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Colorado Christian University

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Colorado Christian University (CCU) is a private, nonprofit, nondenominational faith-based institution serving over 8,400 students, with 46% of undergraduate and 84% of graduate students attending fully online. It offers 100 online degrees: 15 associate degrees, 45 bachelor's degrees, 39 master's degrees, and 1 doctoral degree. Students can choose from majors across various industries and fields, such as nursing, Christian ministry, psychology, creative writing, and elementary education. 

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Salary Score for Online Degrees at Colorado Christian University

Bachelor's Degrees

Bible/Biblical Studies $41,186 $40,853 99
Criminal Justice and Corrections $34,488 $42,138 87
Psychology, General $35,953 $32,671 80
Accounting and Related Services $34,205 $52,258 71
Business Administration, Management and Operations $26,000 $46,126 69
Research and Experimental Psychology $18,500 $33,437 61
Health and Medical Administrative Services $36,130 $39,906 51
Communication and Media Studies $22,500 $31,301 42
Registered Nursing, Nursing Administration, Nursing Research and Clinical Nursing $38,350 $62,598 39
Human Resources Management and Services $31,250 $40,996 32
Teacher Education and Professional Development, Specific Levels and Methods $24,680 $30,864 13

Master's Degrees

Curriculum and Instruction $33,174 $47,103 38
Business Administration, Management and Operations $30,084 $54,777 23

FAQs About Colorado Christian University

Is Colorado Christian University Online?

CCU is online and offers dozens of degree options across all academic levels. Programs span industries, including healthcare, education, technology, and business. These programs are 100% remote, so students can complete coursework on their own time from anywhere they have a broadband internet connection. CCU delivers its online curriculum via the Blackboard learning management system so students can access assignments and receive instruction virtually. 

Are Online Degrees From CCU Respected?

Employers respect CCU's online degrees because an accredited institution confers them. Accreditation shows prospective students that a college or university manages their finances responsibly and delivers high-quality academic programming. CCU is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, an institutional accreditation agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.

OnlineU only includes accredited institutions on its site.

What Is CCU Known For?

CCU is known for being Colorado's flagship Christian university, the premier nondenominational Christian university, and the only evangelical institution of higher learning in the Rocky Mountain region. It's also known for strongly emphasizing students' relationships with Christ and encouraging students to continue maturing in this spiritual relationship while attending CCU. 

In January 2023, CCU earned the President's Award for Academic Excellence as a Division II school with an academic success rate of 90% or higher. The NCAA recognizes division II schools as having athletic programs that foster a balanced and inclusive approach for its student athletes so they meet academic goals and practice civic engagement while competing.

Which Degrees at CCU Provide the Highest Earnings for Graduates?

CCU's online bachelor's degrees in nursingaccountancy, and business provide the highest earnings for graduates based on College Scorecard data. Each provides a median annual salary of approximately $67,000, $56,000, and $51,000, respectively. 

Another measure to consider is OnlineU's proprietary Salary Score, which ranks colleges by how much their alumni earn compared to graduates with the same degree nationwide. CCU has a salary score of 58 for bachelor's and 26 for master's degrees.

How Difficult Is It To Get Into CCU?

It's not difficult to get into CCU, which has an open admissions policy and accepts 100% of applicants. Additionally, CCU does not require entrance exams to enroll or even a minimum GPA for students applying to undergraduate programs.

What Are the Admission Requirements for CCU?

Applying to college always requires planning to ensure you have enough time to get what you need to submit together. An admissions advisor can help you through the process.

CCU's undergraduate admissions requirements are straightforward:

  • Completing an online application
  • Submitting a $40 application fee
  • Sending official high school transcripts or their equivalent
  • Sending any applicable college and/or military transcripts, if transferring credits

If you're still weighing your options, our list of the most popular online colleges can help you narrow your search and find what's right.

