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Student Reviews

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Roxanne Cunningham

Reviewed: 12/6/2019

Degree: Human Services

I absolutely love this school. They have been very available, and I never felt like I was being "sold" anything...No harassing calls or chasing me. They have amazing teachers, and online learning was great because I got the benefits of learning online while still feeling connected to the teacher and other class members.

Dennis Stroba

Reviewed: 4/17/2019

Degree: Business

Due to my instructors lack of communication and teaching skills I am no longer going to be going to Antioch. This instructor for MGT 3900: Human Resource Management has lied to me and been mis-leading at the same time I tried to get Director of Undergraduate Studies, Antioch University Online to look into the issues, and he was no help. He started yelling at me and comparing his son to me (like he knows me) and did not want to hear my side of what was going on. It was a very short conversation. Who... Read More


Reviewed: 8/29/2016

Degree: Liberal Arts

I attended AUC these past two years to complete a bachelor degree I'd begun at a local junior college years ago. AUC admissions made on-boarding effortless by keeping me on track with the expected paperwork. I was surprised when they asked me for a Statement of Purpose, but glad they did as it revealed a rigor to their admissions process that I wanted. Financial Aid was easy to work with and considerate, though I think they could do more to help lower-income students, especially after the first year.... Read More