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University of Phoenix Reviews of Bachelor's in Business

105 Reviews

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Annual Tuition: $9,552

72% of students said this degree improved their career prospects
67% of students said they would recommend this program to others
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Student Reviews - Bachelor's in Business

Student Reviews - Bachelor's in Business

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Jemel M

Reviewed: 7/25/2021

Degree: Business

In September of 2019 I decided it was time to use my G.I. Bill to attend college. I served in the Marines for 12 years 2001-2013 as a Supply Chief. The counselor instructed me to give him my SMART transcript so he could see how much of my military education would transfer over to UOP credits. To my surprise it was 50. With this information I started my my classes and never looked back. Out of high school I attended The University of Kansas and my curriculum was just as hard if not tougher in some... Read More


Reviewed: 12/13/2020

Degree: Business

I attended the University of Phoenix and left due to illness and I actually went back to complete my degree. I transferred every credit into another College I applied to, and no one questioned my credits. The enrollment team accepted every credit into their University. My GPA was very high from doing the work. I actually went back to the University of Phoenix, because I realized the learning forum was much more organized and professional. It depends on the person and what they put into the learning... Read More


Reviewed: 9/25/2020

Degree: Business

UoP was affordable and curriculum was easy to follow. I completed most of my classes in the classroom, but because of CV19, I my last 4 classes were online. ,


Reviewed: 9/16/2020

Degree: Business

I took UOP because of my work schedule. It was difficult and different. However, it’s helped me get a better job and the school really works around your schedule. I think it just depends on who is your counselor and who are your professors. Is it pricy? Yes, but it’s very flexible. Now my daughter who is close to entering college is thinking about flexibility too. She is already taking college courses, from a community college, while in high school. When I help her, I notice the the same style, format,... Read More

Leo Adkins

Reviewed: 11/26/2019

Degree: Business

Since graduating from the University of Phoenix, I have applied to at least 30 entry level jobs in my field of study. Not one of them has called me back for an interview. Also, I have tried searching for careers through the resources on the university's website and needless to say. That has also left me at yet another dead-end. So now here I am with a degree, no job, and a bunch of student loan debt. In my educated and experienced opinion. This degree isn't worth the paper it's printed on.


Reviewed: 6/10/2019

Degree: Business

Okay, I would like to start by saying when I read some of these reviews it is as if I am reading the sad excuses team members would make to not participate or do the work effectively at school. Like others said, you get what you put into it. I am studying a topic that is interesting to me but also that I have some knowledge on so it has been helpful and insightful. I have had no problems with this school and immediately learned how to work with blackboard. Teachers DO NOT post assignments last minute,... Read More

University of Phoenix is Credible

Reviewed: 4/19/2019

Degree: Business

Well let's just say I paid for, worked extremely hard, and this school takes no bribes. After what happened with elite schools there's not much to say or make fun of any more..a graduate should be respected and judged on interview, resume, and other character points.


Reviewed: 3/7/2019

Degree: Business

I am unsure what rating to give this school. I have just started here and so far it is cool. The thing I have a problem with is the finances. I am a veteran and I am using my education benefits so of course I receive bah but the school only reports a certain amount of days out of the month to the VA even though I full time therefore I do not receive my full bah amount. Typically 6 days are left out. I have researched and other school do not do this. I am unsure why UoP does. Just a heads up to the... Read More

Shirley Mesi

Reviewed: 1/29/2019

Degree: Business

Honestly I find their online forum to be betrer than most online schools. I llike rhe structure of everything but what is upsetting for me is the financial aspect. More importantly the lack of assistance should things become difficult. I am a full time stufent while workikg full time in an executive management position. So itnis taking me a while to earn my degree while balancing both. Through financial aid they have collected more than $30k for my schooling. I am now down to about 10 courses to... Read More

Andi Anderson

Reviewed: 12/12/2018

Degree: Business

This college is the worst. First they deny my student loans so I end up with an outstanding balance that I had to pay off and then the push back my classes because of the balance even though I WAS paying it off. Not to mention the people in financial aid are rude and disrespectful and never actually do their jobs. Monkeys could run a better college. They are just money hungry a holes and need to be fired. Every last one of them. They messed up not me and then they jeopardize my future because they... Read More