Student Reviews

Student Reviews

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Reviewed: 3/17/2023

Degree: English

I would not recommend CCU to anyone. At first, it seems like an awesome university and worth the high price; however, after enrolling in classes you are left on your own. It's nearly impossible to get answers regarding anything, unless you are wanting to enroll in another class. The staff don't seem to know the answer to any questions regarding University protocol. The financial aid department regularly gives out inaccurate info. After attending for one semester, I dropped all my future classes prior... Read More


Reviewed: 3/9/2023

Degree: Creative Writing

It’s easy to enroll and seems like everything will be straightforward and like your typical college experience. However, this has not been the case, in the least. First, the cost of classes for the absolute lack of an education is laughable. I attended a private Christian university and a state University prior to enrolling and both were far cheaper for a much better education. Plus, I always received prompt responses and accurate financial information. Second, after you start your first class, you... Read More


Reviewed: 12/6/2022

Degree: Healthcare Administration

This school gives so much false advertising! They present them self like this too good to be true and it is! The enrollment and getting accepted and getting started is to easy. But as soon as you no longer want to pursue it's Takes months to drop a classes and they do it on purpose so you have to pay for them. They take all your financial aid before you even being the course. And when I called to ask why all this is going on they give you the run around. Long story short: easy to enroll, exhausted... Read More

A good decision

Reviewed: 11/23/2022

Degree: Theology

An extremely good online Masters program that was excellent preparation for future opportunity in a PhD program. I had close faculty contact (and feedback), excellent textbooks and courses, and met lifelong friends. Online programs like this necessitate consistent interaction and investment, but CCU made this easy with small class sizes (They averaged 11!) and good access to professors email and text numbers. I earned an MA in a year and a half and had several options in ministry, chaplaincy, and... Read More

Marissa Johnston

Reviewed: 7/8/2022

Degree: Communications

I would not recommend this school to anyone. I went from community college to here while still doing class work at my community college ( which I loved) . We had a recruiter come to my school and I thought I'd look into it. I talked to an advisor and she immediately got me signed up, which in theory sounds nice but red flag I did not know the cost of the class going into it, which I wish I would have. I was told discounts were still being applied and tried to figure financial aid out and my final... Read More


Reviewed: 8/1/2021

Degree: Small Business Management

My first class was great! The instructor was amazing. Unfortunately that was the only good thing I can review. I was signed up for classes by my advisor without even getting to choose. I’ve had to withdraw from the second class due to husbands health and his father being very sick with cancer. His father passed away this past week. On numerous occasions I have reached out to counselors to try and navigate and figure out what to do. Not one call has been returned from Clay Haverty. Now my financial... Read More


Reviewed: 3/25/2021

Degree: Education

Do your research before you agree to join this program! I am a missionary wife and am having a very negative experience attending this school. Also, get documentation of everything that is promised! Don't rely on phone calls. Trust me, they will ignore your pleas for documentation and pressure you to take their phone calls. These will not protect you in case they don't keep their promises to you. Everything I write is from an ongoing experience right now. It is promised on their website that you... Read More


Reviewed: 10/27/2020

Degree: Organizational Leadership

I attended Colorado Christian University with big hopes (and promises) of learning from solid Christian leaders about how to lead people orientated organizations in Truth. While there was some good learning about leadership and real world applications of the bible today, the faculty of this school seems to hold their students to a much higher standard than they hold themselves. I was earnestly searching honest Christian mentorship, but at every turn it seems there was somebody standing in my way... Read More


Reviewed: 11/13/2019

Degree: Business Administration

Absolutely awful. The first couple semesters were okay. The enrollment process was simple, it was only after committed to the program that I was made aware that it was going to take over 3 years to complete my degree. The classes themselves have little real-world application, and there is a HEAVY focus on relating every assignment to the bible. My student service adviser was difficult to get in touch with and didn't make my options clear, which resulted in a substantial charge to my account. With... Read More

Keyana White

Reviewed: 9/23/2019

Degree: Biblical Studies

If you are not caucasian, seek a degree elsewhere. I was an online student. The school can tell ethnicity by your name. The instructors will grade you according to that racial doctrine, yes they fix grades. The only way to get an honest evaluation of your progress at this school is by taking a quiz that's graded by a computer. The tuition at this private school is sky high. Simply put, I hate this school!