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Iowa Central Community College

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67% of 5 students said this degree improved their career prospects
60% of 5 students said they would recommend this school to others
By the OnlineU team | Updated 4/11/2023
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Computer Systems Networking and Telecommunications $20,051 $38,890 62
Allied Health Diagnostic, Intervention, and Treatment Professions $11,750 $44,740 40

Student Reviews

Student Reviews

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Reviewed: 3/11/2015

Degree: Criminal Justice

Iowa Central is a great college to attend online and they do make one work for their grade. My passing grades came from hard work and dedication to the program. A person has to want to make it work, not expect a free degree without working for it. The instructors were extremely friendly and helpful most of the time. Iowa Central's financial aid office gave direct answers and was helpful when their was a question regarding student loans. I am proud that I finished with Iowa Central and glad to be... Read More

Tara Roberson

Reviewed: 10/21/2014

Degree: Healthcare Administration

Iowa Central is a great school and as everyone is stating they don't just hand out passing grades , you have to work for your score. The instructors are very helpful and encouraging, they care about your education unlike other schools. My classes are somewhat challenging but I strive everyday because i know in the end its gonna pay off. I'm thanking ICCC now and when I graduate for helping me make my future brighter.


Reviewed: 8/6/2014

Degree: Healthcare Administration

While I can appreciate the total online experience of earning a degree, there was more than one occassion where I personally had more experience in a subject than the instructor had. When a medical assistant is teaching health care administration classes, there is a problem. The financial aid department failed to answer several of my concerns and I wound up paying $4500 more than I was told the degree would cost me. Most of my credits do not transfer to state colleges, which is a huge cost and time... Read More

Amanda Beechem

Reviewed: 12/6/2013

Degree: Human Services

I would like to start off by saying this has been an amazing experience for me. I wish I would have known about this school before I enrolled in University of Phoenix. I would have saved myself from wasting money & my valuable time. Needless to say, I would highly recommend this school to anyone that is looking for a good school & where you won't get looked down on when you apply for jobs and other schools. This school is not passing out A's to anyone, you have to put in hard work to get a good grade.... Read More

Cassandra Jackson

Reviewed: 11/29/2013

Degree: Human Services

I loved it, I certainly loved it! I wake up each morning feeling proud of what I have accomplished. I studied to receive a degree in human services and then became undecided in what I wanted to do. I had an option to receive a degree in general studies instead. Now about the college courses. If you experience difficulties in class, the instructors work with you until the material has been learned. If you have issues with financial aide, the workers in that department are there to assist you and they... Read More