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University of Maryland Global Campus Reviews of Master's in Information Technology

10 Reviews

Locations:   Adelphi (MD) 

Annual Tuition: $12,336

78% of students said this degree improved their career prospects
80% of students said they would recommend this program to others
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Student Reviews - Master's in Information Technology

Student Reviews - Master's in Information Technology

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MBA Student

Reviewed: 12/16/2016

Degree: Information Technology

Honestly, the best decision I have ever made, I graduated with my Master's in May and I don't see how it's any different than a traditional program (which I attended for my Bachelor's.) They have many services and tools to help you find work during and after school, I have not had a single issue with the administration/financial aid (they probably have improved from the many complaints). Some of the classes were easier then others, and some professors more agreeable then others. If you want to learn... Read More


Reviewed: 12/8/2016

Degree: Information Technology

This is a good program. I learned data mining and predictive analytics, and we worked with r (language), SAS Enterprise Miner, Hadoop, Python, MySQL, Tableau, and others. These are the top-of-the-line and current industry products. The financial aid office was very helpful at the beginning, and a standard government loan covered my costs (and I didn't use all that was available.) I got a job in the field during my last course, and I found the position through UMUC's Career Connection.


Reviewed: 10/18/2016

Degree: Information Technology

This school is very well organized, supportive of students and respectful of the many priorities involved in managing adult life. I never felt overwhelmed by coursework, yet I was challenged. The degrees are very relevant to today's economy. Highly recommend for those working full time and in need of a Master's degree.

Jay Adams

Reviewed: 9/28/2016

Degree: Information Technology

DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME!!!!!! HORRIBLE SCHOOL. Advisers don't care about their student. they only want your money. They don't care about their students success.L.M. (who works in the DEAN office is useless and unorganized, when she called me and I was speaking to her she didn't even know who she was talking too. Save your money, time an headache, this school is truly garbage, they do not care about your success only their pockets.


Reviewed: 6/20/2015

Degree: Information Technology

I can say UMUC Graduate program I successfully completed was challenging and very demanding. Be prepared to write and use your critical thinking skills. The key is to log on every evening including weekends to stand above your peers. Take no more than 2 classes at a time. The professors are tough and demanding. On the other hand, the effort you put into the program will pay off. Stay focused and participate beyond the minimum during collaboration time with your colleagues. Like any graduate program,... Read More

Frustrated current UMUC student

Reviewed: 4/24/2014

Degree: Information Technology

Some of the professors do not provide useful feedback and it appears that anyone can be a professor. Plenty of times I did question the grading of my submissions because there was no relevant feedback so one wonders about the quality of grading.


Reviewed: 12/12/2013

Degree: Information Technology

I'm already in the career field, and I began my Master's in order to expand job opportunities in the future. I started at UMUC due to their relations with military personnel. Even being in the career field already, it was a lot of work -- but not in a bad way. I found the degree program to be truly challenging. Much more challenging than my undergrad business degree at another brick and mortar school. Also, I have a coworker in a comparable program at another online university, and I've done way... Read More


Reviewed: 9/28/2013

Degree: Information Technology

The Master's program gives you a very good management and technical overview, and you will be brought up to speed on modern IT concepts. However, the program could use more hands on-labs to demonstrate the concepts in a more real world setting. The workload can be difficult to handle with a demanding job. Lot's of papers to submit! The program can be very challenging if you come from a field outside of IT, but if you put the extra effort to learn the foundational materials on your own you can easily... Read More


Reviewed: 3/20/2013

Degree: Information Technology

I only have two semesters left for my MS in Information Assurance from UMUC. With all honesty, this school has been great to me and to my life style. It is very demanding and just like anything else, you will encounter good and bad professors. Some are easier than others, but for the most part good.

I really do not know why so much bad rep to this school when in fact they provide a good service. I didn't always get A's, but I am getting good grades. If you want to slack-off, this not the school for... Read More

Trust me, it has worked for me. I just wish the media would not bash so much at UMUC.


Reviewed: 2/26/2013

Degree: Information Technology

I had a great experience with UMUC - which i received my MS IT in Information Assurance. Let's face it - online school is not perfect. But its improving everywhere. I received my BA from a good brick and mortar midwest college - and I learned more at UMUC, because I put a lot of effort into it. I've read the negative reviews of UMUC as well, and everyone will have a different experience. Some of my Professors were excellent, and some were just OK. I could say that same for my undergrad school. It's... Read More

I also had an issue with the project based work - however there is a system in which peer reviews help decide your grade. On some projects I was left almost alone to complete the work - and I slammed my project team members. Realistically - it is hard to find the time to do the research and the work when you have a full time job and a family to care for. I found the capstone course at the end one of the most rigorous and challenging. The final was tough - you need to really get into the U of Maryland Library system and get to know how to research. It really is an amazing resource for information. I still use it to this day as my login still works.

The WebTycho web based platform is aged, however it does the job, and most of your time will be in the U of M Library system, the book for writing style and docs and spreadsheets - and some powerpoint for presentations.

I would recommend UMUC to anyone who is self-motivated and is ready to get involved. To some degree, yes you teach yourself, but that is because you are learning from the research that is required - and not memorizing textbook concepts.


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