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Bachelor's Degrees

Registered Nursing, Nursing Administration, Nursing Research and Clinical Nursing $22,375 $70,883 70

Master's Degrees

Registered Nursing, Nursing Administration, Nursing Research and Clinical Nursing $41,275 $93,445 39

Doctoral Degrees

Registered Nursing, Nursing Administration, Nursing Research and Clinical Nursing Not Reported $112,936 45

Student Reviews

Student Reviews

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Reviewed: 9/27/2023

Degree: Nursing

My advisor at Chamberlain is very disorganized. If I ever have a simple question, I will call them and be on the phone for hours, being transferred multiple times during the call, until finally someone answers me. The school is very large and very disorganized. Also I have been taking classes for over a year and can honestly say I have not gained much if any knowledge.


Reviewed: 9/19/2023

Degree: RN to MSN

Chamberlain University has truly been a blessing in disguise for me. My husband is active duty military, so with that comes the possibility of relocation. Chamberlain University's staff has been extremely accommodating to the military changes and helpful when we had to relocate in the middle of classes. I am looking forward to continuing my education with Chamberlain as the staff and courses have been excellent to do. At the college where I received my associate in applied science, I had academic... Read More

Go elsewhere for FNP

Reviewed: 9/1/2023

Degree: Nurse Practitioner (Family)

Getting my Master's degree at Chamberlain University is the worst expense I've ever made. The program is subpar, but clinical placement and approval is horrendous. Same complaint as everyone else here - I will have to sit out for 8 weeks to no fault of my own. I've paid $8,000 for my clinical sites in addition to the program's cost. I work full time - I've taken time off & that money is also wasted. I do worry that I'll be able to land a job from this school. Waste of time, energy, and money.

Prefer not to say

Reviewed: 8/3/2023

Degree: Nurse Practitioner (Family)

This school practically goes out of its way to ensure you don't graduate on time. I had a practicum application in in February that was not addressed until August, and am now sitting out September session. They ensure you have paid enough by the time you rely on them to get things done that you really cannot drop out, and you can't switch programs or even schools because their credits are worthless other places. I regret and feel shame that I chose Chamberlain. Every day I feel sick to my stomach... Read More

Kimberly Marsh

Reviewed: 7/24/2023

Degree: Nursing

The first 2 years were okay. Customer service was adequate. Classes were okay. Instructors were mostly responsive within 48hrs. Once being accepted into the MSN program, everything changed. Customer service was ZERO. No kidding. The computer generated patient assessment did not prepare many of the students for the real world. We all had a hard time. And no one would call back from the program. Literally, an assistant called me stating that she had been hired, trained for an hour, and was told to... Read More

Ashlee Smith

Reviewed: 7/20/2023

Degree: RN to BSN

I graduated with a 3.7 GPA. The course work left me unprepared. The customer service is absolutely horrible. I could never get an advisor or anyone on the phone for anything but if you call and say you’re a prospective student you get through right away. This “ college” does not value its current students. The professors do not care and don’t really even read your work. You’ll pass if you show up for the online courses. I was doing a grant program with my place of work and let me tell you that my... Read More

Annie LaBombard

Reviewed: 7/8/2023

Degree: RN to BSN

Chamberlain College of Nursing was recommended to me when I decided to continue my journey and obtain my BSN. While I initially was not finding the information I was seeking when looking them up, I am immensely glad I persevered and enrolled in their program. My experience with all the staff has always been nothing but positive, they are extremely helpful with any and all questions I have presented, and they have made my time learning smooth. While classes can be demanding during the 8 week sessions,... Read More

Michael Miracle

Reviewed: 7/7/2023

Degree: Nurse Practitioner (Family)

There is no transparency to this school. Once your onboard you are left to your own device. The other day they did an ACH from bank account unauthorized. I am currently in the process of leaving the school. Getting out while I am still early before any more errors on their behalf which I suffer the consequences from their actions.

Maria Garcia

Reviewed: 7/6/2023

Degree: Nursing

When you sign in they are quick with the process for their own convenience.....once you start your classes you are on your own. You are left with no support, teachers don't support you, and they don't care about your future or anything regarding your success. When it comes to clinical sites, there is no support, not even to get a list of places as a reference......0 support, if you have a question regarding your clinicals, they will not answer your calls nor emails......I regret starting this program... Read More

Jessica S

Reviewed: 7/4/2023

Degree: Nurse Practitioner (Family)

I graduated in 2021 from the BSN program and had a great experience. I am in my last few months of the FNP program, which has been a disaster. The program, coursework, instructors, and immersion weekend have been fine; however, the coordination of preceptors and practicum sites has been ridiculous and unbelievable. The ELC department does not coordinate anything with the students, give misinformation, cancel pending applications without your knowledge or why the application was canceled, or reply... Read More

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