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70% of 67 students said this degree improved their career prospects
67% of 67 students said they would recommend this school to others
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Student Reviews

Student Reviews

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Orinda Palmer

Reviewed: 5/16/2023

Degree: Clinical Psychology

California Southern University mentors I have encountered lack professionalism and lack of communication. I have sent numerous emails asking for help, and the mentors lack providing me with the necessary assistance for the dissertation program. I was told when I enrolled in the program that I would obtain the necessary help from the mentors, and the program was guided to help me succeed in the dissertation program, which the mentors lack. California Southern University would need to look into whom... Read More

Dr. W.

Reviewed: 5/1/2023

Degree: Clinical Psychology

I’m so sad to read all the negative reviews about the decline of CSU. I attended from 2014-2019 and it was an amazingly rigorous, compassionate, and thorough Psy.D program that I would recommend to anyone. There was turnover then but I had a wealth of support from my advisors, professors, and my doctoral project committee. This program truly helped me to carve out my area of focus and contribution for the remainder of my career.


Reviewed: 3/14/2023

Degree: Clinical Psychology

I was prompted by an associate who was thinking about attending the school. They were concerned about recent negative reviews. They asked if I would attend again. I thought, hey I want to read some of the reviews. I read about all sorts of positive and negative issues. In some cases people who had complaints seemed to be dismissing situational factors like covid or even personal choice of others, meaning that blaming a school for changing a case manager or for that employee leaving when we have no... Read More

Irene Portillo

Reviewed: 1/29/2023

Degree: Psychology

Horrible experience during the Practicum section of the psychology program. The clinical director came up with due dates at the last minute, putting at risk our registration for the next class. An extension was required 2/3 times because of several last minute changes that were never written or verbalized during the course. The IT department is intermittent with solving issues. The staff is non-responsive to student issues. No luck getting any concerns resolved! Don’t waste your time with this school.... Read More

Jason S.

Reviewed: 12/23/2022

Degree: Clinical Psychology

I see a lot of negative responses about communication and advising. I don't understand this. I have had great experience with my advisor. When there is a question the advisor is prompt and either answers the question directly or puts me in touch with the person who can. Communication with Professors has been amazing. Again, if I have a question the professors are quick to answer and even offer Zoom calls if requested. The subjects and assignments are engaging and the classes are designed for students... Read More


Reviewed: 12/21/2022

Degree: Clinical Psychology

I started as just tipping my toes in there, but I ended up taking my PsyD degree. It was rigorous and worth it. Downfall, the academic advisors were in and out ( resigned or something). Another thing: The university waived my tuition, and it was reset to $0.00, instead of paying in $16,000.00s, I paid less than $2,000.00. I am glad for the decision I made. Good luck to you all.

Sara Russ

Reviewed: 10/14/2022

Degree: Clinical Psychology

I attended this school from 2012-22 for their PsyD program. The quality of the education is horrible. They eliminated all personal contact and students are completely on their own. They also moved to Arizona. What? Recently I tried calling three different numbers and extensions and got only voicemails, which is thought was odd. I also didn’t get a return call. They have made some incredibly shady changes in recent years, which is why I withdrew. I no longer have any faith in this PsyD program. Trust... Read More

Dr. Edward Ramirez

Reviewed: 6/27/2022

Degree: Business Administration

CalSouthern University offered a great experience and increased my passion for research. The dissertation process was very challenging and rewarding. My chair Dr. Maria Schellhase was nothing less than amazing! This school will challenge you, so if you are looking for an easy degree without paying the price and sacrifice required, this is not the school for you. Overall, I rate my three-year journey a 5 with academics that transformed my career! I commend the school and recommended it to every serious... Read More


Reviewed: 6/17/2022

Degree: Clinical Psychology

I am completely dissatisfied with the level of administrative support I receive from the university. They switched from one platform to another (CANVAS) platform and the level of support I started with just vanished. I currently have no idea who my advisor is, nor do I know how to find that information. Also, I have left messages on the CANVAS board for advisement (as I'm almost done with coursework and want to prepare for the exam) and have had no return messages. The library is missing a lot of... Read More

Steven Mendoza

Reviewed: 5/28/2022

Degree: Psychology

After exploring many avenues to attend a PSYD program, I enrolled at California Southern University. This was the best decision, and I am delighted and motivated to participate in the Online classes. My experience in this academic institution has been phenomenal. Currently, I am taking Clinical Interviewing, and the assigned textbook comes with an access code to videos. The videos and the content are fabulous, and I find myself actively learning from the assigned text. Also, the videos and other... Read More