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Bowie State University

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Student Reviews

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El. Noel

Reviewed: 8/23/2023

Degree: Law

The administration in this school is absolutely horrible. So far I've only dealt with "advisement" and the transfer crew but based on these comments, the school has a big issue overall. And they ask you to pay them $120 before you can even see how many credits are transferred over. I already have my bachelors degree. That $120 is a A "commitment fee" - thats what they call it anyway. That honestly should be illegal. At this rate, if i am not allowed to register this week for the classes that i want,... Read More


Reviewed: 1/27/2021

Degree: Criminal Justice

The school is ok when you want a family feel. You meet so many different people. Very sociable school and plus its a hbcu. Most professors are knowledgeable and want you to succeed.Then you have others that are the opposite. The overall process of getting into the school is draining. You get very discourage and may want to reconsider going here because the administrative staff was highly disorganized (incompetent). Hardly could get in touch with anyone and when you would was given the run around.... Read More

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