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University of Arkansas Grantham

97 Reviews

Locations:   Kansas City (KS) 

Annual Tuition: $8,280

53% of students said this degree improved their career prospects
56% of students said they would recommend this school to others
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Student Reviews

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Reviewed: 2/3/2023

Degree: Electrical Engineering

I did my AS degree elsewhere and completed my BS at Grantham University in 2021. Grantham curriculum is similar to other expensive Colleges and Universities, also the speed of completing each complex topic is about the same. I checked other schools and the only significant difference was the cost, therefore, I chose Grantham. I don't see any reason for owing approximately an extra $40,000.00 with a name brand school on my certificate. I had a few issues with a certain so called useless instructor,... Read More


Reviewed: 12/3/2022

Degree: Business Administration

I was attending the University of Arkansas's eVersity, to complete both my associate's degree and my bachelor's degree. Before I could finish my bachelor's eVersity "purchased" Grantham University, and I was forced to transfer. While enrolled with eVersity it was always very accommodating to a working student's schedule. As a mom of four, working full time and attending school was a stretch, but one that I was willing and able to make with eVersity. The financial advisors were always on top of things... Read More


Reviewed: 8/29/2022

Degree: Business

I do not recommend coming to Grantham University. They convince you that they are a great school and it turns out not to be true. I have done everything asked stay on time with assignments emailed people when I have concerns (communicated) and they literally do not solve them most of the time. Financial team is no help and certain teachers will be no help. It is rare that you will meet great people at Grantham University. Some people are saying if you put in the work you will have a great experience.... Read More


Reviewed: 7/26/2022

Degree: Criminal Justice

I transferred to Grantham University from another school and it was quite literally the worst decision I have made. For one I should have done my research because this school has a 8% graduation rate. And the instructors grade your work the last minute, I feel like I'm not learning anything relevant the books are bias and a bit offensive. And as soon as the school get's paid they leave you high and dry. And as far as the financial aid department, they are quick to collect your money for school fee's... Read More

R. Creamer

Reviewed: 4/6/2022

Degree: Business Administration

Now the University of Arkansas Grantham, I hope they push for better accreditation. Like most online schools I had some really bad professors who basically just gave you As. I also had some real tough professors who really pushed me to do better work and judged every assignment. If you cant manage your own time, do not attend an online college because that's part of the learning. You need to be able to understand what you are doing each week and manage your time to complete the assignments. I work... Read More

Juan M Aviles

Reviewed: 3/8/2022

Degree: Electrical Engineering

This is a solid school. The customer service from all offices and advisor are excellent. The courses are challenging as they should be, and the professors are always available to provide help. I have obtained various degrees from other schools that are regionally accredited, and I have to admit that the University of Arkansas Grantham has as an awesome program to prepare their students.


Reviewed: 10/16/2021

Degree: Computer Science

I had to write another review. I just can't understand why people think it's possible to put in 10% of the work you'd have to put in if you were in a classroom somewhere. Grantham NEVER applied for more aid than necessary. What they plan to apply for is CLEARLY posted online after you log into your account. You have to electronically sign it BEFORE they will actually commit to the funding plan. If you don't agree with it then they state for you to call them so it can be discussed and be more suited... Read More

Marijo Mitchell

Reviewed: 10/16/2021

Degree: Computer and Information Science

There is a negative review of the Financial Aid Dept. at Grantham University. My experience with the FA Dept was, without a doubt, extremely simple and easy. It was PAINLESS. I can say it did have the potential to be stressful, frustrating, and negative. What makes the difference between a positive and negative experience with Grantham FA Dept had everything to do with responding to the emails they sent when there was paperwork or action needed to be addressed. Had I not responded to those requests,... Read More


Reviewed: 10/10/2021

Degree: Criminal Justice

Grantham university is a scam 100%, i did everything that was asked of myself...called everyday to get information and updates and notta, complete waste of time, did fasfa paper work everything notta zip zilch, never had a problem with the other schools, turned them into bbb

J Medina

Reviewed: 9/30/2021

Degree: Cybersecurity

Worse School I have ever attended. I had two instructors who I have never seen, talked to, and their response to your questions take 72hrs and weekends are not included. Two classes I had Network Cert and Cyber Cert classes, I had an extreme amount of assignments that had me working 16hrs to complete them before the date to turn them in. You will be given instructions by this so called instructor that basically does their job because you will not have any Zoom meetings or phone call correspondence... Read More


Reviewed: 6/29/2021

Degree: Engineering Management

The reviews on this panel that talk about Cengage are correct. Only they have moved away from ANY books at all and moved to online only access, but still charge you the $250 plus book fee. And don't get me started on the teachers. The classes that are taught by decent teachers are few and far between. Some of them are really not good teachers at all. I know some of these people are PhD's, well goody for them But if they can't teach it, it does no one any good. Don't have an Apple computer and go... Read More

Jim P.

