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Accreditation: Colorado Technical University - Online is acredited by 2 agencies

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Student Reviews

Student Reviews

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Reviewed: 4/28/2023

Degree: Computer Science

Not sure why there are so many complaints about this school. The instruction is great, they use Zybooks and intellipath for most classes. So far, this has been a great school to learn programming as well as basic software engineering concepts. Instructors are professional, many of them with years of experience in the industry, being employers and retirees. With any college, you don’t learn everything inside the classroom. It’s up to you to go outside and learn the things you need to relating to your... Read More


Reviewed: 4/9/2023

Degree: Information Technology

If your undecided they push you oi on to what you were thinking about but not sure. Any way half way through I was talking to a guy I know he was asking about what they were teaching he said by the time you graduate the platform they use Java will be obsolete. He was correct they told you they would help me get a job,. I have yet to use anything they taught so do yourself a favor and find a real college

Waste of Time and Money

Reviewed: 3/14/2023

Degree: Management

The school is transfer credit friendly. That's one great thing about them. However, they are extremely expensive and they make you take additional unnecessary courses for money. I do agree this school is all about making money and is very expensive. I would say do your research into looking into another college. I've learned completely nothing. And, just because it is accredited doesn't mean anything. I have 7 years of healthcare management experience. And, needed my degree for promotional opportunities.... Read More

Tiffany Wiggins Revels

Reviewed: 10/23/2022

Degree: Psychology

I have been going here for this year I have had two familyembers to padss away since I started and I explained back at the beginning of school that I could not do 2 classes this year in college but they put me in a rotation anyway after I said I could not do it.I have called them several times after because they kept giving me 2 classes this passed month I dropped this class on time but was told I didn't I dropped on 25th by calling but was told I didn't do it on time dead line was 27th they kept... Read More


Reviewed: 9/20/2022

Degree: Computer Science

CTU is for profit which factors in to many areas. I've been a student for 2 years now in a doctoral program and 2 things stand out to me. First, the quality of instruction is variable. I've had some good instructors and some that are clearly phoning it in. Similarly, the standards for work between instructors is variable; I had instructors that I'm almost positive never read what I turned in. The second thing is financial services and advising. They're not good. CTU pushes FAFSA and student loans.... Read More

Anna Marie Labree

Reviewed: 9/12/2022

Degree: Accounting

I would not advise ANYONE to attend CTU unless you want to be blindsided with owing the actual school money for stuff that should be cover by your student loans and grants. Instead they will “reimburse” your grants and then charge you for what those grants they reimbursed would’ve covered. I was told when I signed up that everything would be cover and I wouldn’t have to pay out of pocket until I start paying my student loans back after I graduate or stop attending CTU. Now I am being contacted and... Read More

Daniel Mault

Reviewed: 8/2/2022

Degree: Criminal Justice

I found the Grant riding class very very useful. I also found the leadership course very useful. I was at the end of my career and used my military benefits to further my career. I wrote several grants that helped a lot of people. I would highly recommend the school to anybody that is wanting to extend their career and help people.

Sarah Talker

Reviewed: 5/18/2022

Degree: Project Management

First of all I would like to start by saying I am not sure why this school has so many negative reviews. I have a Bachelor's Degree from a very reputable Science and Engineering based University and the classes here are just as tough as what I have taken there. Like anything else you get out of it what you put into it. If you procrastinate and do not put in enough time to do the research required of the degree programs here at CTU then you will not do well. I have had wonderful Professors and each... Read More


Reviewed: 5/15/2022

Degree: Management

I am set to graduate in September 2022 with an associate's in management. I have to say, I read a lot of these reviews, and I agree with most of them. The associate's degree is extremely easy to obtain. I was able to test out of 8 courses and maintain a 4.0 GPA the entire time. Intelepath, the system used for coursework, is easy to manipulate to always get an A. Copy the lesson in a Word doc and when you answer questions, use the Word doc to search for words. When you miss a question, copy it along... Read More

Jon Owens

Reviewed: 3/15/2022

Degree: Entrepreneurship

I have two more weeks and I will have my MBA with a concentration in entrepreneurship. The work is challenging and I learned a lot of useful information that I plan on applying to my business venture. They are veteran friendly, the online tools are user friendly and the overall experience was a pleasure. This is one of the hardest programs I’ve ever attended but I think it’s well worth it. I’m glad I found CTU when looking for graduate programs.