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University of Arkansas Grantham Reviews of Bachelor's in Business

5 Reviews

Locations:   Kansas City (KS) 

Annual Tuition: $8,280

40% of students said this degree improved their career prospects
40% of students said they would recommend this program to others
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Student Reviews - Bachelor's in Business

Student Reviews - Bachelor's in Business

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R. Hale

Reviewed: 3/28/2018

Degree: Business

School is what you make of it. Grantham is not Harvard, but if you're self-motivated and put forth the effort , you can earn a degree and learn many new skills that may help you in your career. I've used several of the topics covered in my business courses in my work. I have no regrets with attending Grantham.


Reviewed: 8/23/2016

Degree: Business

This "school" is a joke. Please don't waste your money at this place. They honestly don't care about the students, and only care about their profits. It's widely considered a joke in the real world, and my company refuses to even include it in their tuition reimbursement program for that very reason. If your only goal is to earn a worthless degree that will not further your career, without actually learning anything, then by all means waste your time at Grantham.

Russ B.

Reviewed: 12/7/2015

Degree: Business

Grantham's degrees are accepted at most major companies and the government, and experience to go with it helps. You may get questioned on the school, but if you have semi-relevant experience there shouldn't be a problem. For the most part you will be working on your own. If you require extensive time with an instructor to be shown how to do something don't go to Grantham. The instructors have been good when I needed them which was not often. In the lower level classes like the 100 and 200 levels... Read More


Reviewed: 11/1/2015

Degree: Business

First I would say find the job and employer you wish to work for, the ask HR what accreditdations are accepted. If you plan to wotk overseas, I do not reccommend. Reason being it is only nationally recongnized. Next student advisors are only there to monitor your attendance. I was VA (veterans) paid so requirements there means i have to log in so many times a week. That means Grantham will not get paid if i don't log in. So naturally they will call most urgent. When I finally recieved my degree my... Read More


Reviewed: 9/28/2015

Degree: Business

If it wasn't for me not wanting to quit this time around I would have been withdrawn. This school is setting students up for failure. As long as they receive their money they don't care if you have the tools you need to succeed. I am still waiting for my financial aid to be process and I am in my second set of classes for the term with no aid to pay for my books and this is my last two weeks of class. But the school is paid so they don't give a damn. So unprofessional and I can't wait to transfer... Read More

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