Reviewed: 12/20/2020

Degree: Electrical Engineering

My experience with this institution was very positive. The educational materials provided were more than adequate. Acceptance of previously earned college credit and military training was more than fair. Instructors and staff always responded to my questions in a timely manner.

Muriel Gatlin

Reviewed: 9/28/2020

Degree: Human Resources

I was looking for an accredited university that had a Master’s Degree program that would: accommodate my busy and hectic schedule, be challenging as well as rewarding and I would be able to use my GI Bill. Having worked in my career field for over 30 years, I wanted a degree in something other than Nursing. I found a degree plan for Human Performance Improvement. I never heard of it before so my interest was definitely peaked. I applied for the program and was accepted. The Grantham staff was very... Read More

Darrell Tiller

Reviewed: 9/28/2020

Degree: Business Administration

As an active duty soldier I needed a college that was flexible. Grantham University created a positive learning environment that supported my unusual schedule. The counselors were amazing, knowledgeable about soldier education benefits and were absolutely committed to assisting me through my degree program. This is the best online learning forum for adult learning. I would recommend Grantham University to anyone looking for a online university.

Rob K.

Reviewed: 8/19/2020

Degree: Information Technology

Overall, I would recommend this school to others. The things I like about Grantham University: 1) Military Friendly, My tuition assistance covered all the tuition and there were minimal fees in the beginning, circa 2018, fees were eliminated later with the exception of a graduation fee 2) My student advisor was awesome, he would answer any question or get me any info I wanted to decide what class was next or how many classes I was going to take. I never took more than two at a time, but I did that... Read More

Tory Hill

Reviewed: 6/18/2020

Degree: Liberal Arts

I am a military vet and really enjoyed my time earning my Bachelors degree from Grantham University. The attention given to you as an online student by the faculty and instructors is invaluable. The interaction with my online instructors made my virtual classroom experience just as good as an in person experience. I found the instructors to be knowledgeable and facilitating. The coursework itself was challenging and relevant to today's workforce. I highly recommend Grantham University as an option... Read More


Reviewed: 6/5/2020

Degree: Electrical Engineering

I decided to go to Grantham because the EET program is ABET accredited and the price of tuition was affordable. In the end it turned out to be a great choice for me because of the 8 week courses and the non-stop delivery or courses (no summer, spring or winter break). This allowed me to quickly complete my degree and in a pretty short period of time. The courses were challenging but usually enjoyable. Some instructors were better than others, this is typical for any school. Especially one that uses... Read More

Patty D

Reviewed: 5/27/2020

Degree: MBA

I am very pleased with my experience with Grantham. The student advisor was always prompt in responding to me and was always touching base to see if I needed anything. This was very helpful considering it had been over 30 years since graduating undergraduate school. The courses were challenging but also achievable with a super busy work and personal life. I highly recommend to anyone who is thinking about finally finishing that last hurdle to a Master's.


Reviewed: 3/2/2020

Degree: MBA in Information Systems

Grantham has recently turned to Cengage Learning for ALL course content - assignments, quizzes, reading, etc is ALL hosted by Cengage. The professors have little to nothing to do with the learning environment anymore. I have taken courses previously with Grantham and they were okay until this occurred. If I wanted to learn something from Cengage, I would have gone directly to them and NOT to Grantham. This school has turned into nothing more than something that wants to grab as much cash as it can... Read More


Reviewed: 2/22/2020

Degree: MBA

Online college is what you make of it. You will never get the personal touch that you would at a brick and mortar campus. It is on you to do the reading and teach yourself. Time management is also on you. If you expect anything else, online school is not for you, no matter if it is Grantham or any other institution. I graduated in two years with an MBA taking one course at a time, using either TA or paying out of pocket. The fact that Grantham prices courses at $250/hr for military is nice. There's... Read More

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