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Walden University Reviews of Bachelor's in Nursing

13 Reviews

Locations:   Minneapolis (MN) 

Annual Tuition: $12,180

100% of students said this degree improved their career prospects
54% of students said they would recommend this program to others
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Student Reviews - Bachelor's in Nursing

Student Reviews - Bachelor's in Nursing

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Reviewed: 9/18/2022

Degree: Nursing

I wish I had read some of these posts on Walden University. Now I am regretting my decision to start and presently I am unable to complete my program with just two courses to complete in order to graduate. These courses require a preceptor. I was told to go on their website and locate the sites that they have on meditrek, every one of these sites that they claim is an affiliation is a lie. Walden stated that you can't use a hospital or nursing home but if every email they sent me with information... Read More


Reviewed: 3/12/2022

Degree: Nursing

The practicum is the worst part of the entire program, it's 2 courses and they'll be towards the end of the program. There's a facebook group for the people enrolled in the Tempo RN-BSN program, I highly suggest you look into this practicum before enrolling into the school. Even with COVID they do not allow you to meet with your practicum mentor online (through ZOOM or TEAMS), which is difficult when you're a travel nurse. It's also very confusing because you don't actually go to the field to do... Read More

Charlotte K.

Reviewed: 8/23/2021

Degree: Nursing

I would absolutely do everything you can to stay away from this school. It is the definition of a degree mill. They do NOT care about you. They do NOT care about your degree. They care about numbers and money. It is a MAJOR waste for those with military benefits. Those using chapter 33 should especially stay away from them AND their tempo based learning. You do NOT get your BAH every month. They send you $200 for 3 months because of the way they enroll you. So they waste months and months of your... Read More

Anonymous Ohio

Reviewed: 7/30/2020

Degree: Nursing

Walden is a complete nightmare. I am currently in my third term, and will be withdrawing. The bursar’s office is completely incompetent, my employer’s tuition reimbursement office has had to deal with them several times because it seems they can not comprehend the process when they are the ones who have an agreement with my employer! The subject matter experts (their term for professor) are generally useless with a few exceptions. I’ve reached out for help and the return email has a link to a YouTube... Read More

Leslie Stanley-Coleman

Reviewed: 1/29/2019

Degree: Nursing

I attended Walden online for my bachelors degree and had a good experience. any online nursing program has to have students that are self motivated, none will hold your hand. I completed 2 classes at a time and they were 6 weeks a piece. I am currently looking for a start date for a NP program with Walden. I see alot of reviews that complain about having to find your own preceptors.... just wanted to say that is the norm for online NP programs. every NP i work with has had to find there own, and... Read More

Lauren C

Reviewed: 7/10/2018

Degree: Nursing

Easy access to classroom activities. The writing center is key to success. Faculty is also available to make your transition through school easier to get through. I feel the work presented at Walden has greatly improved my ability to critically think. Yes there is a lot of research and writing involved through papers and discussions. I am at the point where I just wanted to do what I need to do to get where I want to be. I do not need too much interaction with other students and most of the work... Read More


Reviewed: 10/7/2017

Degree: Nursing

I want to announce that I graduated in 2016 with my BSN from Walden University. The entire course was challenging. I have learned a lot about research. Also, the classes compelled me to critically think. The most enjoyable thing that I enjoyed with online learning was that I was able to attend school at my kitchen table in my pajamas.

Would not recommend

Reviewed: 11/16/2016

Degree: Nursing

I would not recommend Walden University. They were very responsive to general questions at first. However, I have placed several calls (to several different staff members) to inquire if their RN to BSN program meets requirements to apply for a PHN certification and I can't even get someone to return my call much less answer my question. I cant imagine what current students go through if they have questions. Disappointed to say the least.


Reviewed: 10/28/2016

Degree: Nursing

I believe Walden U was the best choice I made to obtain my BSN. The faculty are friendly, helpful, and return e-mails promptly. Grading is done quickly with great feedback. My advisors call to check in and make sure I am okay. I think the workload is appropriate for being a full time nurse as well. I also get a discount for working at a VA hospital and believe the pricing is comparable to other schools. Everything that was discussed by the counselor before I enrolled was accurate and the staff was... Read More


Reviewed: 9/3/2016

Degree: Nursing

I was a ER Nurse with a full-time civilian job and full-time military job. Walden University came to my attention word of mouth from fellow nurses. The application process was simple. I appreciated they gave me class credit for years of working as a nurse! The online resources, such as library and writing center, are so helpful I came back to gain my Masters.

omoge kay

Reviewed: 9/8/2014

Degree: Nursing

Wow! I am planning to apply to the FNP program at Walden. All these reviews are giving me a second thought. Thank you all for your honesty. If anyone has been through the FNP program at Walden, can you PLEASE give me a feedback on the program?

Maria Holmes

Reviewed: 8/5/2014

Degree: Nursing

They have the best customer service. From the very begging with my admissions adviser all the way through with my academic advisers and instructors. I would recommend this school to anyone.

Elaine Mauter

Reviewed: 12/6/2012

Degree: Nursing

Flexibility of programs is great. Courses are challenging and full of differing types of assignments. Instructors are easy to approach and always willing to help. Only con is cost but that is the case with grad school in general!


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