Reviewed: 11/22/2018

Degree: Business

Beware of this school if you are transferring credits. They will lie and mislead you and explain that it will take a couple of months before they can complete your credit transfer. They will lie about how many credits they believe will transfer over just to get you to enroll and pay for two classes before they can complete your credit transfer. Do not pay for classes until they completely finish the credit transfer. Understand that they dont accept all credits like other schools do. Learn from my... Read More

C. Groover

Reviewed: 11/19/2018

Degree: Business

I initially started UOP at a local branch. Then the local branch was closed and I was forced to continue online. This was very challenging for me, however it was the only option as almost none of my classes would transfer to another University. Also as a Veteran that is receiving GI Bill Benefits, UOP is NOT recommended for any veteran. In four years here, I never get my BAH pay on time. UOP has a unique way to report attendance, and therefore your payments are always broken up by the VA and unpredictable.... Read More

Matt Dion

Reviewed: 10/3/2018

Degree: Business

This is the more stupid and corrupt institution that I have ever witnessed in my 15 years in the business world. I was unknowingly dropped from my class just because I had all my work done ahead of schedule. I have never witnessed such b*******. I submitted all my work on a Monday. This included the 6 assignments for the week, 3 discussion posts, and also 4 other posts I made just because I am an over achiever. I then took the rest of the week off because I knew that my work was 125% done for the... Read More


Reviewed: 8/23/2018

Degree: Business

I attended both; traditionally university and the UOP, and the level of education is very similar. Both have advantages and disadvantages but one thing for sure, at UOP I felt like the education was much more relevant to my degree. At the beginning, UOP felt exhausting but once you get a system down and organized, it was very manageable.


Reviewed: 7/9/2018

Degree: Business

Admissions told me I was good to start classes, so I did. After I attended TWO classes, (2 months later) $2800 later mind you, I was told I needed to send in more paperwork. Long story short, they did not as accept my paperwork and was told I could not continue attending classes. Then they also did not apply my APPROVED financial aid to the 2 classes. I ended up having to pay out of pocket. My gut told me not to go there within the first couple of hiccups but I didn't listen to it. BE CAREFUL, it... Read More


Reviewed: 5/7/2018

Degree: Business

Going to UOP is like self teaching. They don't have professors, they have facilators. You must learn all the content yourself. Most of the assignments are just writing. I have a math class and still have to write 8 posts a week! The practice problems in the math lab are things you haven't covered yet. For example the problems you are assigned in week 2 you don't cover in the videos until week 3 or 4. The facilators take a few days to respond on a course that has weekly deadlines. When I switched... Read More


Reviewed: 5/2/2018

Degree: Business

Their financial department s*****. The representatives dont know what theyre doing. If you ask questions they just repeat the previous answer they gave you. Also, when it comes time to waiting on final grades the teachers will take days just to grade an assignment that has already been graded. Dont mind waiting on my grades until it comes time for me to get a refund and my disbursement days getting pushed back because my professor taking forever to post final grades.


Reviewed: 1/25/2018

Degree: Business

I was already established in my career, with a number of credits from a four year university without a degree, UOP offered classes at the company I was employed with. All the instructors were employed professionals in their field and/ or instructors at a college which gave the students first hand knowledge and experience in their field. All of the students were working adults in different areas of business, from banking, manufacturing, medicine, etc. which allowed each of us to share our experiences... Read More

Shaneka Stephen

Reviewed: 11/15/2017

Degree: Business

I wish I would have really payed attention to all the reviews on this school when it comes to the fiance department it is a complete night mare. Then they expect you to focus on your education when they have your finances all screws up. I will not recommend this school to anyone just go to regular community college if you can

R. Jones

Reviewed: 9/28/2017

Degree: Business

I have been attending the University of Phoenix for years. I obtained my associates, my Bachelors, and am now working on obtaining my MBA. The University of Phoenix has given me the time ease and convenience of furthering my education doing my spare time. I love being able to access my school work via app or any computer. My instructors always respond in a timely manager whenever I have a question, and always provide a challenging curriculum that lets me know I am indeed receiving a great education.... Read More


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