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University of Phoenix Reviews of Associate in Healthcare Administration

20 Reviews

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Annual Tuition: $9,552

43% of students said this degree improved their career prospects
35% of students said they would recommend this program to others
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Student Reviews - Associate in Healthcare Administration

Student Reviews - Associate in Healthcare Administration

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Laura Daily

Reviewed: 12/12/2019

Degree: Healthcare Administration

This school led me to believe I would have assistance in finding a job in my area of study. After weeks of calls and emails I finally agreed and enrolled. I worked hard for the high GPA that I graduated with. After I had completed the program I got no assistance. The only thing I got was more badgering about continuing on. Now, I'm stuck with all of these loans and a worthless degree. Every place I have applied will not accept my degree or told me I had no experience, which this school promised their... Read More

Higher Learning

Reviewed: 1/27/2019

Degree: Healthcare Administration

I have attended University of Phoenix for a number of years. I failed and withdrew classes not because of the school, I had personals reasons like taking care of my terminally ill father. Life happens and you deal with. You can't place blame on a school because you had special circumstances. I had to pay off a balance several times but that was because I withdrew so many times. When life calmed down I reentered and it was a little difficult but I was able to push through and earn my Associates Degree... Read More

Broke in WI

Reviewed: 8/29/2017

Degree: Healthcare Administration

University of Phoenix Online classes are a joke. I graduated with a 3.95 which I was very proud of, but after thing about it, I am not really that proud. The classes were not challenging in any way. All discussions with my classmates were minimal at best. Many people were getting credit for making the most ignorant statements and not giving the rest of us anything to work off of to make our daily comments. I did not learn a thing from any of my classes. With that being said, I am held monthly to... Read More


Reviewed: 4/10/2017

Degree: Healthcare Administration

BEWARE!!!! I spent over $20,000 for my degree, to find out that it's not worth the paper it was printed on. I graduated with a very high GPA and was suppose to receive a discount on my classes, never happened. When I contacted the school about the discount, "It's being investigated and we'll get back to you on that." I left the school to attended a better school at a much better price. If you want a school that works for you, stay away from Phoenix. This school is only out to get your money, they... Read More


Reviewed: 9/5/2016

Degree: Healthcare Administration

I'm still actually going to this school, and it's a joke. I know myself and a few of my friends have been waiting months for or disbursements. They keep changing the reasoning to way we are still waiting. Honestly I rather know the truth then be given the run around. We have all talk to other collages and students and they all tell us that the University of Phoenix is bad news, That it's about numbers not the students well being.

Sonya R.S. (VA)

Reviewed: 8/5/2016

Degree: Healthcare Administration

The college that I attend is University of Phoenix. I would say that this college is a great college, and I am not saying these words because I just graduated with my Associates Degree in Heath Administration/Medical Records. I would say "YOU" are what determines how far and how determined you are in reaching you goal. We all have busy lives with families, our jobs, and everyday personal lives. When I started at University of Phoenix I was so determined that I was going to finish, and achieve my... Read More


Reviewed: 4/27/2016

Degree: Healthcare Administration

I would not have attended this school knowing what I know now. I received my degree in 2011 and have yet to utilize it. I now have to go back to school so I can earn better pay so I can pay my student loans off. Attend a community college, You are better off!


Reviewed: 2/19/2016

Degree: Healthcare Administration

I have been with UOPX for two years now. I am enrolled on the online campus. However, there are some downs about this college. I struggled at the beginning with a lot of things such as enrollment, loans, and class. They have made some mistakes, after I graduate at the end of this year I will not be back. This college will be better if the cost was not so high. All of my classmates are nice and I have had both nice and not so nice Instructors. I have had an Instructor debate with me because of him... Read More


Reviewed: 7/26/2015

Degree: Healthcare Administration

Attending the University of Phoenix was yes, expensive. This is an experience I would not change. Although this experience was yes expensive, it provided a challenge that was educational and disciplined. The papers that were assigned were long, yet they provided ways for education to take format in ones mind. Instructors pushed, although yet were very understanding during grievous times. Although University of Phoenix is a for profit school, it provides a great beginning or rebuild for individuals... Read More


