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Chicago School of Professional Psychology Online

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29% of 17 students said this degree improved their career prospects
24% of 17 students said they would recommend this school to others
By the OnlineU team | Updated 3/6/2023
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Salary Score for Online Degrees at Chicago School of Professional Psychology Online

Bachelor's Degrees

Psychology, General $29,812 $35,500 93

Master's Degrees

Clinical, Counseling and Applied Psychology $90,179 $51,294 72
Mental and Social Health Services and Allied Professions $102,500 $45,806 67
Psychology, General $62,664 $47,253 63
Public Health Not Reported $53,414 49

Doctoral Degrees

Psychology, Other Not Reported $71,416 90
Mental and Social Health Services and Allied Professions Not Reported $54,649 66
Clinical, Counseling and Applied Psychology Not Reported $60,806 39
Business Administration, Management and Operations $138,500 $71,346 23

Student Reviews

Student Reviews

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Current Student

Reviewed: 5/29/2023


It was a breath of fresh air to see reviews with the same concerns that I have. I am not crazy, and clearly I am not alone. 1) Admissions counselor's blatantly lied and misled me. It was recommended to me from mentors that I find a program that is actively involved in your clinical placement. I asked the admissions counselor that question, whether TCSPP would facilitate clinical placement and he enthusiastically said yes. Well, that is not the case, and you are 100% responsible for your placement... Read More

Dana joe Ramsey

Reviewed: 3/20/2023

Degree: Psychology

This school was my dream school. When I enrolled, I went to class for 2weeks and had to drop out. The books and other added fees had gotten to be too much to handle. I even filled out a book voucher and NEVER got that however, I was approved. Do not attend this school because it will cause medical issues if you are on a budget and trying to make ends meet. I personally pray for any student that attends online and cannot get the accurate material 2 weeks before the classes start. It's hard to catch... Read More


Reviewed: 12/17/2022

Degree: Clinical Psychology

complete crap. no support. will lure you in and leave you when you need help. just go to a school that can really support you. this place is a sham and takes advantage of neurodivergent individuals promising them work or the ability to find placement for hours. Its all a lie. they also break accommodations and try to charge you for classes you don't attend all the while trying to collect on it and threatening collections. Abusive institution.


Reviewed: 3/3/2022

Degree: Psychology

This school is a money pit.They flaunt "scholarships" and "fellowships" and then when you received your FA letter you see that the only thing you qualified for was a loan. $10k for two classes...I enrolled in a certificate program that literally cost me $20k for 12 credits!!! I took 2 more classes that added another 10k to my loan debt. They are just in it for the money. I finally had enough and finally called FA and asked for an itemized accounting - NO REPLY so far after 8 days. I'll be going elsewhere,... Read More


Reviewed: 8/30/2021

Degree: Psychology

You will be ok here if you are white. Typical for-profit, gate keeping colonialist school. Dare to complain about a profesor, they will be promoted for it! But wait, that sane person in the point of contact for student concerns so why even bother! If you are in the PhD program, mind that you wont get to pick your chair. This is so important because when these relationships don't work, you will be adding time to your time there meaning more student debt (~$1500 per cr hr). They do have a diversity... Read More

Big Mistake

Reviewed: 3/8/2021

Degree: Psychology

Highly don't recommend. Most of your professors are adjunct or PhD candidates. You won't be learning from people who have been in the field longer than you have (sometimes I was in the field longer than them!). This school also does not care about minority groups. They talk about diversity and inclusion but their words do not match their actions. Do not expect to be treated equally here. The worst part was the thesis. The thesis process was the most aversive thing I have ever experienced. They kept... Read More


Reviewed: 6/2/2020

Degree: Counseling

a day ago Do not enroll in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. It is a program for white anglo-saxon Protestant women only. If you are a black female, male, LGBTQ, disabled and using a reasonable accommodation, or non Protestant Christian you will at minimum have a difficult time and will be likely harassed and repeatedly refered to a disciplinary committee that the college claims is not a disciplinary committee. This school also saves every single piece of paper you ever give them, and will force... Read More

Ebony Wilson

Reviewed: 4/27/2020

Degree: Psychology

I've just completed my first year of the IP Phd program (trauma concentration). It has been a great experience. The professors have a wealth of knowledge, they are concerned about you're academic well-being and are quick to respond if you have questions or concerns. The university is fast with responding as well. My cohort's field experience was canceled 3 times no fault of the TCSPP, but due to political atmosphere in one country and covid-19 in 2 other countries. They were concerned with the safety... Read More


Reviewed: 12/17/2019

Degree: Psychology

I really loved how challenging this program was. There were several times I felt myself being challenged. The Professors and Doctors who have taught my classes have helped me so much in growing and retaining the information I learned throughout the degree.


Reviewed: 11/14/2019

Degree: Forensic Psychology

I must admit this was one of the few programs that allowed me to complete an entire online MA in Forensic Psychology. I'm one of the lucky ones who was able to get a degree out of interest in the topic, not to further my career. Therefore, my standards were already tailored to my needs, and less to the prestige of the degree. So for that, TCSPP was just fine for me. However, the program is expensive. Thankfully I have the Post 9-11 GI Bill to cover my expenses or I would have been very angry mid-way... Read More

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