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70% of 147 students said this degree improved their career prospects
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Average Financial Aid: $5,406

Accreditation: Everglades University is acredited by 2 agencies

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Bachelor's Degrees

Air Transportation $36,125 $47,252 63
Construction Management $40,978 $65,243 50
Alternative and Complementary Medicine and Medical Systems $42,250 $21,335 15

Master's Degrees

Business Administration, Management and Operations $38,352 $57,875 27
Public Health $41,000 $33,598 8
Air Transportation $41,371 $53,507 7

Student Reviews

Student Reviews

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Reviewed: 1/6/2023

Degree: International Business

Taking classes online at Everglades University is a great option for adult student juggling having to work full time and some students have children so it's an alternative. I am so excited to have completed my Bachelor's degree it is the best investment I could have made for myself, now I will feel comfortable applying for positions at work and know that I have the qualifications required.


Reviewed: 12/30/2022

Degree: Aviation

I first joined Everglades University in January of 2022. I remember talking to an admissions counselor, who had me all fired up to join this university and pursue my dreams in aviation. She made sure I would get to where I needed to be now. If it was not for Everglades, my dreams of joining the aviation industry would not be a reality today. As I was approaching my final classes in my program, I interviewed for a position at St. Petersburg/Clearwater International Airport and was hired as Airport... Read More

Nina Lowman

Reviewed: 10/16/2022

Degree: Holistic Medicine

I decided to attend Everglades University as a way to further my education in Alternative Medicine so I can better serve the customers of Indica Dreams CBD. From start to, finish my time at Everglades has been amazing and I could not have asked for a more supportive staff. Everglades has truly become an extension of my family and I have truly enjoyed my time here.


Reviewed: 10/7/2022

Degree: Holistic Medicine

I began my interest in alternative medicine when I was very little when my grandmother taught me the health benefits of putting your hands in the soil. My grandmother knows all about health, and she is still alive at 101 years old today! I wanted to learn an approach to health that was not western medicine, so I studied alternative medicine. I like taking the four-week classes so that I can just focus on only one class at a time. I like the small class size. I remember when it was just me and Dr.... Read More

Mable Smith

Reviewed: 9/23/2022

Degree: Environmental Science

Great people. Everyone guides you smoothly through enrollment process so you don't feel any pressure. Everything being done is thoroughly explained. You are given all their attention. They are pleasant and patient. Good training on the use of the system. I am looking forward to a great experience and future. The classes offered are designed to fit you into a specific career path. Everglades University is unlike any other you will attend, the support staff are nurturing, caring and always accessible.... Read More


Reviewed: 9/23/2022

Degree: Holistic Medicine

Never thought I would be returning back to school after 30 years. Been holding on to an Everglade flyer for over a year, (LOL)! I looked at it over and over again. And as Eminem said, "You only got one shot, do not miss your chance to blow, opportunity comes once in a lifetime." Well, here I am. Ready to start my dream career. There are only a few that offer a degree in Alternative Medicine. And thanks to Everglade Admissions, they have been great with assisting me with everything that was needed... Read More

Brandon Wolf

Reviewed: 9/21/2022

Degree: Holistic Medicine

I encountered EU on a search for new endeavors, pursuing change in my life and career. It’s online program is giving me an opportunity to shift towards learning health and helping others through more natural means while being able to work 6-12s. Furthering my education in holistic medicine is a journey I’m deeply excited for as I make my way into nutritional studies and march down my path into oncology, learning of various cancers, developing as well as implementing methods and medicines, and claiming... Read More

John Thurman

Reviewed: 8/15/2022

Degree: Holistic Medicine

1. I chose Everglades University for the courses they offer and the dedication the staff made to help me make my choice and get started! it was a tough process getting everything I needed in the very short time I gave myself from signing up to the first day of class. My advisors and everyone involved were so kind and helpful as well as patient! 2. everglades stood out to me for the way they schedule their classes, making it possible for me to follow my dream but not have to give up working all together... Read More


Reviewed: 8/9/2022

Degree: Holistic Medicine

I enjoyed working on my degree at Everglades University. I learned a lot in my classes, though I liked some more than others. The online classes allowed me to work while attending school. The block class schedule allowed me to focus on one course at a time instead of being overwhelmed by material from multiple courses all at once. The staff is accommodating and understanding. They are always available to answer questions and concerns from students. Overall, I had a great experience.


Reviewed: 8/8/2022

Degree: Environmental Engineering

I had tried going to a university prior to Everglades when I was younger and fresh out of high school. The stress was overwhelming, coupled with constantly being broke and unable to work due to the demands of my studies. At this first school, financial aid was unhelpful and I generally had no guidance. I was forced to drop out for financial reasons. Five years passed and I was finally ready to resume pursuing a higher education. Everglades University went above and beyond to ensure my success in... Read More