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83% of 8 students said this degree improved their career prospects
75% of 8 students said they would recommend this school to others
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Accreditation: Amberton University is accredited by 1 agencies

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Student Reviews

Student Reviews

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Reviewed: 4/27/2023

Degree: Accounting

I applied to this school due to the accreditation and price. The online learning was very challenging and you get what you pay for. The instructors challenged me with master's level assignments for working adults. I am very satisfied and would recommend to any one who does not want debt from completing grad school.

Lee G

Reviewed: 2/20/2023

Degree: MBA in Management

The staff is so rude and unprofessional. Reluctant to give their name when you call for a student advisor - note, they will never offer a name. You never know who you are talking with. They interrupt, listening only to respond and with aim to rush you off the phone. They don't truly hear the matter, and without giving a name, there is no accountability. And if they don't know the answer to a standard question, they give low-hanging fruit answers such as check with your professor. Rhetorical moment:... Read More

You get what you pay for!

Reviewed: 3/21/2019

Degree: Project Management

You get what you pay for. Professors are great. But the online delivery (Moodle) of course material, chats etc is much much less than I expected, after using products such as Pearson, Canvas ans black-board. Moodle/Amberton Univ has no videos, just a text of live chats, its like watching TV with sound, but no picture. Many books to order, much reading, written APA style case studies, varily easy program, but the front line support staff are not knowledgeable, do not know their system well, or course... Read More


Reviewed: 9/13/2016

Degree: Human Services

Great educational experience and environment for the working adult at a very reasonable price. Definitely recommend you looking into this University if you are considering obtaining a Master's Degree from a Regionally Accredited University that will give you a good education without breaking the bank. I also personally appreciated the Christian aspects to the school and curriculum but if it is something that you're not sure of don't worry it is not overbearing at all. At the end of the day I was... Read More


Reviewed: 5/19/2016

Degree: Liberal Studies

I was looking for a quality accredited college that would allow me to work around my career and still obtain a quality education. I have attended large brick and mortar colleges where I didn't learn much. I felt that the education I received from Amberton was not only quality but it also forced me to do a lot of critical thinking at my job. Some of my coworkers have commented on this and in the competitive workplace its imperative that one is able to use deep thinking skills. The curriculum at Amberton... Read More

Jim L, MBA

Reviewed: 5/5/2016

Degree: Educational Leadership

I recently graduated Amberton University’s with a MBA in Strategic Leadership, and a graduate certificate in Change Management, that I took entirely online. I believe that it is a fantastic school to consider if you are willing to do the work required, have a real desire to learn, are a working adult that cannot quit working to go to school full time, and are looking for a quality education without being saddled with crushing debt. Many years ago I worked for a big company headquartered in the Dallas,... Read More


Reviewed: 11/2/2015

Degree: Office Management

The MS in Managerial Science was very enjoyable, and I concentrated on Project Management to fill out the major portion. As are most Amberton classes, the research/writing component was intense, but necessary for a good learning experience. Profs were extremely knowledgeable, and all had experience in the field they were teaching. As I also completed my BS at Amberton, it was a no-brainer to re-enroll in the graduate program. Great education, great staff, and great experience. I highly recommend... Read More

Sam B

Reviewed: 12/30/2013

Degree: Business

Amberton University was a great choice for me. I am a working adult, I have young children, and I did not want to build up a large debt to go back to school. Amberton caters to the working adult. The class schedule is flexible and has an online program for most degrees. The classes were extremely affordable, the best I found for an accredited college. I am grateful because Amberton University enabled me to find a balance for school, family, and work without incurring any student debt.