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By the OnlineU team | Updated 2/13/2023

Fast Facts

Average Financial Aid: $7,848

Accreditation: Bellevue University is acredited by 3 agencies

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Bachelor's Degrees

Education, General $21,876 $66,284 100
Business Administration, Management and Operations $24,440 $60,272 98
General Sales, Merchandising and Related Marketing Operations Not Reported $70,231 96
Criminal Justice and Corrections Not Reported $43,733 91
Biology, General $19,286 $34,327 91
Health and Medical Administrative Services $23,640 $45,934 79
Non-Professional General Legal Studies (Undergraduate) $25,000 $41,439 78
Human Resources Management and Services $25,000 $49,441 78
Business/Commerce, General $23,018 $49,976 76
Computer Programming $18,750 $62,477 73
Communication and Media Studies $19,000 $36,060 73
Design and Applied Arts $21,250 $37,794 67
Computer/Information Technology Administration and Management $23,438 $56,155 62
Social Sciences, General $25,000 $34,511 61
Computer and Information Sciences, General $20,000 $53,179 41
Marketing $23,692 $39,066 35
Accounting and Related Services $25,424 $43,428 28

Master's Degrees

Criminal Justice and Corrections $30,912 $57,232 66
Accounting and Related Services Not Reported $61,614 62
Computer/Information Technology Administration and Management $39,625 $83,595 55
Business Administration, Management and Operations $41,000 $72,528 54
Health and Medical Administrative Services $41,000 $66,878 50
Public Administration $30,912 $50,990 38
Human Resources Management and Services $41,000 $56,858 35
Social Sciences, General $63,845 $39,917 30
Marketing Not Reported $47,929 26
Management Sciences and Quantitative Methods $60,035 $59,241 9

Student Reviews

Student Reviews

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Reviewed: 11/27/2022

Degree: Cybersecurity

As a lifelong learner and Cybersecurity professional, I found Bellevue Cybersecurity Graduate Degree has showed me a lot more that I have learned doing training, certifications and on the job training. It has provided me with confidence taking on intimidating responsibilities at work. They provide you with the skillset to actually put your school lessons in real life. Highly recommend


Reviewed: 10/16/2022

Degree: Business Administration

I went to school here because they are partnered with my organization (My company pays a portion and BU pays a portion) so I basically earned my degree for free. BU partners with many organizations, and if you work for an organization that is partnered with them, I highly recommend going here. Going to school online has a lot of advantages for me. If you are under-utilized at work and have access to a computer, self-motivated, and can learn things on your own, and have your organization pay for your... Read More

Gabrielle A.

Reviewed: 4/8/2022

Degree: Liberal Studies

I have just recently completed my BA in Behavioral Science at Bellevue University. My experience in the program has been excellent. All of my professors were individuals that are actively working in the field and I learned a lot from them. Communication was excellent. If I ever had a question, they would respond quickly and efficiently. In my review, I would like to address some of the negative comments that I would like to address from my personal experience. The first is the course load and working.... Read More

MS Clinical Counseling Graduate

Reviewed: 6/9/2021

Degree: Counseling

I completed my MS in Clinical Counseling (recently changed to Clinical Mental Health Counseling to align with CACREP accreditation requirements) from Bellevue University. When I enrolled, Bellevue University's counseling program had recently received CACREP accreditation (a very important accreditation because more states are requiring CACREP accreditation program graduates for licensure). There are two residency requirements for this degree, and there are hotels nearby for those traveling by plane--residencies... Read More


Reviewed: 1/11/2021

Degree: Business Administration

This is an excellent university, if you can study hard, and put discipline in your studies. This is for you! Just make a good research your own if the major you choose is really the one you want to study and it would open doors in the labor market, and also the necessary experience, or licenses you may need after for bringing your CAREER in full SUCCESS!. ALSO DO NOT BELIEVE, all comments made in this post because the advisors are amazing. There are some people making comments out of no sense and... Read More


Reviewed: 12/30/2020

Degree: Human Services

Initially I liked the program offering, and it was easy to get in to this 'University'. I'm in one of their cohort programs and I will say it's ridiculous. You have to go in and make silly small talk on their blackboard, on each assignment, which equates to about 3 assignments per week. The funny thing is, as I read the comments from other students, it occurs to me some of my 'cohorts' have zero writing skills, which means anyone can attend this school, even if your writing level is that of a junior... Read More

Graphic Design Student

Reviewed: 8/12/2020

Degree: Graphic Design

Not only did this school juggle me throughout 3 different advisors, these student advisors let me take my capstone, told me I was gradating, then after I finished my capstone, told me I still had 2 semesters of classes to take. Sounds like a nightmare right? "Nightmare" could sum up my time at Bellevue well. The classes are mediocre at best. I learned everything I know about Graphic Design through YouTube videos. These teachers did not understand fundamentals of design nor did they know how to teach... Read More


Reviewed: 6/24/2020

Degree: Communications

This university has been nothing short of a disappointment in the 2 semesters that I have attended here. I resumed my college process through Bellevue University in order to maintain my day job, and attend classes online when it worked for me. My ID card was a literal piece of paper that has already begun to fade with limited, and I mean, limited usage. In addition, financial aid is less than adequate. I got my financial aid package before the summer semester started, and I had used this information... Read More

Continuing Ed

Reviewed: 5/3/2020

Degree: Business

I'm currently taking an all online course load through a degree program/sponsorship between BU and my employer. I actually had completed about 80% of my coursework years ago in a traditional course setting but never finished. I could not pass up the opportunity to complete my degree at a great price. My experience with the school itself has been generally positive. There are some things I would definitely change if I were writing the content. Let me preface this with saying that I fully understand... Read More

Rick D

Reviewed: 2/22/2020

Degree: Project Management

The PM courses are actually fun and you will learn alot. The professors are great about balancing real life with the demands of college life. Even the general ed courses were fun. Don't expect much from advisors though if you go online, maybe a phone call a quarter but then again I wasn't in need of alot of help. They did reach out via email and phone about concerns anytime I had one. The only draw back to the school is the Kirkpatrick Series (9 credits) at the end of your program. The mandatory... Read More