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Student Reviews

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Scott Moreno

Reviewed: 9/9/2023

Degree: ESL

I am so disappointed with my experience at ACE. The courses could be better designed and easier to follow. I don't know if a school of education knows how to educate. I have a Bachelor's, 2 Master's degrees, a PH.D., and an Ed.D. I have done online at three different schools. This is the worst experience I have ever had, and I went to for-profit schools. I feel like this is more of a scam than the for-profit schools ever were I would stay away.

Mireille Archer

Reviewed: 7/27/2023

Degree: Educational Leadership

Attending ACE was a wonderful experience. The Adjunct faculty members were helpful, encouraging. The staffs always check up to ensure all is going well and if assistance was needed. I have and will continue to recommend ACE for continued education when pursuing a career.


Reviewed: 6/28/2023

Degree: Instructional Technology

Great program! I find the readings and video lectures useful and a great reference for my job. I appreciate the opportunity to interact with classmates to share ID resources and ideas. Professors go above and beyond to set office hours and answer questions. One of them, takes the time to recorded a videos to provide feedback.


Reviewed: 6/25/2023

Degree: Teaching

The other negative reviews are accurate. Canned curriculum, readings that don’t relate to the modules in meaningful ways, professors who can’t really clarify the assignments, heavily recycled materials, library is frustrating to use. It’s a paper mill, but a paper mill wrapped in trial by ordeal.

Angela Fitzpatrick

Reviewed: 5/24/2023

Degree: Instructional Technology

One of the major issues I encountered was the lack of guidance and examples provided during projects. It often felt as though we were thrown into the deep end without clear directions or tutorials. This lack of direction made it challenging to navigate through assignments and felt like a waste of time when I spent 98% of this course googling. It would have been beneficial to have concrete examples or real-world applications to refer to, enabling a better understanding of the expectations and objectives.... Read More


Reviewed: 5/21/2023

Degree: Instructional Technology

ACE is a wonderful place to earn your doctorate. I loved my professors and the support from other staff along the way. While I felt like some of the classes had information that I knew already, I tried to find a way to make it new and apply it to my career. I had a goal to become a college professor, and by earning this degree, I have achieved my goal!

Richelle Jose

Reviewed: 5/12/2023

Degree: Instructional Technology

ACE gave me the flexibility I needed to pursue my Masters but still earn a time and money worthy degree. It was challenging enough to push you to learn new things but also has bandwidth to where you can show your individuality and creativity. I enjoyed my time at ACE and improved upon skills helping in my new job. My writing skills definitely improved and I learned networking, new applications, and gained a strong foundation for training/teaching. I’m more well rounded and ACE helped me cultivate... Read More

Janet Torres

Reviewed: 4/22/2023


I agree with the previous review. Professors want you to follow a sample paper and if you do not "carbon" copy the style of the paper, or use "words" and "sentences" recommended you will NOT receive a good grade. I am not paying for a computer to grade my papers. You have to navigate through SO many postings to find information. The readings and videos are old. The class did not help me with the goals I wanted or was hoping to achieve. You are basically asked to write a lesson plan and answer questions... Read More


Reviewed: 3/28/2023


Unfortunately, the courses are very out dated. Old laws are still discussed and the videos are pre-recorded and some blurry because they are so low quality. Most professors give a valiant effort to comply, but the courses are a one-size-fits-all (so hopefully you get a supportive professor!) Some professors provide examples, others do not. I am a full time teacher, with two small children at home and I manage properties. I have been planning on completing my capstone, fitting it into all the small... Read More


Reviewed: 3/22/2023

Degree: RN to BSN

I had a horrible experience and I’m not recommending this to anyone who wants to succeed. There was so communication and clarification throughout program. I didn’t get any feedback and had no support and nobody cares about your hard work. They call you 100 times before you enrol into program but they don’t care about you later on.

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