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Western Governors University Reviews of Bachelor's in Information Technology

46 Reviews

Locations:   Salt Lake City (UT) 

Annual Tuition: $7,452

84% of students said this degree improved their career prospects
72% of students said they would recommend this program to others
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Student Reviews - Bachelor's in Information Technology

Student Reviews - Bachelor's in Information Technology

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Reviewed: 4/19/2022

Degree: Information Technology

I do not think I would be telling any of my friends about this school. When you go to try to talk to them, they want to hang up on people. There would be a time that I was going to stop because the stuff that I was learning would not be on the test. I spend a lot of time to study and come to find out that I was wrong about what I was learn. They told me that my other half been in the hospital was not a emergency. I know that it was. If there was something that come up they did not like it when you... Read More


Reviewed: 3/9/2022

Degree: Information Technology

This school is what you make it. Overall, I had a great experience! The good: -Cheap. I’ve read about some people finishing their entire bachelors in one term… that’s a bachelors from an accredited program for 3500 dollars. -For IT, the fact that your classes are certifications is a double win. Certs can be 300+ each, and you get 3 tries in each one. -I personally really like the competency based approach. My attendance and participation don’t mean that I know how software programming works, but... Read More

Dennis De Melo

Reviewed: 10/22/2021

Degree: Information Technology

This university asked me to complete 71 credits and a total of 21 classes to complete my BS in Information Technology claiming my ASS degree in Computer Science Network Systems from SLCC was over 5 years and said I need to retake the classes. I asked the adviser if her degree would expire in 5 years and she didn't have any answers but refused to take the credits from my degree with a 3.47 GPA. They are thinking about making money and nor to provide education. They do not understand the student's... Read More


Reviewed: 2/5/2019

Degree: Information Technology

WGU being online and competency based was amazing for me. I tried to go to a brick-and-mortar school in 2011 and it just wasn't for me, I dropped out halfway through the semester because endless homework assignments and picky teachers and pointless reports and such all the time. WGU is straight-forward - study, learn, test. You can take tests right away if you know a topic ( lower algebra, for instance ) or are given a myriad of resources to study with ( pluralsight subscription for life, I believe!... Read More


Reviewed: 1/28/2019

Degree: Information Technology

It's funny how this website says 'Grad Reports' and yet there's a ton of review of people that didn't graduate from here simply trying to give it one star. Well, needless to say, don't listen to the non-graduates... being salty because you couldn't hack it doesn't give you a right to down on the thing you couldn't do well in. Grow up people. That being said, I love WGU. My program manager was helpful and insightful, motivating me to get my degree faster than I would have if I hadn't had her or went... Read More


Reviewed: 9/15/2018

Degree: Information Technology

I think it's funny reading some of these reviews from students who came from ITT Technical University. When I enrolled it was right around the time ITT go shut down and I remember my advisor telling me all about some of these students and what they expected WGU to be. Well a couple years later I've graduated and what can I say about WGU? Unlike ITT or many other illegitimate schools it is very much a legitimate university that is accredited to the same level and by the same bodies as many other respected... Read More


Reviewed: 9/6/2018

Degree: Information Technology

This school only sees you as a dollar sign, my enrollment counselor did not keep in touch with me nor did he help to guide me through the waters. I had to figure out for myself what was going on with my enrollment. They want you to go to their sister program so they can earn more money. I wouldn't send my dog to the school


Reviewed: 6/21/2018

Degree: Information Technology

I am currently trying to enroll. My enrollment specialist is the worst fit for her job that I have encountered. She doesn't seem to have much of an idea what she's doing when I ask questions, she ums a lot and takes a very long time to look up information. She also has no idea what to say when the caller doesn't stick to her "script" of stock answers. I was told I didn't pass one of the readiness assessments and I would have to take it again. There are 4, so I asked which one? She said she has no... Read More

D Johnson

Reviewed: 6/8/2018

Degree: Information Technology

The instructors and the courses are fabulous!! However the financial aid department is the worst. They drop the ball and you are left to pick up the pieces and get them back on track. I requested a refund that is normally I was told a 15 day process I am going 45 days and now advised that it will be issued through a 3rd party never heard of that. This my last term with WGU good luck to rest of you stay on top of your account because financial aid will NOT

Louis S.

