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University of Arkansas Grantham Reviews of Bachelor's in Criminal Justice

10 Reviews

Locations:   Kansas City (KS) 

Annual Tuition: $8,280

33% of students said this degree improved their career prospects
50% of students said they would recommend this program to others
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Student Reviews - Bachelor's in Criminal Justice

Student Reviews - Bachelor's in Criminal Justice

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J Anfinson

Reviewed: 1/26/2020

Degree: Criminal Justice

Grantham is a decent school for the price. Just make sure to understand DEAC accreditation and the limits it has. For instance, I graduated with a BA in Criminal Justice but some police departments require degrees from regionally accredited schools. Yet some departments don't care what accreditation your school has as long as it's recognized by the US Department of Education, which DEAC is. So just understand that and be willing to accept it or don't go to Grantham. Personally I think it's discrimination... Read More

Abel Gamboa

Reviewed: 5/14/2019

Degree: Criminal Justice

Attended Grantham and graduated in 2018. Sent an e-mail to: CMSgt (R) AL VELEZ University Outreach - Government Contracts Specialist University Outreach, Grantham University p: 913-309-4568 ext 4568 f: 1-844-505-8316 a: 16025 W. 113th Street, Lenexa, KS 66219 w: e: Never received a reply from him. Seem like once you graduate you are no longer a priority to them.


Reviewed: 1/25/2019

Degree: Criminal Justice

While in the military, I took several online classes through Grantham. I found it ironic that their tuition fee was $250/credit hour, the highest amount the military will pay for tuition assistance. After researching local schools I could transfer to after I separated, I found out that Grantham University is nationally accredited, not regionally. No one would accept any of those credits from Grantham, and I feel I was cheated out of my time and the government was cheated out of a lot of money.

Sargio Diago

Reviewed: 2/20/2018

Degree: Criminal Justice

Grantham University is a scam and fraud! Their degree's aren't worth the paper it's printed on. Veterans proceed with caution, these guys will take your money and run! Don't choose them for your education, there are many other options out there. Stay clear, do your research, these guys are scammers! They s****** me over with my graduate program.

John Parks

Reviewed: 2/3/2018

Degree: Criminal Justice

I highly recommend Grantham University. I spent three decades in the Military and after retiring I soon found out all the scary badges and tabs didn't mean a whole lot to many potential employers in the civilian world. For many of the jobs a College Degree was a prerequisite to even get your foot in the door. Thanks to Grantham those doors are now open. As an older student having grown up in the age of the typewriter I initially felt a little technologically challenged but the instructors at Grantham... Read More


Reviewed: 9/29/2017

Degree: Criminal Justice

I'd like to start by saying thank you to the Staff of Grantham for playing a major part in my decision to pursue my degree. Serving my Country in the military, raising a family, and working on my degree was challenging but not impossible. My experience with Grantham (I completed my Associates and Bachelors) was great. It took me a lot longer to get my degrees more so than the average person because I was deployed several times during my studies. I would take a course or two and then stop and start... Read More


Reviewed: 5/2/2017

Degree: Criminal Justice

For the record, I did not graduate from Grantham; I withdrew from that place in 2016. I started in 2012 and the admission seemed nice and helpful. Once I started classes, things changed. The first term is three classes that are all due on the same days. It says it is self-paced, but some of their reading assignments are ridiculous (4-5 CHAPTERS in a week), the discussions have nothing to do with the reading material and sometimes, neither do the assignments. I used my Post 9/11 GI Bill to go here... Read More


Reviewed: 4/20/2017

Degree: Criminal Justice

I am a current BACJ student at Grantham and am very happy with my studies so far. I was surprised when I read some of the negative comments, I have not experienced any of those issues. Everyone I've encountered has been extremely helpful from my Student Advisor to my Professors and Instructors. They offer a pay as you go program which has been instrumental in my returning to college studies. I wish they had a Masters Program in Criminal Justice.

Stay away from this place!

Reviewed: 7/8/2016

Degree: Criminal Justice

This "school" is NOT regionally accredited, nor are they making any effort to be. Also, the classes and employees/faculty a joke. That said, here's what I found most interesting - many of the employment positions at Grantham University require you to have a degree from an accredited college. Therefore, this school is hypocritical any obviously they do not believe in their own product. Sad and a rip off.


Reviewed: 3/4/2016

Degree: Criminal Justice

Several important points regarding this school: 1. NOT regionally accredited--so your credits won't transfer. 2. Most employers view this as a cheap, online college where you pay for a degree and don't learn much. (They're correct.) 3. Grantham only cares about your money. They'll pretend to want to help you, but in reality, their 'admissions advisers' are paid by how many people they can get into classes. 4. They will mislead and outright lie to get you to register. 5. Overall, they have VERY HIGH... Read More

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