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Western Governors University

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Locations:   Salt Lake City (UT) 

Annual Tuition: $7,452

76% of students said this degree improved their career prospects
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Student Reviews

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Reviewed: 10/16/2023

Degree: Nursing

The first part of my experience at WGU was positive. In the beginning, it worked well because the classes are self paced and I was able to complete them in my own time. Navigating the home page and submitting assignments was easy. However, this school lacks transparency and honesty with their students. When I was applying, there was no mention of clinical hours and I chose this program because it was a great option for me with a full time job. I specifically asked about clinical hours because I knew... Read More


Reviewed: 10/1/2023

Degree: Healthcare Management

I would not waste your time or money. After $10K I have nothing to show for it, and it’s not for lack of effort. I busted my butt in every single class, like most other people. I work a full time job, try to maintain a normal life, and study as much as possible. 1 class kept me from getting my degree, 1. I attempted to take the exam 3 times, and it didn’t matter if it would’ve been an open book exam, the material never matched what I was studying. The PA was zero help and didn’t even line up slightly... Read More


Reviewed: 9/29/2023

Degree: Elementary Education

Okay, well I do not want to repetitive but this school is one of the worst in terms of getting any form of education well in my experience education for elementary teacher preparation. They expect you to grasp a whole semester’s worth of knowledge and implement it to a final exam, now I know this is common even in a normal campus but in a normal campus you do not have a person staring at you while you take a test. That’s one the least ignorant things of this school, in this school a C grade is not... Read More

Former Student

Reviewed: 9/24/2023

Degree: Elementary Education

I had high hopes for this school. I have an associates degree, worked full time in a school environment in a non-certified paraprofessional position (and had for over a decade at the time I was a student), and thought it would be a good way to finish my Bachelors while still working full-time. What a waste of time. First, let’s talk about the courses themselves. It’s a compilation of summarized information from websites, a bunch of links to other websites (some of them are broken), and I can tell... Read More


Reviewed: 9/21/2023

Degree: Healthcare Administration

This school is a joke. I have an associates degree from a prior college. When it came time to transfer they did not take all my credit. I basically started over again with them. I had medical term already from my previous college that I graduated from and they didn’t even except, biology and lab as well and they would not take it. There were some other healthcare classes I took at the college I got my associates degree from that they said I needed but would not transfer over. There grading system... Read More


Reviewed: 9/14/2023

Degree: Cybersecurity

I was reading some the reviews for the cybersecurity BA program. I think any logical person can see right through some of these 1 star reviews. These people are subpar and can only complain. ISC2 is a great certificate add on and yes, you have to drive to their test center! This is a great program for a cyber bachelor's degree. You also have the opportunity to gain so many certificates. It's the best of both worlds.


Reviewed: 9/12/2023

Degree: Teaching

I attended for 4.5 years. On year 2 was "talked into a program change" Almost no credits transferred from the first 2 years, at 3.5 years I was talked into a program change. Rather than providing the support and guidance and actual education, there I was losing credits again. After basically starting over twice, I was in my final term (prior to student teaching) My entire term was made up of one final exam. I had one opportunity to take it (due to scheduling at Sylvan Learning Center where the exams... Read More


Reviewed: 8/14/2023

Degree: Cybersecurity

i wont recommend the school. because some certification are not online and you have to drive to it. do they not understand that website said 100% online ? why not go by what you stand for. isc2 is one of them. the school need to change the isc2 classes

lary hudsin

Reviewed: 8/14/2023

Degree: Cybersecurity

wgu must cut their relationship with isc2, otherwise we want refund. i dont want to be forced to take class that i supposed to take with you, but instead you make to class outside wgu ? how is that okay? where is the management ? do they understand that wgu is school and isc2 just certification company that must of dont care about ? if i wanted just collect certification, i would done so, i wouldn't go to wgu. so when the school is not online change the to website so we can know.


