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By the OnlineU team | Updated 2/13/2023



Hope International University (HIU) is a small, private, faith-based institution affiliated with the Christian Churches and Churches of Christ. It's also designated as a Hispanic-serving institution. Located in California, it serves approximately 600 undergraduate students, of which 30% participate in online-only education. These distance learners enroll throughout HIU's 5 online bachelor's degrees in popular fields, such as psychology, education, and business. 

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Rankings by Salary Score and Affordability

Salary Score for Online Degrees at Hope International University

Bachelor's Degrees

Psychology, General Not Reported $28,980 45
Business Administration, Management and Operations Not Reported $35,625 17

Master's Degrees

Business Administration, Management and Operations Not Reported $61,017 33

FAQs About Hope International University

Is Hope International University Online?

HIU is online and offers programs at the bachelor's level that can be completed 100% remotely. Undergraduates can choose from online bachelor's degrees in criminal justice, business administration, liberal studies - teacher preparation, psychology, and Christian ministry. It doesn't currently offer online graduate programs.

Are Online Degrees From HIU Respected by Employers?

It's important to remember that transcripts and diplomas generally don't state whether degrees are completed remotely, so you don't have to disclose this information to prospective employers if you don't want to. That being said, employers will respect HIU's online degrees because of the school's favorable accreditation status. HIU is accredited by WASC Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC). 

OnlineU only includes accredited institutions on its site.

A favorable accreditation status means that HIU has ethical accounting practices and provides high quality academic programming. Distance learners can expect the same high quality programming as what's offered on campus, including the same instruction, rigor, and outcomes.

What Is HIU Known For?

While HIU is known for being a faith-based institution, it's nondenominational. This is done intentionally to promote unity and eliminate division. However, studying at HIU as an undergraduate may require completing at least one religious studies course as part of its core curriculum. While this is less than some faith-based colleges and universities, it may not be for everyone. 

HIU is also known for its global partnerships with ministry organizations and institutions worldwide. This includes countries such as Africa, Ukraine, China, India, and Israel. Select organizations in these countries have entered into articulation agreements with HIU.  

Finally, College Scorecard data shows that HIU has a 41% graduation rate — lower than the 57% average rate for all four-year colleges and universities.

Which Degrees at HIU Provide the Highest Earnings for Graduates?

According to College Scorecard, HIU's online bachelor's degree in business administration provides the highest earnings for graduates, with a median annual salary of approximately $47,500. 

Another way to gauge a degree's worth is to consider OnlineU's proprietary Salary Score, which ranks colleges by how much their alumni earn compared to graduates with the same degree nationwide. HIU has a bachelor's degree Salary Score of 48 out of 100 and 17 for its master's degree programs. 

Is It Hard To Get Into HIU?

Getting into HIU is hard and highly competitive, as it only accepts 38% of applicants. 

While on-campus students must take entrance exams, it's unclear if it's a requirement for online students. However, admitted students who take exams have combined SAT scores between 930 and 1100 and ACT scores between 18 and 24.

What Are the Admission Requirements for HIU?

HIU's first-year admission requirements are similar to other colleges and universities with open admission policies. Those applying to college as undergraduate students must generally submit the following:

  • An application 
  • A $50 application fee
  • Official high school transcripts, with a minimum 2.5 GPA or minimum GED score of 47
  • Official college transcripts, if transferring credits
  • Military transcripts, if applicable
  • A college essay
  • SAT/ACT scores (though it's unclear if this is a distance learning requirement)

Always give yourself enough time to enroll in college. Consider scheduling an appointment with an HIU enrollment advisor early to get a good idea of what you'll need. They can also let you know if your program has additional requirements, such as licensing or other credentials.

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