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Fast Facts

Annual Tuition: $34,050

Average Financial Aid: $4,213

Accreditation: Carrington College is acredited by 9 agencies

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Certificate Degrees

Allied Health Diagnostic, Intervention, and Treatment Professions $20,000 $62,675 94
Allied Health and Medical Assisting Services $9,334 $27,366 72
Health and Medical Administrative Services $9,500 $26,807 56

Associate's Degrees

Allied Health Diagnostic, Intervention, and Treatment Professions $30,000 $51,720 69
Health and Medical Administrative Services Not Reported $30,746 61
Criminal Justice and Corrections $15,757 $28,847 37
Health Services/Allied Health/Health Sciences, General $14,708 $28,354 36

Student Reviews

Student Reviews

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Reviewed: 5/17/2023

Degree: Medical Billing & Coding

The professors do not care or are not fully knowledgeable of their subject matter. When asking questions they don’t answer/give short generic answer. After 1yr I still do not have a job because hospitals don’t recognize Carrington or NHA credentials. They told me I could begin applying while in school and that some companies may even pay for school… these were lies. It is very frustrating to have paid all this money for school and STILL be unemployed!

Juandarius Hamilton

Reviewed: 3/7/2023

Degree: Health Sciences

In 2022 this review would have been pleasant; based on a different staff. The 2023 staff is terrible. They were terrible. They barely hopefully throughout my journey. They’re unprofessional unreliable. There was a lack of communication, and they have truly made this difficult for me.


Reviewed: 8/16/2022

Degree: Medical Billing & Coding

There is not ONE SINGLE POSITIVE thing that I could say about Carrington! I truly wish I could have made ratings of NO STARS after giving several ONE STARS. I learned NOTHING I did not already know. I expected to be taught how to code. Of the 9 months I wasted attending, we might have covered ACTUAL coding for no more than a SINGLE MONTH! The other 8 months covered basics; writing, terminology and general topics of little import to my career. Financial Counselor basically pulled a "bait-and-switch".... Read More

No one

Reviewed: 4/13/2022

Degree: Radiology

In the radiography program you have a one year external ship which is unpaid. Carrington will tell you that your program will be 23 months but then they will withhold your degree from you and will not allow you to sit for your exams until months after your last day of clinical. The communication from the school is terrible and once you leave campus no one will come check on you to make sure you are learning what need to from your clinic site. The school is also extremely expensive and you will need... Read More


Reviewed: 1/22/2020

Degree: Medical Billing & Coding

I was never enrolled in this "school" and I will explain why. I was interested in the Medical Billing and Coding certificate but decided against it. The recruiters are extremely pushy and want you to go in on a tour which I didn't do since I simply wanted to know if it would be affordable or if I could study online. I'm glad I didn't waste my time with a tour. The nine-month certification costs $15194.00 and I would only have had a small chunk of it covered by financial aid, and long story short,... Read More


Reviewed: 10/25/2018

Degree: Medical Billing & Coding

I have never in my life been so disappointed with any establishment. They put me through 6 weeks of school working my butt off ( I have 5 kids to boot) to tell me that my homeschool diploma was not acceptable. I told them before I ever even started that I had a non accredited diploma and they said it was fine and still allowed me to start. I then asked if I could keep going if I got my GED, and I have an actual email where they said yes. So, once again, I studied my butt off and got my GED in 2 weeks,... Read More


Reviewed: 6/27/2017

Degree: Medical Billing & Coding

I made the mistake of thinking this would be easy online. It wasn't. The exams were a joke because I was given several books and then the instructor said I was using the wrong book or not in the right category even when I had the same questions for hw and I was getting 100s. The instructor was based out of AZ where the time change is only an hour ahead. There has also been an issue of after withdrawing within three weeks they continue to send me bills saying I owe them $ 202.49. For what?? I owe... Read More