Reviewed: 8/14/2023

Degree: Cybersecurity

after i failed two times, they make me pay from my own pock it. i faild two times for security+ and two network+.. thank you so much for making pay for class the i suppose to take with you, since you are the school. lets count how much that cost me security+ $392 USD network+ $358 USD and its impossible to finsish in one term, so new term is 4000$ so how is that cheap ? not to mention how expensive ITIL certification is. and on top is isc2 you have to drive to test center yea is not online. you thought... Read More

martha stow

Reviewed: 8/14/2023

Degree: Cybersecurity

here is the classes that are not online: Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP) Systems Security Certified Practitioner (SSCP) they both are not online and you must drive to take it in the test center. if you fail first time u must wait 1 month second time 3 month. and you only get "Associate" so not the full cert. it useless in many way. WGU will NOT care about their students. SO They will not remove it. please don't go to this school.


Reviewed: 8/13/2023

Degree: Cloud Computing

wgu is not online, please dont to go the school. is not online. you still have to take test outside of wgu. they force you to take exams at test center. please Read the school is not online. they just have useless certs. and its not cheap 4000$ per 6 months and if you fail two times you must pay from your own pock it and cost a lot, some certs are 400$. how is that cheap? how is it online ? useless certs. they need to remove that isc2 cert

dave mor

Reviewed: 8/12/2023

Degree: Cloud Computing

im in Cloud Computing i hate WGU because of isc2. i don't like wgu force us to take the test in testing center for useless certification. im paying the school to learn online and with them instead, they tell us to go to tests with third party certs so you can pass the class. where is the school management ? why we third party certification outside WGU platform ? how is this online school ? there no teacher, no online class(yes no teacher you study at: udemy or linkedin, tests must be taking in test... Read More


Reviewed: 8/12/2023

Degree: Cybersecurity

WGU is not online. they say 100% online and you take it at anytime. A lot of the Certification Not online. don't bother going there they will lie. IS Not Online school. if you thinking going to WGU is not 100% online Please check the, must of them must take them outside of WGU which mean go to test center. so let me get this i pay WGU and i teach my self and i go somewhere else to take test ? does Wgu teach me anything from them i mean there is 10 certification thats half of the program. I Do Not... Read More


Reviewed: 8/10/2023

Degree: Elementary Education

It is not even worth my time to mention the quality of the classes, because I have had to waste most of my time complaining about the ineptitude of the financial departments. I have military benefits through my husband and they took three months to get it processed... for my financial aid it has been well over two months, they just now got it disbursed to my account, but of course it will still be another 7-10 days for them to to stop bumbling around and get my refunded portion to me. The amount... Read More


Reviewed: 8/10/2023

Degree: Cybersecurity

in cybersecurity program there is 9 certs useless certification, you MUST take all the certification other wise you won't graduate. and NOT all the certification are online some must be take in person. there is no alternative classes for those who want to take it online so they force the students to go to the test center to take useless certification. if you fail two times in any of these useless certification you must pay from your own pocket, and for example isc2 if you fail two times you must... Read More


Reviewed: 8/3/2023

Degree: Nursing

Just a warning. The recruiter will tell you they have resources to help you find clinical sites in the nursing program. They have no resources. You are 100% on your own to find clinical sites. In my case they rejected both sites I found. I ended up withdrawing because I couldn't sort out clinicals. The classes themselves are fine. The clinical situation is a mess.


Reviewed: 7/28/2023

Degree: Special Education

I loved attending WGU. It is the only school where I felt I got my money's worth. Coursework was cohesive to assignments and gave options to take little quizzes or to delve deeper into the content. Although some might find program mentors irritating, I generally enjoyed having someone I could count on to keep me on task and help me organize courses, tests, and students teaching to my schedule. My mentor was able to help me with class suggestions and any information about the program requirements... Read More


Reviewed: 7/13/2023

Degree: Nursing

Pros: Study at your pace, excellent mentor, quick services when there are any issues, they work with you, and the school as a whole is understanding/friendly people. Cons: Grading system! The professors do NOT grade the assignments. There are a separate set of people who grade the assignment. They are supposed to grade what is required, but they fail you each time because they unnecessarily require you to do more than what is required. I had to complain about this a few times. One professor said... Read More

The Asker

Reviewed: 7/1/2023

Degree: Accounting

WGU is great if you are self-motivated and persistent enough to learn complex materials on your own. Many people write bad reviews because they probably have a different expectation of what they will need to do. The truth is WGU provides you with everything you need to learn. The books are all you need, but there is A LOT that you have to learn and when you can't understand something you just have to keep reviewing it until it finally clicks. Beyond the books, you do have other resources provided... Read More


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