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Columbus State University

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50% of 8 students said this degree improved their career prospects
25% of 8 students said they would recommend this school to others
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Fast Facts

Average Financial Aid: $8,075

Accreditation: Columbus State University is accredited by 10 agencies

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Salary Score for Online Degrees at Columbus State University

Certificate Degrees

Criminal Justice and Corrections $9,500 $45,576 60

Bachelor's Degrees

Management Information Systems and Services Not Reported $52,725 50
Communication and Media Studies $25,000 $31,890 46
Criminal Justice and Corrections $27,000 $33,237 42
Registered Nursing, Nursing Administration, Nursing Research and Clinical Nursing $21,978 $61,920 36
Sociology $31,125 $27,226 23
Business Administration, Management and Operations $27,732 $31,730 12
Business/Commerce, General $26,525 $25,781 2

Master's Degrees

Criminal Justice and Corrections $27,332 $65,327 83
Teacher Education and Professional Development, Specific Levels and Methods $27,916 $47,256 51
Business, Management, Marketing, and Related Support Services, Other Not Reported $72,649 48
Educational Administration and Supervision $27,333 $54,834 47
Special Education and Teaching $33,013 $48,483 38
Registered Nursing, Nursing Administration, Nursing Research and Clinical Nursing $34,468 $85,557 26
Business Administration, Management and Operations $34,166 $48,949 15

Doctoral Degrees

Education, Other Not Reported $77,907 50
Educational Administration and Supervision Not Reported $63,251 16

Student Reviews

Student Reviews

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Reviewed: 10/26/2020

Degree: Business

This college is unhelpful with filing of financial aid. They ask for same info over and over and it has been uploaded about 8 or 9 time. You would think they would be willing to help since financial aid is guaranteed payment to them. What a joke. They don't read info sent in it's entirety


Reviewed: 4/8/2020

Degree: Nurse Practitioner (Family)

This program is advertised to be suitable for students to continue working full time. What should be advertised is that the school will do next to absolutely nothing to work with your schedule if you continue to work full time. Tests must be taken on specific dates, within specific hours despite everything being online and "asynchronous". There are no online lectures. The professors pull their powerpoints from those provided with the textbook and leave you to do 100% of the learning on your own.... Read More


Reviewed: 2/18/2020

Degree: Nurse Practitioner (Family)

The most absolute worst program I have ever entered into. The instructors do not teach! The weeks powerpoints are from the book, no actual lesson plan is attached. Then they throw heavily weighted exams every few weeks to destroy your grade. The assignments along the way are pointless but extremely time consuming and end up only counting for 3% of your grade. The clinical course has busy work assignments as well. I WOULD NEVER RECCOMEND THIS PROGRAM TO EVEN MY WORST ENEMY!!! IF I hadn't put so much... Read More


Reviewed: 4/23/2019

Degree: Nurse Practitioner (Family)

The instructors do not interact in the courses in the FNP program. How is it again that they teach the students? Exams are limited on specific dates in 2-4 hour timeframes through online proctoring during the middle of the day (when you need to work or complete precepting hours). They have connectivity issues with their servers, so plan on getting booted out multiple times during the exams with very slowly connection on timed tests! Their solution, sit closer to the router when taking the test???... Read More


Reviewed: 4/2/2019

Degree: Nurse Practitioner (Family)

I attended CSU for my MSN/FNP. I had a great experience. I graduated with a 4.0 while working every weekend, obtaining my clinical hours, completing my assignments, being a law enforcement wife, and being a mom to 3 school age children. It was a challenge to maintain a school/work/life balance, but that is to be expected with any full time masters program. I learned a lot and feel that I received a good education for my next step in my career. Instructors were available and helpful. As with the trend... Read More


Reviewed: 12/9/2018

Degree: Special Education

Honestly, I would not recommend anyone go through this program. The courses are applicable to your teaching development and you learn a lot. Some of the positives are that most of the professors care about the students and they understand that most of the students are working professionals. Unfortunately, your graduation from the program is dependent upon whether you pass a 100 question multiple choice exam with at least an 80. Most of the students in this program are already certified teachers,... Read More

Cuckoo bird

Reviewed: 7/18/2018

Degree: Special Education

Do not waste your money trying to get a masters degree! Use common sense! If something is not going to benefit you, leave!! Dont waste your money on trash! You take a class and flunk our?!?! Cuz its online! Go to Georgia State or Georgia College! They are better! And they are hands on!

Totally disappointed

Reviewed: 8/30/2017

Degree: Nursing

This is a collaborative program with Georgia Southwestern University so anytime you have an issue that needs attention you are given the runaround and no resolve. Could and should be much better. Very poor feedback from instructors. Don't know what books you need until day of class. I had an awful experience.