Reviewed: 1/17/2018

Degree: Information Technology

Western Governors University is a great school; however, don't expect to just sail through courses. This school is tailored for individuals whom are highly self-motivated, resourceful, and goal oriented. I stand behind WGU 100%, I am so glad I embraced the opportunity to further my education and increase my earning potential.

David H

Reviewed: 12/19/2017

Degree: Information Technology

Like others have mentioned similar situations - I also had years in the IT field, but my lack of a degree was getting in the way of advancement. Comparing them with other regular brick and mortar schools and other online colleges I had attended - WGU is by far the best value and with the "competency based" system you earn industry certifications while you earn credits towards graduation. They do not hand out degrees - some of the certifications are extremely tough. You have a school mentor that is... Read More

J Moody

Reviewed: 12/11/2017

Degree: Information Technology

WGU provides an online and fast paced learning environment. At other colleges, I would become bored with the subjects or be unable to pay for every semester. By saving up enough money for two semesters, I was able to fit double the classes in and complete my degree!

Great Educational Structure // Superior Staff

Reviewed: 11/1/2017

Degree: Information Technology

Just admitted to WGU and couldn't be more happy about the process. My admission counselor, CJ S, has been awesome. He was very consistent with contact and extremely helpful. Made the process of submitting documentation, taking tests, and completing the admission from a - z very painless. Im excited to begin classes in December!


Reviewed: 9/22/2017

Degree: Information Technology

I never completed registration to get into the program. I have 5 years experience in direct systems and database administration/training as well as all but 4 credits (Capstone project) towards an AAS in Systems and Network Administration (a move made it impossible to complete the capstone) and was told that my lack of programming related on the job experience meant I would not be admitted without obtaining certifications (which, for the record, they advertise as being part of the degree program itself).... Read More

Fleeced Student- Dennis O'Mara

Reviewed: 6/29/2017

Degree: Information Technology

Zero value certification (A+ cert) is not relevant to Data Management. I have been DM for 20 years...this ciricullum is a joke. Save your money and find a school that offers value added classes. The student counselor addressed me today in a short, angry manner (K**) when I shared my dissappointment. I felt cheated out of $3000.00 and she stated this was not alot of money. Sorry K**, to a father of a family of 4 children, this is alot of money.


Reviewed: 2/24/2017

Degree: Information Technology

As a professional, I was used to self-study to get individual certifications. The additional benefit to WGU is that most of my certifications that I needed for classes applied to my job. I could not say that for any other university that I had taken classes at over the past 20 years.


Reviewed: 12/7/2016

Degree: Information Technology

Great school for people who are self motivated and goal oriented. I have attended WGU for the past year and I have not had a single negative experience. Mentors are very responsive if help is requested and a proactive when the notice you are struggling with a course . The courses in the degree programs are comprehensive and challenging. I would, and have, recommended this school to my friends/family.


Reviewed: 11/16/2016

Degree: Information Technology

Outstanding program! I really appreciated that the school is fully certified and transferable, if I wanted to go get my masters at the local state university it would be no problem. I liked coming out of the program with a lot of certifications. The pricing structure was a model that should be adopted by all schools, it really encourages focus.


Reviewed: 10/18/2016

Degree: Information Technology

This is a terrible school. If you know everything and just need to take a test then you are going to do okay. If you EVER have a question about anything you can forget it. If you ever need help you will be told: "Sign up and take the class at another university and then trade it in here for credit." "CLEP it." "Take DDST/DANTES." "Get a tutor." I have never received any help for anything from the university and only speak to my mentor for some reason once a week and all he or she does is approve... Read More


Reviewed: 10/14/2016

Degree: Information Technology

Firstly, I'm not some shill paid or enticed to give a favourable review, I'm doing this of my own accord because I, honestly had a great experience with WGU and will gladly answer any mature comments or questions that anyone has regarding my experiences. I recently graduated from the BSIT program and am now starting up the Master of Science, Cybersecurity and Information Assurance program. My experience with WGU has been nothing but exceptional. My program mentor, Hope, was a wonderful source of... Read More


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