wesleyan College Online?

KWC is online and offers several bachelor's degrees that students can complete 100% remotely. Courses are intensive and last seven weeks, with new terms beginning every two months. This structure may enable distance learners to earn degrees and graduate more quickly than their peers in traditional degree programs. 

Are Online Degrees From KWC Respected by Employers?

Employers respect KWC's online degrees because of the school's favorable accreditation status: KWC is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) to award associate, baccalaureate, master's and doctorate degrees, and certificates. 

Accreditation simply means that a school has sound and ethical accounting practices and reinvests earnings into the school so students can benefit. Earning accreditation also indicates that a school's academic programs are high quality. KWU's online programs rival those offered on campus, providing the same instruction, rigor, and outcomes. Transcripts and diplomas generally don't state whether degrees are completed remotely, so you don't have to disclose this information to prospective employers if you don't want to.

OnlineU only includes accredited online schools on its site to ensure legitimacy.

What Religion Is KWC?

KWC is Wesleyan, a Methodist Christian denomination named after John Wesley, the founder of the Methodist movement in the 18th century. It is approved by the General Board of Higher Education & Ministry (GBHEM) as a United Methodist academic institution. 

The United Methodist Church (UMC) is considered one of the more moderate and tolerant denominations. A Pew Research survey found that while 45% of UMC members consider themselves politically conservative, 38% consider themselves moderate, and 15% liberal. The majority of UMC members tend to hold moderate-to-liberal views around topics such as same-sex marriage, homosexuality, and human evolution.

What Is KWC Known For?

KWC is known for practicing the "Wesleyan Way" of learning and living based on certain spiritual principles, which it incorporates into every aspect of its academic programming. KWC believes practicing the Wesleyan Way helps students develop soft skills, including compassion, empathy, communication, and perseverance. 

It's important to keep in mind that KWC students must complete three credit hours in religion as part of the general education requirements, which is minimal compared to many other faith-based institutions.

How Difficult Is It To Get Into KWC?

It's relatively difficult to get into KWC. According to College Scorecard data, has a selective application process and only accepts 60% of applicants. 

Additionally, applying requires taking an entrance exam, such as the SAT or ACT. Admitted students generally have combined SAT scores between 910 and 1090 and ACT scores between 18 and 25.

What GPA Do You Need to Get Into Kentucky Wesleyan?

Although the website remains unclear as to what GPA you need to get into KWU, applicants can assume that higher GPAs will be considered more during the application review process. For example, the average GPA for KWU first-year students in 2022 was 3.54. 

A higher GPA may signify that you can manage your workload and the stress of attending college. It also gives you a better chance of winning any scholarships KWU offers, which generally require a GPA of 3.6 or higher.

What Are the Admission Requirements for KWC?

HU's admission requirements for first-year students include the following:

  • An application (though it's unclear if there's an application fee)
  • A $100 enrollment deposit
  • Official high school transcripts or GED scores
  • Official college transcripts, if transferring credits
  • Military transcripts, if applicable
  • SAT/ACT scores
  • KWC also suggests scheduling an interview to discuss previous academic and work experience and future goals though it's not required.

Enrolling in college takes some time and planning. Meeting with an enrollment advisor early is always a good idea to ensure you understand all the requirements. They can also let you know if your program has additional requirements.

If you're still exploring schools, we've identified the most popular online colleges to help narrow your search.

Student Reviews

Student Reviews

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Kim M.

Reviewed: 7/12/2016

Degree: Liberal Arts

Kentucky Wesleyan College (KWC) has been an amazing experience for me. I was a college drop out who decided that I wanted to do something more with my life but was terrified to take the first step. At KWC the staff went above and beyond to welcome me into their school and get me back on the right track. Their online program allowed me to continue to work full-time and still be a mom and military wife. My instructors and advisers have all been understanding and helpful beyond what I could have ever... Read More

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