Reviewed: 8/4/2014

Degree: Healthcare Administration

I am a current new online student at UoP started in March. I think this school is good. Only problem is how expensive it is taking some courses overall I been getting good grades doing what I am suppose to do. I hope it all pays off and I can find a job right after obtaining my degree. I am excited already getting my certificate in EHR in 4 months and degree in Health Administration done with classes November 2015. It's not a bad school just focus and you will be done in no time. Good luck to all... Read More


Reviewed: 3/3/2014

Degree: Healthcare Administration

I have attended UOPX since Dec 2012 after attending 2 other community colleges. I will give the PROS and CONS that I have experienced with them. I often hear about a lot of people on here who seem to have the biggest issue with finances/ loans in regards to the school. I have attended the school using both my veteran benefits and pell grant that I qualify for that completely covers the costs of my tuition. Before every class I get a phone call from my counselor and academic adviser explaining me... Read More


Reviewed: 12/20/2013

Degree: Healthcare Administration

First let me begin with I honestly feel like the University of Phoenix completely slammed me. When I first called them up about enrolling and registration, I asked if I decide to take classes there would I be able to get my certification or if they had a certification program for the degree I'm interested in. I was assured and told yes. To make a long story short I was slammed to take out student loans and they actually called me close towards the end of my degree program to pitch to me a bachelors... Read More


Reviewed: 7/10/2013

Degree: Healthcare Administration

The teachers are not helpful. The academic and financial aid advisors as useless as you can never get hold of them. Go ahead and leave a message on the voicemail you will get every time you call, you'll need to leave several since they don't call you back until about a week later if you're lucky. They charge an early withdrawal fee. Doesn't matter if you have everything paid up and have completed the classes you were in without starting any new ones. They will still charge you about $500 for early... Read More

Paris Moore

Reviewed: 7/30/2012

Degree: Healthcare Administration

I received an associates degree in Healthcare Administration/medical records well to my surprise I can not even get a job as an office receptionist let alone in medical records. This school does nothing but have you type papers and there is no real guidance.Do not believe they will set you up with a mentor, because it will never happen as long as you don't ask to many question about your financial aid you are fine.

The continuous discussion questions begins to wear on you, you can only reword a question... Read More

It's a money pit you will end up with a lot of debt and a degree which in my case in my state will not have any merit on helping you get a job. By the way in order to get your transcript to transfer to another college online which is not for profit I have to pay the money first. Avoid this for profit college. Their interest is on the money not the student.


Reviewed: 7/11/2012

Degree: Healthcare Administration

It has been a year since started with UOP, and frankly, I have had nothing but problems. :-/ I really wanted to go back to school, and it seemed that UOP was great. I made the call that very same day, and talked to an 'advisor'. He was very nice and directed me through different things that I would need to know and how the school worked (online). Well, after I agreed to everything, I finally started taking my orientation classes. I cannot really recall what actually happened, but I think I did not... Read More

So, I just bit my tongue, and re did it. After that incidident, I found out that I was pregnant with my second child. I was due to have my son in Jan. 2012. I did not have any problems since that incident, besides my advisor never calling and asking me if I am doing okay, or anything amongst that. -_- I decided to call my advisor to let him know that I was pregnant, and I was due in January. He told me that he would call me around that time or a month before to let me know what options I had afterwards. Well, it was a month before I was supposed to have my son and still no word from him. So, I decided to call him. He did not answer, go figure. So, a week went by and finally, he answered. We went over what was going to be done, etc. He told me to let my instructors know when I would be having my son. About two weeks before my due date, I was told that I was going to have a C-section on a specific date. I called my advisor, and he did not answer, so I left him a message. I told my instructors at the time and they were leniant toward my situation and said that I could take the final whenever I was coming back.

