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Waldorf University

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Locations:   Forest City (IA) 

Annual Tuition: $8,700

92% of students said this degree improved their career prospects
94% of students said they would recommend this school to others
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Student Reviews

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Reviewed: 4/10/2022

Degree: Human Resources

Earned both my my undergrad Jan 2021 and wrapping up my graduate degree in October of 2022 at Waldorf. It’s been a challenge working full time within a Fortune 500 at a director level but it’s definitely been worth it. Classes are tough …. professors are great and the knowledge earned is invaluable. I highly recommend Waldorf. In January I begin a PhD at Liberty University. I don’t know who posted that one ⭐️, but that person is way off base. My experiences have been phenomenal!

Emma Banner

Reviewed: 8/9/2021

Degree: Performing Arts

Stay away! If you can save your children or friends from attending Waldorf University please do so. I attended back in 2017 and basically ended up fleeing my environment. Sexual assault is swept under the rug because it ruin's their image. They let offenders graduate even when aware of what they have done... I was treated poorly and only treated nicely when I "played along." I have major PTSD from having attended Waldorf and the incidents that occured and that were never taken care of expect by one... Read More


Reviewed: 1/21/2020

Degree: Psychology

Waldorf University is great. The workload is very manageable. Most week's assignments are a 500 word paper ( 2 pages excluding cover sheet and references) Some people get tripped up on APA, I did all of the margins/measurements/fonts only one time then used it as a template. The teachers are beyond nice and would allow late work if you needed to. The hardest thing about enrolling was not being able to see the syllabus first. I would take two classes at a time and hope that I had one "easy" class... Read More


Reviewed: 6/19/2019

Degree: Organizational Leadership

Waldorf is Awesome! I earned my undergraduate degree here then got accepted into Southeastern Oklahoma State’s MBA program, but after a semester I came back to Waldorf. The professors are all great, give constructive feedback, and really want you to learn and succeed. The online platform is very user/friendly and never had any technical issues. The tuition is really fair compared to many other schools. I recommend this to any and all. Go Warriors!


Reviewed: 1/31/2019

Degree: Occupational Safety

I was a 100% online student. I took two classes every 8 weeks. I loved the fast pace of the school, plus you are taking the same total number of hours in a calendar year as in a brick and mortar university, except you get to really focus on the two classes at a time and not 5 or 6 classes/subjects every 4 months. It takes about 20-25 hours a week of study to do the readings and to write a paper every week. So you better know how to put your thoughts onto the page, and how to create a power point.... Read More


Reviewed: 9/8/2018

Degree: Occupational Safety

After going to APUS, Waldorf was a breathe of fresh air! Classes are organized and the professors are wonderful! Also, I was greatful for how challenging the classes were. Most online programs are way to easy and you do not learn much from the program.

Happy Camper

Reviewed: 7/5/2018

Degree: MBA in Organizational Leadership

Great school! I was allowed to double up on my courses during my graduate program due to my GPA, which I completed in 18 months. I enjoyed my time at Waldorf University in part due to the staff. I would recommend Waldorf online program to anyone seeking a higher education while working a full-time job.


Reviewed: 6/20/2018

Degree: Occupational Safety

This is an outstanding university, top to bottom. As with most things in life, good communication makes all the difference. The Waldorf staff are very organized and do great with communicating upcoming events, reminders for deadlines and other miscellaneous requirements. Occasionally in online schooling, you would expect some hiccups due to internet outages, personal situations or emergencies. Each time I needed help, my Waldorf professor worked with me. I am so appreciative of the fantastic professors... Read More


Reviewed: 11/11/2017

Degree: Psychology

This was the greatest experience I believe one could have for online schooling. Majority of my professors were excellent and the courses were insightful. All of my courses helped develop and equip me for the next phase in my life. One minor glitch is the timing in which they predict you will need to accomplish the assignments, you need at least 20 hours per course per week, so it is not easy to complete a degree on line if you are a working adult.


Reviewed: 7/3/2017

Degree: Organizational Leadership

Waldorf University is the best college to attend. I mean if I had known any better on how schools operate before this school I located last-year. Trust me, this is the number one school that students need to attend and the reason why? because the tuition is outstanding and it is included with your books and I mean no book grants, because everything included in your tuition, which will be $975 that's with a %10 discount a class and other schools are $1600 and up. Yeah will tell everyone about this... Read More

Natanael Ulien

Reviewed: 2/27/2017

Degree: Business Administration

One of the things I appreciate with Waldorf is the support established to help students succeed in the course; however, there is no career guidance. After my degree I did not have any idea of the opportunities in my field of studies. It would be great to have someone who advises students about career paths in their fields, so that they can get a job after graduation.


Reviewed: 10/12/2016

Degree: Business Administration

I attended Waldorf online and have zero complaints. Everyone I spoke with was outstanding, from my initial call inquiring about the programs, to registrations, to everything in between till graduation. I have nothing bad to say about Waldorf. They are a great school, only wish I flew out to Forest City to attend graduation in person. Anyone looking for a well priced, exceptional school, give Waldorf a call - Go WARRIORS!!


Reviewed: 10/9/2016

Degree: Criminal Justice

I am currently a student at Waldorf University in their online Bachelors of Criminal Justice program and I LOVE IT! The instructors are awesome, my academic advisor is a Godsend, the academic material is really engaging, and the work really helps you learn the material. This is a fair school that has a Christian foundation, I can't rant and rave more about it! Go Warriors!!


Reviewed: 9/26/2016

Degree: Organizational Leadership

I just completed my MA in Organizational Leadership from Waldorf University. Due to my GPA from my undergrad program, they allowed me to double up my coursework. Because of which, it took me about 13 months to complete. I found the coursework challenging but not over the top. Classes are set up in 8-week terms. A typical format for each class has weekly message board postings, assessments, and papers. Most classes also have some sort of a final project as well. Waldorf University professors are sticklers... Read More


Reviewed: 6/14/2016

Degree: Organizational Leadership

I am a recent graduate of the MA in Organizational Leadership at Waldorf University. I was pleased with the program. It is a reasonably affordable Masters program (currently $360 per hour) and the tuition includes the textbook. Rating strictly on affordability, its a 5 out of 5. I have been enrolled in several online programs so I have some experience to base my decisions on. It is really not a bad program. If you are looking for a reasonable affordable Masters degree then this might be the program... Read More

Aaron Crighton

Reviewed: 7/21/2015

Degree: Business

I went to this school for two years after transferring community college credits. The education is excellent, the instructors are responsive and helpful, and are well qualified, and the academic advisors and other staff are also helpful and responsive. This is a physical college, and you get a real sense of connection with them even as an online student like me. I recommend Waldorf to those looking for a decent education that will challenge them. They have high placement rates as well.

Jason Shaw

Reviewed: 4/21/2015

Degree: Child Development

I have been attending Waldorf College for about a year and a half, and my degree is nearly complete. Waldorf has provided me with an excellent college experience. I've attended large state universities, small community colleges, and other online schools. Waldorf has out shined all of them. I never had to pay for a book because Waldorf has received a book grant, the professors are all very friendly and go out of their way to help even wayward students like me, the curriculum is structured to make... Read More

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