Well, I had my son and I had complications toward my C-section. My head was definitely not with school, so I decided a LOA (leave of absence) would be the best thing for me. I was told that a guy would contact me and he never did. So, I had to find out who I was supposed to get a hold of. Here, they had me contact the wrong person, fill out paperwork for a completely different thing, and then after all the money I spent to send out copies to them, I had to re do it all with a different set of paperwork. It took almost three weeks to get the paper work in. The whole two months of absence defintely helped me out, but stressed me out because of how poorly they were. My mother even wanted to contact them and discuss why they were screwing things up. They did not even allow her to talk to them. I had to put myself and her on three way, even though I gave her my permission to talk over about my school work??? Okay, so after I came back, everything was going like it usually is. No word from advisor, learning things that do not even make sense within what I am trying to go for. Up until, a week ago, I had an assignment that came back that said I plagerized and that a letter would be sent to the office on behalf of me. I was so livid! I wrote the instructor saying, I did not mean to do it what so ever, matter of fact, I had cited my work just INCORRECTLY. She now treats me horrible just because I made a mistake on citing. I am very upset and do not know what to do. I am at the point where I would like to quit because I am stressing more over this school. I have two kids, a two year and a six month old and it gets very stresful on days. I do NOT need this on top of it. I never ONCE had a problem within all my school years on plagerisiam. Just because one mistake, they make it out to be that I am a terrible person who 'copies' work. That is not the case. I just do not know what to do anymore... I am not saying do not go to this school, but DEFINITELY, WITH OUT A DOUBT, LOOK INTO IT! Big mistake on my half.


Reviewed: 7/5/2012

Degree: Healthcare Administration

I went to UoP thinking that it would be better for me, being that I work fulltime. I was excited at first completing the 5 week accelerated classes, I thought I would be done in no time. When it strated to get closer to my graduationg date, my credits seemed to not be adding up right, and I was somehow more deficient in credits. So I opted to take a couple extra courases which delayed me another 10 weeks and almost $4000. I submit my final experimental learning essay, and they deny it saying that... Read More

I'm sitting here thinking, "Hmmm... Could it possibly be the fact that I am going to school for the environment that I work in order to be able to get a promotion?". I mean it is a school that advertises that its main goal is to advance your knowledge for on the job training. All they care about is money. Its unfortunate. NEVER TRUST A FOR-PROFIT SCHOOL!! They dont care about you as a student, more about the money that you can potentially give them.


Reviewed: 6/24/2012

Degree: Healthcare Administration

Yes, University of Phoenix is expensive. But first of all, it is NOT a diploma mill. Diploma mills allow you to have your degree in a matter of weeks. I will have my Associate's Degree as of August, at which point will have been a year and seven months to achieve which is not much shorter than a traditional school.

Secondly, I noticed a lot of people on here posting negative reviews can't even spell. Perhaps they are previous students who are disgruntled because the work was actually challenging and... Read More

I personally have never had a problem with any of my instructors or academic advisors. One of my previous financial advisors was a bit rude, but that occurs in any work place so I'm not going to bash the school because of that one person.

The pros are: I had some flexibility due to completing everything online, lots of helpful resources (Center for Math Excellence, Center for Writing Excellence, live tutoring, 24/7 tech support) and helpful staff overall.

The cons are: very expensive If you have enough self-discipline to stay focused and complete your degree online, then go for it!


Reviewed: 6/6/2012

Degree: Healthcare Administration

I graduated with my BSIT/POS w/honors back in 2003. Thing is my background is in healthcare. More specifically, I served as a Charge Registered Nurse (RN) in a level 2 trauma center for 5 years, and served the remaining 4 years in that Emergency Department as the Triage Team Lead. I graduat with mythe AA from Elthe Camino The courses in regards to ethics in IT (think intellecual property) and IT management (constructing mission objectives and/or statements) were demanding to say the least.

But the... Read More


Reviewed: 3/29/2012

Degree: Healthcare Administration

I was warned about this school but I went to it anyway. I completed my Associates in Healthcare Administration/Medical Records.

I went on to complete by Bachelors and three class in I had to pay for my third out of pocket because I had used all of my financial aid. This school main goal is to get as much money as they possibly can. Some of the professors are great but others are just there for a check also. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS SCHOOL TO ANYONE AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Reviewed: 3/27/2012

Degree: Healthcare Administration

I thought attending school online was better than getting the hands on-training I really deserved. But now I am ready to leave the school to find a school that is not so stressful and where I will receive the proper training that I am requiring. Also I thought by switching my major to health care administration/ medical records it would be better for me, but it just got worse after the new APA format came out. They do not have anyone that will teach it to you the correct way. They only have instructors... Read More

Truly I would not recommend this school to anyone since there is more problems than it is worth.


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